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Simon @ 7 Months

posted by Andrea | 10/6/2014 | 9 comments

Simon hit the 7-month milestone over the weekend — so that means lots of cute baby boy pictures on the blog today!

Our Family Photo Shoot {September 2014}

posted by Andrea | 09/15/2014 | 26 comments

Come check out our newest family pictures!

Simon @ 6 Months

posted by Andrea | 09/4/2014 | 23 comments

Simon is 6 months old today!

Simon @ 5 Months

posted by Andrea | 08/4/2014 | 13 comments

Simon is 5 months old today — come see cute baby boy (and proud big sister) photos 🙂

Simon @ 4 Months – on 4th of July!

posted by Andrea | 07/4/2014 | 11 comments

Happy Birthday America… and happy 4 months baby Simon. Be prepared for lots of cute pictures!

Simon @ 3 Months

posted by Andrea | 06/4/2014 | 18 comments

Simon is 3 months old! He’s rolling over, drooling like crazy, sharing lots of smiles, and sleeping really well! Such a sweet little boy.

Simon’s Baptism

posted by Andrea | 05/14/2014 | 13 comments

Simon was baptized this past Sunday, Mother’s Day. It was a lovely day, the weather cooperated, Simon cooperated, and Nora did the best she could for being 2.

Today I’m sharing some of the pictures from Sunday, along with our yummy brunch menu and Simon’s baptism outfit — made from my wedding dress fabric!

Simon @ 2 Months

posted by Andrea | 05/5/2014 | 25 comments

Guess who had his 2-month “birthday” over the weekend?!?!

Simon @ 1 Month

posted by Andrea | 04/4/2014 | 26 comments

Simon is a one month old today!

I’ve already shared several “Simon posts” this past month, so I don’t have a ton of new information… but I do have lots of pictures!

Simon’s Birth Story and Life Updates

posted by Andrea | 03/25/2014 | 51 comments

Can you believe Simon is 3 weeks old today!

As promised, I’m going to share Simon’s birth story today. Thankfully, it’s nothing crazy or super eventful — just a pretty normal (and pretty quick) labor and delivery.

The Story Behind Simon’s Name

posted by Andrea | 03/14/2014 | 29 comments

Thanks so much for all your support after the birth of baby Simon. We were so excited to FINALLY share his birth announcement (and his name) with all of you!

Since many of you have asked, I promised I’d share the story behind Simon’s name — and today is the day 🙂

Welcome to the World, Simon John!

posted by Andrea | 03/5/2014 | 147 comments

He’s here!

Dave, Nora, and I are ecstatic to introduce you to the newest member of the Dekker family… Simon John!