November, 2010

Painted Desk — Before and After

posted by Andrea | 11/7/2010 | 32 comments

I got this desk for free! I know, it doesn’t look like anything too special just yet — but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I can already picture where this desk will fit in our new farmhouse… Plus, I never turn down free wooden furniture! Obviously, the previous owner didn’t know much about painting — or that it was preferable to remove the hardware {and the drawers} before diving in with two different colors of paint […]

Farmhouse Inspiration

posted by Andrea | 11/5/2010 | 7 comments

Earlier this week, I blogged about our dream house — and how excited we are to be moving there in just a few short weeks!! Well, apparently many of you found our news equally exciting! Since Monday, I’ve received TONS of positive feedback via facebook, twitter, blog comments, and even a bunch of emails from people I don’t know — who just felt compelled to send their congratulatory words my way! I just love looking at my Inbox and seeing “Congratulations”, “We’re Excited For […]

Frugal Shopping Tip

posted by Andrea | 11/4/2010 | 3 comments

I LOVE finding great deals and getting things for free — it’s a sickness! I follow a handful of coupon blogs, I cut my own coupons, and I shop the sales; all in an effort to reduce our grocerry bill and get a lot more for a lot less. And you know what — it works! Over the years, I have seen the biggest saving on our toiletries — which I often get for free. Yup, I get everything from lotion, shampoo, body […]

Clutter-Free Gifts for Kids

posted by Andrea | 11/3/2010 | 4 comments

Guest post from Melanie of Unique Holiday Gift Ideas.  Its hard enough for my children to keep their things neat all year long but when Christmas comes along, the pile of new things to find a place for can be overwhelming to say the least! For this reason,  I greatly appreciate friends and relatives who choose gifts that don’t take up space…or only take up space for a short time and then are used up! If you are buying or making […]

Double Batch Cooking Tip + Cinnamon Bread

posted by Andrea | 11/2/2010 | 26 comments

It’s officially November, which means Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a bunch of other holiday festivities are just a few weeks away! It also means that you’ll probably end up baking…a lot! I love baking, but I don’t always have the time I need; so instead, I make double {or even triple} batches of our favorite foods. This saves me lots of time in the kitchen and assures we’ll always have something delicious in the freezer. The only problem is, I often double SOME […]

We’re Moving to Our Dream House!

posted by Andrea | 11/1/2010 | 23 comments

Do you have a vision of THAT house you’ve always dreamed of living in? I do! — It’s a big, old farmhouse like this one. Do you have the image of your dream house so ingrained in your brain that you can’t get it out even if you try — really hard? I know the feeling. Do you have an idea book with all the things you want to incorporate into your future dream house? I’ve got one. I even have a […]