Our Kitchen Floor Plan – A Few More Ideas

posted by Andrea | 06/11/2012

I recently posted a potential floor plan for our new kitchen — one that Dave and I had dreamed up after quite a bit of time — and you all smashed it to smithereens!!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t offended, but I was surprised at how much advice you had!

Yes, I received a few rude emails, but for the most part, all of the advice was really helpful… and it definitely gave us a ton of new ideas to think about — so thanks!

At first, I was completely overwhelmed with all the different tips, suggestions, and ideas in the comments, on Facebook, and in my Inbox; but over the past week, I’ve had a chance to process everything and think about a few different ways to rearrange things. I also met with an engineer friend of mine (with great decorating tastes), and the cabinet people come out to properly measure our space and give me even more ideas!

After all of that, I came up with a new plan.

It’s still not 100% official (as in, we haven’t ordered the cabinets or appliances yet) but I think this one is a bit closer to what our new kitchen will look like.

So here is our “current kitchen” floor plan once more…

Here is the first “new” floor plan I proposed last week

And here is another “new” floor plan. Again, this is NOT 100% set in stone, we’re still hashing out ideas {you can click the image to enlarge it}


This floor plan definitely has some aspects that are better (like appliances being closer together,  a large pantry area, two sinks, and even more counter tops). But I’m still not sure about having the cooktop on the island. I really like using my island for large baking projects, so I like having it nice and open… but since the island will be almost twice the size of our current island, I think it will be fine. Plus, the kitchen does seem to “flow” better this way.

In my first “new kitchen” design, I realized that everything wasn’t completely to scale {like the table was drawn much larger than our actual table and one of the walls got pushed back about 2 feet} so hopefully my second attempt is a little more accurate — although still not “professional quality”.

Also, keep in mind that looking at a drawing is not the same as being in our actual kitchen… so if something seems a little off, just trust me :)

Oh, and here are two computerized drawings from the company who came to measure our cabinets. There are still lots of tweaks and changes to make… but at least they are more professional. {These drawings are “flipped” 180* from the drawings I have above}

I think she forgot to draw the main sink… but in case you’re wondering, we are still planning to have a sink under the window

What do you think?


And, as you can probably imagine, I got a TON of questions /comments after I posted my first floor plan idea. I answered some of them in the comment section, and a few more in emails, but I figure I should just address a bunch of them in this post as well.

1. What program did you use to create the floor plan?

I used FloorPlanner.com. It worked well, but defintiely wasn’t “fool-proof”. I had a difficult time saving my drawings, and you can only create 2  floor plans before you have to upgrade to the paid version.

2. Where are you purchasing your ______ from? {floors, cabinets, appliances, counters, etc.}

Honestly, we don’t know yet. We did already order our flooring from Creation Woodworks (where we got our other reclaimed barnwood from). I also met with a cabinet person earlier this week… but haven’t ordered anything yet.

We will be looking for appliances from scratch and dent stores first to see if we can find a deal… otherwise, we’ll just wait for a sale and purchase them new.

We have local plumbers/electricians that we work with and my dad can pretty much do anything we want him to (thanks dad!) but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

I will continue to share more information about where we purchase our supplies… but for now, I don’t even know the answer to those questions!

3. Why are you putting in a ________  appliance {double oven, farm sink, etc.}

Everyone seems to be very concerned about what appliances we are and are not putting in our kitchen. And while I do appreciate all your advice, we have been thinking about this for some time and are pretty sure we know what we want :)

We want a double ELECTRIC oven (I hate my current gas oven) because electric ovens are more accurate and much better for baking. However, I would prefer a gas cooktop — which is why we’re getting a separate cooktop verses a complete all-in-one range.

Also, we will not be getting a side-by-side fridge (even though that’s what the picture looks like). We’re actually planning to purchase a counter-depth French Door refrigerator with a pull out freezer on the bottom. We don’t keep much in our freezer upstairs since we find food stays fresher in our deep freezer downstairs, so the smaller size freezer won’t bother us.

We are also pretty positive that we want a single apron-front farm sink (not a divided sink). One reader did mention that it can be a pain if someone needs to empty a glass while the sink is full — and that’s a good point! We are thinking of putting another small sink in the kitchen to compensate for that.

Also, I’ve mentioned before how much I hate small appliances sitting out in the open, so we do not want our microwave over the oven or cooktop :) We’re planning to put it in a lower cabinet (under the island) or in a pantry somewhere.

And yes, I realize many of you might think these choices are not the best — but I can assure you that we’ve put A LOT of time and thought into our kitchen renovation and we feel like these choices will work well for how we use our kitchen.

4. Is that a load-bearing wall you’re taking out between the kitchen and dinning room?

Yes. It’s holding up half the upstairs and the roof :)

My dad is working with an engineer to design a huge (HUGE) beam that will be put in place of the wall and we will also end up dropping our ceiling from 9′ to 8′to hide that beam… but I’d rather have a lower ceiling than a dividing wall.

