Why I Almost Never Say: “We Can’t Afford That”

posted by Andrea | 10/7/2014 | 55 comments
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About 2 months ago, I shared a post about one of my pet peeves — when people complain about “not having enough time” for various activities.

Today, I’m sharing another pet peeve — saying “We can’t afford that.” I personally try to never say, “we can’t afford that” and I’m sharing why in today’s posts. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Come Grocery Shopping With Me: 4 Years and 2 Kids Later

posted by Andrea | 08/13/2014 | 44 comments
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When I first started blogging (about 4 years ago) it was rare that I spent more than $25 per week on groceries. Now, 4 years and 2 kids later… our grocery bill has TRIPLED!

Come read why our grocery budget has gone up — as well as a few ways I’m still managing to save money with little to no extra effort!

Do Automatic Payments Increase Spending?

posted by Andrea | 04/30/2014 | 18 comments
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As I’ve shared our paperless and automatic way of running our finances over the years, I’m often asked if I think automating things makes it easier to inadvertently increase our spending (even if it’s just a little bit).

My “short answer” is YES — and today, I’m sharing more about why we’re still automating our finances.

Why We Don’t Have College Funds for our Kids

posted by Andrea | 03/31/2014 | 40 comments
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Almost immediately after Nora was born, I started getting asked if Dave and I would or would not set up a college fund for her and for future children.

The short answer is “no, probably not” — and today, I’m explaining more about that decision.

Our Savings Journey: Living Off Half Our Income

posted by Andrea | 02/24/2014 | 55 comments
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In a blog post I wrote over THREE years ago, I casually mentioned that Dave and I lived off less than 50% of our income… and boy did I get some reactions!

So while I never expected to do any sort of follow-up post on that post, I figure it’s finally time — because the emails and questions just keep rolling in :)

Our 2014 Finance-Tracking Workbook

posted by Andrea | 01/2/2014 | 26 comments
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If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m a HUGE advocate for financial stewardship — tracking our finances, budgeting, using our money wisely, eliminating all debt, etc. etc.

So since one of my favorite financial “tools” of all time is my finance-tracking workbook, I thought it was only fitting to share it with you (totally free to download and edit as you please) once again this year!

Do You Buy Yourself Gift Cards?

posted by Andrea | 12/18/2013 | 28 comments
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I’ve already shared how much I love giving gift cards as clutter-free holiday gifts. However, I’ve never shared how Dave and I buy gift cards for ourselves this time of year.

Yup! We capitalize on the freebie gift cards, bonus offers, and other seasonal gift card deals to literally get free money. Then we use the gift cards for simple date nights throughout the rest of the year.

More Creative & Clutter-Free Holiday Gift Ideas

posted by Andrea | 11/7/2013 | 23 comments
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Today I’m piggy-backing off the really fun Clutter-Free Gift series I ran last year, and sharing some of my favorite creative AND clutter-free gifts for almost anyone on your holiday shopping list this year.

Of course, I’d love to hear your favorite clutter-free gifts as well!

Allocating Our Resources at Different Stages of Life

posted by Andrea | 07/22/2013 | 9 comments
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Most people I know have somewhat fixed amounts of time, money, energy, etc. — and it’s our job to then allocate these resources the best we can.

Sometimes, the decisions are no-brainers and easy to make. However, many times, it can be quite difficult to know the best way to allocate our many resources. And just when you think you’ve figured out the best solution, things change. You enter a new season of life and you need to figure things out all over again!

5 Financial Lessons I Want My Children to Learn

posted by Andrea | 06/11/2013 | 20 comments
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I recently read in a popular parenting magazine that 75% of adults say it’s important to educate children about finances, but only 36% of those same parents actually do so.

I’m not an expert in this area just yet, but there are so many things I want to teach my children about money management. In an effort to keep things simple, I’m sharing 5 financial lessons I definitely want my children to learn.

MAY: Our Month-Long No-Spending Challenge

posted by Andrea | 04/26/2013 | 33 comments
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One idea Dave and I have tossed around for the past year is not spending any “extra” money for an entire month. We’re hoping it will be a way to pad our savings AND reflect back on what we really need versus all those things we just want.

We decided that May would be the month we chose for our “No-Spending Challenge” — and we’d LOVE to have you join in on the frugal fun too!

