Creative Wedding Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

posted by Andrea | 05/18/2011
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It’s officially wedding season — and this past weekend, I attended the first of MANY bridal showers and weddings for the 2011 “wedding season”.

Dave and I have had multiple weddings every summer for the past six years — which is pretty normal considering we’re in our mid 20’s and many of our friends and relatives are in the same age range {and I’m told everyone in West Michigan marries young!}

This summer is no exception; we both have multiple friends, relatives, and coworkers who have invited us to celebrate their special day… and of course, we’re expected to bring a gift!

So, over the last six years, I’ve gotten pretty good at coming up with creative wedding gift ideas that are something the bride and groom registered for — but with a little twist so they won’t break the bank.

First let me show you my gift from this weekend:

My cousin and her fiancée already have a house — with a kitchen — so I thought it would be fun to give them some baking supplies that they could use to make some sweet treats now {her fiancée is already living in the house}.

I got her the 3 large measuring cups she registered for plus the cookie scoop…

Then I made her a handful of recipe cards and printed one of my favorite cookie recipes on one of the cards {Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies}.

I filled each measuring cup with the dry ingredients she would need to make the cookies, added some fun tissue paper, wrapped it all up with tooling, and tied the cookie scoop as a tag.

Yes, it took a little extra time to get my creative juices flowing — but I saved a bunch of money over buying something more expensive, I got her the things she registered for, and now she can make a bunch of delicious cookies — provided she has eggs and oil on hand!


Here are a few more ideas:

1. Wine:

Purchase the wine glasses off their registry and then add in a few bottles of your favorite wine, and a wine stopper. You could also do something similar if they register for margarita glasses or beer mugs.

2. Pizza Kit:

Purchase the pizza stone and pizza wheel; then add in a bottle of homemade pizza seasonings and your favorite pizza recipes.

3. Baking Supplies:

Purchase cupcake pans, bread pans, cookie sheets, or any other baking supplies; then include the dry ingredients and the recipe.

4. Picnic Set:

We didn’t even register for a picnic basket but we got one — and it was filled with all sorts of paper products {napkins, paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware} and non-perishable condiments. The paper products definitely came in handy, and now we have a cute picnic basket!

5. Coffee and/or Tea:

Purchase a coffee maker or tea pot and then add in a bunch of fancy coffees, teas, hot chocolates, etc. and maybe even those cute “his” and “hers” mug.

6. Date Night Package:

This is a great idea if you are willing to spend a bit more, or if you want to “go in” on a gift with a group of people.

Simply create a gift basket with movie tickets, Blockbuster gift cards, or a Netflix subscription; then add in a few different restaurant gift cards, fast food gift cards, some popcorn, candy, and a 2-liter, and your basket is complete.

7. House Cleaning Kit:

Purchase a few of the household cleaning products off their registry {broom, mop, trash can, etc.} and then include some of your favorite cleaning products, a “coupon” for your cleaning services {with an expiration date} or even a gift certificate to a professional cleaning service.

You could also purchase a laundry basket and fill it with detergent, fabric softener, stain removers, garment bags, and even a roll of quarters {if they will be using a laundromat.}

8. Lawn and Garden:

If they registered for yard tools, get them a couple and then add in a bag or two of lawn fertilizer…something they probably won’t think about until after the season when it’s too late. If this isn’t glamorous enough for you, then give them a small tree {with money tied to the branches} and they can plant it at their new home!

OK, so these are just a few of my semi-creative wedding gift ideas that won’t completely break the bank. And seriously, Dave and I need to get our wedding gifts on a budget…because our record is 14 weddings in ONE summer!!!

That is NOT a record we want to break :)

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  1. Tammy aka @Tammy_Skipper


    Love the design of the recipe card! I think the way we deliver gifts can be even more fun than the gift itself, awesome package.


    Karen @ Abundance on A Dime Reply:

    Tammy, I totally agree. The package/presentation can elevate even the humblest gifts to “something special”. Since my gift budget tends to be on the small side, I like to get creative with the wrapping part :)


    Andrea Reply:

    Totally agree Tammy!! I ALWAYS take the time to wrap my gifts in a creative way…it make them more fun to open and it shows that I put time and effort into the gift.


    Tammy aka @Tammy_Skipper Reply:

    yes, now share that recipe card design! LOL


  2. Karen @ Abundance on a Dime


    Wow, 14 is a whole lot of weddings in one summer! I’m trying to remember the last time I went to a wedding – I think it was my best friend’s wedding back in 2003!! Although I have a lot of cousins in their late 20s and early 30s none of them has gotten married yet.

    I think my most favourite bridal shower gift that I ever gave was a “Romantic Picnic Basket”. I filled a large wicker hamper with all kinds of yummy picnic treats (homemade bread, assorted cheeses, condiments, a dessert, a bottle of wine etc) plus a couple of other items like a book of romantic poetry. It was a big hit and so much fun to put together!


    Andrea Reply:

    That sounds like a great gift Karen!! and yes, 14 weddings IS a lot!


  3. Jaci


    Love the design on the recipe cards. Do you use a certain program? How did you make them?


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Jaci!
    the recipe cards are actually free to download here:
    I just print them on card stock and cut them out!


  4. Stacey


    Such cute ideas!! All of my friends are married now so i hardly ever get to go to weddings or showers anymore. Totally miss going to them!

    A friend and i once made a gift wrap kit for a bridal shower gift. We bought one of those tall gift roll wrap totes and filled it with all types of wrapping paper rolls (wedding, birthday, baby, etc..), bows, tape, scissors and things like that. Everyone oohed and aahed over it! That is the cleverest ive ever been, lol.


  5. Sue


    WOW 14 weddings ! that is amazing.. I don’t think I have even been to 14 weddings in my lifetime.
    Gifts are not a big thing here with weddings. Most people just give money. But I love these ideas for Wedding shower gifts.
    Sue in NJ


  6. Janice


    I have bought Christmas decorations when they were on sale after the holiday was over, put them in a large Christmas gift bag and took them to the bridal shower of one of my daughter’s friends. The gift was a real hit with everyone. I included an ornament I had made. It really helped with my budget that year, especially as so many of our children’s friends were all in their 20s and getting married as well as our own son and daughter. Weddings and showers can put one over the financial edge if budgeting is not followed.