The Floor Plan for our New Kitchen!

posted by Andrea | 05/31/2012

As many of you know, Dave and I are gearing up for a really messy kitchen renovation this summer. We’re hoping to start demolition as soon as possible after school is out… which means only about 2 more weeks until our house is turned upside-down… again!

We already have plans to set up a “make-shift” kitchen in our office area. We’ll have our full-size refrigerator, a toaster, toaster oven, griddle, microwave, coffee pot, slow cooker, a shelving unit for food, and a hutch for plates, cups, silverware, pans, etc. We’ll also have our grill outside.

The only things we won’t have (and will dearly miss) is our dishwasher and a deep sink for washing dishes. So even though it’s not very “green” of me, I’m planning to use mostly paper plates and cups all summer long. I’m also planning to do a ton of baking and cooking over the next 2 weeks so we can just pull from the freezer instead of trying to make meals from scratch (or resort to pricy restaurants).

I’ve been doing quite a bit of “behind the scenes” work these past few weeks… the bulk of which was figuring out exactly how I wanted our new kitchen to be laid out and designing the floor plan. It’s still not 100% set in stone (we’ve ordered the flooring but not the cabinets), but as you’ll see by the images below, we’re adding a TON of cabinet space and creating a much more open and user-friendly place to cook, eat, and just hangout.

Here is what our kitchen looks like now:

All the areas with the red “X” are wasted space… so as you can see, there is LOTS of room for improvement!

Also, all the appliances are extremely dated, extremely small, and on the verge of dying! I can’t even fit a normal size cookie pan in our oven (bottom left corner) and the sink is so small we can’t even give Nora a bath in it!

The refrigerator door doesn’t open all the way because it’s jammed up against the wall; the dishwasher (under the island) has been acting up lately too.

Yup, it’s time for a makeover!

Here are a few “real life” picture of the kitchen/dining room right before we moved in last December.

A view from the front door:

Refrigerator, sink, gas cook-top… and the dishwasher is under the island.

Also, the laundry room is to the left of that doorway and a bathroom is to the right. If you keep going through the doorway, you’ll head down to the basement or out to the garage.

The next photo is from the oposit corner, looking back towards the living room, dining room, and the front door (far left side). You can see our tiny (and nearly dead) double oven (right side) as well as the massive amount of wasted space!

Here is a shot looking back into the dining room. The wall with that ridiculous built-in cabinet will be totally gone… Hallelujah!

And finally, here’s a look at a bunch more wasted space in the dining room area…obviously a man designed this kitchen :)

Once that dividing wall comes down, we will put our fridge there along with large floor-to-ceiling cabinets to house small appliances, cleaning supplies, and pantry items.

And now… drumroll please……………………………………………..


This is our new floor plan! (you can click on it to enlarge it)

Here’s our old floor plan again just so you don’t have to keep scrolling up to compare the two.

As you can see, we removed the wall between the kitchen and the dining room which makes everything more open and accessible. It also makes room for a larger island and tons more counter space.

I’ve also moved several of the appliances around to create more usable counter and cabinet space. Seriously, I think we’ll end up with 3 times as much cabinet/drawer space without adding any physical square feet!

Over all, our new kitchen/dining room area will be about 23 ft. x 16 ft. — which is pretty big, but we don’t have a formal dining room or pantry. Plus, I’m in the kitchen all the time.

You can see a few of my inspirational ideas here… otherwise, just keep checking back throughout the summer as I document the progress!

Wish us luck :)

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  1. Kristine


    So exciting! I have been peeking in on your blog for sometime now and was just thinking about your kitchen when I saw you added the ‘update!’ Can’t wait to see how it turns out! So much fun!!!


  2. Heather


    Hi! Also prepping for a kitchen remodel, didn’t know there were sooooo many choices of everything!
    Just wanted to let you know that the latest Consumer Reports discussed remodeling kitchens and had some good advice on appliances.
    Good Luck and Have Fun!


  3. Jan Kersaan


    Hi Andrea~ As long as you have a zillion suggestions, I decided to put my 2 cents in too! I have a kitchen sink in our home in Florida not devided and really do not like it. It seems when ever I have the sink filled with clean sudsy water to clean up we always have a glass or something that needs to be dumped out and end up going outside or to the bathroom to discard it. Putting a small sink in your island might really be helpful. Oh and I have a new fridge here with bottom drawer..Dislike…does not hold much and always gets jammed up if things are not just positioned correctly.Anyways it’s fun to plan and I hope everything turns out just the way you want it.


  4. Vicki Elliott


    Andrea if it were me I would turn the island the other way, the whole room looks out of balance with itgoing down the middle. I have a fridge (my 2nd one) with freezer on the bottom and love love love it, More room and easier to organize!


  5. Dawn


    Hi Andrea,

    I really enjoy your site! We just went through a kitchen remodel last year. We added an island, which is wonderful and completely changed the way I use my kitchen. We also have a french door refrigerator, which I love! It’s stainless steel and I was worried about the dreaded fingerprints, but it’s super easy to keep clean. Like you, I froze a lot of meals ahead of time. We also used our grill and microwave. I also bought 2 single electric burners, which I cooked with all the time! I would highly recommend them! Your design looks great and although the renovation can be disruptive, the end result will totally be worth it!


  6. Link Love - Budget For HealthBudget For Health


    [...] The Floor Plan for our New Kitchen by Simple Organized Living This is exciting! One day we’ll have a kitchen that’s bigger than the 8’x8’ cubby hole we make our food in. [...]

  7. Debra Kapellakis


    I didn’t really get it until the very end when you showed both floor plans, WOW! I GET IT! WOW! This is very exciting. Have patience and fun! :D


  8. Janie


    Wonderful wonderful..I look forward to watching your progress. I “envy” you..(in a good way) I would like to do my kitchen too but i need a roof..put off WAY to long and it is gonna cost me dearly.. ( I just did NOT have the means to do it sooner) so much I need to finance….so a kitchen AND a car has to wait a while…so I will watch and “learn” from you!


  9. Doreen


    I realized after looking at your rendering that if you took out the bottom part of your new kitchen, ie, everything South of the bath and laundry, you would have my kitchen to the tee. Needless to say, I don’t have a large kitchen, but it’s completely functional. My refrigerator is to the right of the dishwasher, and I completely agree with Claire on this point. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting it back where it was. The wall is gone so the door will open, no additional plumbing needed, and you will have a place to put a pantry or whatever In place of the fridge.


  10. Terry


    Hi Andrea,

    What program or software did you use to design your floor plan? I would like to do one for my kitchen.
    THanks so much


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