2 Tips that Helped Us Increase Our Savings

posted by Andrea | 03/22/2013 | 25 comments
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While we don’t have a lifetime full of money-mastering tips, Dave and I have learned a lot about finances from our parents, from my 6 years of business experience, and from other more experienced individuals.

So today, I’m sharing two of the MOST helpful (and extremely doable) pieces of financial advice Dave and I have received throughout the years.

My Frugal Reality Check

posted by Andrea | 03/15/2013 | 41 comments
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I love sharing simple ideas and tips to save money on almost everything; however, I felt like I needed to write this post — just as a “reality check” for those of us (myself included) that might get a little too carried away, trying to save EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

P.S. You might think I’m insane after reading some of these stories!

9 Tips to Save on Insurance

posted by Andrea | 02/26/2013 | 12 comments
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Insurance is one of life’s necessary evils. We pay the premiums every year even if we don’t use any of the benefits, but at least we’re covered “just in case”.

If you’re frustrated with how much you pay for insurance, then keep reading. Today, I’m sharing 9 relatively simple tips to save money on your insurance premiums!

My FREE 2013 Finance-Tracking Workbook

posted by Andrea | 01/7/2013 | 23 comments
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For the last two years now, I’ve shared my ultra-simple method of tracking how much money we bring in, and (more importantly) how much money we spend in different categories all year long.

So since it’s the start of another New Year, I’m sharing my updated 2013 Finance-Tracking Workbook with you… completely free. You’re welcome!

How our Grocery Bill Has Changed in Two Years

posted by Andrea | 12/10/2012 | 35 comments
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When I first started this blog (Sep. 2010) I was spending $20 or less on groceries each week — yes, that’s $20, NOT $200 — and no, we didn’t eat ramen noodles every night!

Fast-forward 2 years and our grocery bill has more than doubled… but I suppose we’re in a different season of life right now and I’m OK with that.

Nora’s Birthday Bash – On A Budget

posted by Andrea | 12/3/2012 | 14 comments
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We celebrated Nora’s first birthday over Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m sharing a bunch of pictures — and a few tips that helped me keep the entire cost of her party under $50!

I’d love to hear any of your tips for birthday parties on a budget!

The Saving Power of Waiting 24 Hours

posted by Andrea | 11/13/2012 | 17 comments
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It’s THAT time of year when there are so many sales and “great deals” that it’s often easy to make quick decisions and impulse purchases that we later regret… and yes I say “we” because I’m writing this post from experience :)

Today, I’m sharing a simple tip that has saved us hundreds on impulse purchases.

5 Tips to Stay on Budget Throughout the Holiday Season

posted by Andrea | 10/30/2012 | 9 comments
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It’s already the end of October, which means if you haven’t started thinking or planning ahead for the holiday season, you might want to start — specifically when it comes to your holiday budget.

Today, I’m sharing 5 simple tips that have helped us to stay on budget throughout the holiday season — I’d love to hear any of your tips too!

Splurging Isn’t Always ‘Extravagant’

posted by Andrea | 08/23/2012 | 23 comments
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For the most part, I would not consider Dave and I to be big “splurgers”. We save much more than we spend and we can almost always talk ourselves out of buying something — especially if it isn’t really necessary.

I certainly don’t think our frugal nature is a bad thing; however, I also don’t think that occasional splurges are a bad thing. In fact, I think splurging is a healthy habit everyone should do from time to time!

Raising an Infant on a Budget: Recap & FREE Printable

posted by Andrea | 04/21/2012 | 5 comments
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In the months since Nora was born, I’ve received a crazy number of emails asking what items I would suggest for soon-to-be-moms looking to stay clutter-free and stick to a tight budget. While I definitely don’t have ALL the answers; after almost 5 months, I can at least share the items we regularly used for the newborn/infant stage.

All week long, I’ve been sharing my “must-have” items for infants — and today, I’m rounding out this week-long series with a few more money saving tips… and a FREE printable!

Weekend Giveaway: All In Good Time Book

posted by Andrea | 04/13/2012 | 363 comments
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I’m really excited about today’s giveaway — partially because it’s a great book that totally fits with my quest for simple, organized living… but also because I know BOTH of the authors!

I’ve worked closely with Mandi from Life… Your Way and Tara from Deal Seeking Mom for the past 2 years and can attest that they are both amazing moms, wives, business women, bloggers… and just really fun ladies!