And since that wall is holding SO much weight, we will actually need a post that comes down in the middle of our kitchen, but we’re planning to tie it in with the island so it won’t look completely random. Again, it’s better than having a wall… and when you’re renovating a 120+ year old home, you can’t always get everything you want!

5. Aren’t you going to hire professionals? 

As I mentioned before, my dad can pretty much do anything! He will be doing a lot of the work, but we will hire a professional plumber, possibly a professional electrician, and we’ll have all the drywall hung professionally too.

I’m working with a cabinet company to help us design the final layout of the kitchen and order the cabinets but my dad will install them… and Dave and I plan to do as much as we can too!

6. You should not do ______ because of resale value.

This is a valid statement and normally I would agree with it… but one thing Dave and I decided back when we first purchased this house was that we would NOT do something just for resale value.

We plan to live in this house for a long time so we want to renovate it for US… not potential buyers several years down the road. We also figure that if we were willing to buy this house with horrendous wallpaper, pastel carpets, rusty water pipes, and mirrored doors in every room, someone else will be willing to buy it from us and renovate it to their own taste.

OK, so I think that answers many of the main questions for now – feel free to weigh-in any advice you have for my “new” floor plan! 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… demolition started this past weekend!

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  1. Thrifty Military Mommy


    Exciting! I love the newer floor plan. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel better having all the appliances in one place rather than having to maneuver around the island to get to your refrigerator. My parents have a HUGE kitchen where they plopped a very LARGE table right in the center of it. I HATED it because every time you wanted something you had to walk twice as far to get to it because you had to walk around the table! But that’s just my opinion. This is your house and no one can tell you how you’re going to enjoy it.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!


  2. Kim


    Thank you for sharing your remodeling. It will be a very fun and exciting diversion from the Texas heat this summer. I have every confidence that this will be a very well thought out plan. That’s your well-earned trademark!


  3. Jessica


    So exciting. And you shouldn’t have to explain any decisions that you make to a bunch of strangers on the internet, anyways. Your too nice. I must admit I have a serious case of kitchen envy…and I haven’t even seen the finished product yet. :)


  4. Jan


    Looks great!


  5. Dana


    I love your new layout! I think that it will work great for you guys. Nora will love pushing buttons on the microwave in the island, but what kitchen doesn’t have a gadget that kids can get at?! Enjoy it!


  6. Ann


    Yes to the electric oven but gas stove! I’ve never seen a gas stove in an island. Is that done?

    RE: farmhouse sink: Since the sink is extra large, just keep a dishpan underneath the sink. When you are doing dishes, do them in the dishpan. You will use/waste less water and someone can still dump a glass of liquid or rinse something off while you are using the sink.


  7. Roxanne


    Looks like a fun project! It will be fun to follow along! I hope to someday have a double oven and French-door refrigerator in my dream house/dream kitchen :)


  8. marla


    I think you have a great plan. I love my cooktop on my island, chose that so I could be in the middle of things without having my back turned to everyone. I like that my sink has a window above it as I always have something new to look at growing across the street and it gives me a little gratutide time. Enjoy!


  9. Abby


    So, will your dishwasher be between your sink and your fridge like in the cabinet maker’s drawing or on the other side of the sink like in your floorplan drawing? I think you will regret it if you don’t have it located right next to your sink. Otherwise, great ideas! Can’t wait to see the finished pictures!


  10. MrsClo


    How can your dishwasher be so far from you sink ? We just finished our kitchen remodel/addition. We added 10′ onto the exsisting 11×10′ kitchen. Added a beautiful tray ceiling and 3 blade ceiling fan, undercounter lighting and granite countertops ! We are over the moon at how it turned out. Flooring is yet to be decided on for sure


  11. Susan


    Love the new floor plan! Looks awesome! I will suggest NOT to get a freezer on the bottom fridge/freezer……I have one (came with my new house) and I HATE it! You end up on the floor trying to pull things out all the time, much more gets “lost” or “forgotten” in the back. Please, please, please get the freezer on top! I also have a big freezer in my garage that stores alot of stuff, but I still stock my freezer in the kitchen. Trust me, it may not seem like a big deal at first, but after a year (or when you are 8+ mo pregnant again) you will HATE it too!


  12. Doreen


    You’re very brave to post your kitchen plans on your blog! Lol

    I’m the one that posted earlier about having the exact same size kitchen/layout as your’s from the island up. If you’re not sick and tired of all the suggestions by now, permit yet another one por favor…

    Any serious cook/baker such as yourself will tell you it’s nice to have a countertop area that is open and spacious to work on. I think you would appreciate it if your island was free of the cooktop. As I said, I have the exact size kitchen as your’s and layout pretty much is the same. May I suggest putting the stove top where the dishwasher is and putting the dishwasher between the sink and fridge?

    If you want to see pics of my kitchen let me know. It helps to visualize things.


  13. Madelyn


    Looks great! Way to be flexible after putting so much thought into it, I know that can be frustrating.

    I don’t have time to read all the above comments so in case no one has mentioned it, hopefully your microwave will have a “lock” on the buttons so Nora won’t constantly walk in and start microwaving things. Same thing for the dishwasher!


  14. Katie


    How exciting!! I think the floor plan looks awesome – a baking/cooking dream come true! I hope you post lots of pics of the process :) Good luck with all of your meals in the meantime!


  15. Linda


    You will LOVE the double oven! I love mine and use it a lot. My top oven is a convection/regular oven and the bottom is just a regular oven.


  16. Jamie


    Remember to donate your old cabinets, light fixtures and countertops to places like Habitat Re-stores for reuse/recycling and most important a Tax deduction.


  17. Teri


    Personally, I prefer the first floor plan. I think the second is nice, but I think it spreads out everything so much.

    Personally, I prefer the dishwasher in close proximity to the sink. While it’s probably not far, I think adding it on that other bank of cabinets feels odd. I am just thinking about the door pointing at you as you are going over to load it. I mean, mine is right next to the sink and I drip stuff on door. With this layout, that would be on your nice wood floors. Think about when little Nora gets older and it becomes her chore, will those few steps to the dishwasher be ok?

    I am super excited to see what you do. You always come up with both functional and practical ideas. Ultimately, you are the ones who will have to live with it for many years to come. Do what you think you will enjoy. I will tell you, we have a giant island at our house and we LOVE it!!


  18. JoDi


    I didn’t comment on the first plan, but since you changed things I’ll throw in my 2cents! :-)

    I would put the dishwasher between the sink and fridge and get that cooktop off the island so you have one big open work area. I would also ditch the second sink. Can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem emptying a glass in a sink even if you have a bunch of dirty dishes in it. We’ve had a single sink for 20+ years and nobody has ever had a problem emptying a glass.


  19. Stephanie


    Love the layout! You must be so excited. I agree with the others, though…you’re gonna wish that dishwasher was between the sink and the fridge. Mine is that way, and after 6 years, I still love it. :-) Blessings to you as you begin this huge project!


  20. Chelsea @ Truffles Magazine


    Hi Andrea,

    I am so excited for your family’s kitchen reno this summer with all the homemade meals & snacks you make your someone who will get a real use out of a well designed space!

    Love that you have reconsider the layout although I have a few suggestions that might work (its more a hybrid of the 2 plans)

    I like the 2nd layout better but had a suggestion: maybe you should move the dishwasher between the sink and fridge. It will be closer come meal time. Yet you wouldn’t lose the counter space above the lazy susan. Also since you mentioned you really preferred having an island w/o sink, cooktop, etc. which makes sense because it comes in handy when baking large quantities or entertaining, why not move the cooktop to where the Dishwasher presently is in plan 2? This will give you a big empty island.

    The fridge is in a much better location in plan 2 than 1 I think you and Dave would be walking all around the kitchen. Seems the ovens 2nd sink and buffet area are perfect.


  21. Ann


    Andrea, The new changes are REALLY good changes !!! Just a subtle suggestion…I would “think about” putting the gas cook top where the dishwasher is and putting the dishwasher in the island, and putting your small sink in the island,
    then the island would be mostly countertop space, yet you could still dump cup liquids into that sink when you are loading the dishwasher.. the disadvantage to this idea is unloading the dishwasher might not be as convenient…depending where you will be storing plates & cups, etc.
    I think this is going to be a great kitchen, and entertaining area for you and I respect your ideas, however it ends up! YOU will be the one using it!! Love your blog!




    I would consider not having the overhead cabinet next to your sink. Since your dishwasher is the other direction you would be better off putting dishes above that cabinet. If you are planning more kids I highly recommend that you store dishes low so that they can set tables, clear dishes and empty the dishwasher. Without an upper the counter to the right of the sink will feel really open and it would be a great place for a stand mixer that is a pain to use under upper cabinets even with the newer height than your old cabinets. You could even then make that window bigger and that would bring in a ton of light. I’d go with the stove in the island. We have a big island with nothing in it and while it is great for baking and staging freezer cooking, day to day it is a junk collector.


  23. Jean


    I agree with other posts about having your dishwasher in between sink and refrigerator. It flows better. Also, keep the cooktop off of your island. I wanted that when we gut/rehabbed our kitchen and my husband (the architect) said if you have children sitting at the island they could easily get burned or splattered with cooking.


  24. Glenda Moore


    Just curious….why didn’t you put the dishwasher closer to the sink? Love your design!


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