2011 Planner Giveaway!

posted by Andrea | 11/9/2010

I am a firm believer that using SOME sort of daily planner is essential to a simpler, more organized, less stressed life.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my daily planner. It organizes my days, weeks, and months; it reminds me what to do and when to do it; it holds my Top-5 lists; it stores important information that I can’t ever seem to remember; and SO much more.

At times, I feel like my planner serves as my own little {and free} personal assistant — it just works for me!

So, when Starla from Well Kept Life sent me a copy of The Time Keeper {a daily planner she created}…I was just a little excited!

OK, I was ecstatic!!

I’m pretty picky about the planner I use and have been disappointed by many daily planners in the past. However, I knew within minutes of opening The Time Keeper, that Starla had done an AMAZING job creating a product specifically for women and all the many hats we wear each day!

Starla thought of every little detail. The size is perfect {large enough to hold lots of content but small enough to fit in your bag}, the cover image is beautiful, the spiral binding allows for easy page turns — and just wait until you see the inside!

I am SO excited to start using MY Time Keeper and I know it will make an excellent “Clutter-Free Gift” for anyone on my list this year. Christmas is ONLY 46 days away and Starla sold out of The Time Keeper last year, so make sure you order YOUR Time Keeper before December 10!!

OK, let me show you the inside…

First of all, there are 2 pockets on the inside flaps which are perfect for coupons, receipts, business cards, etc.

Then, there’s this great “Information Page” right near the front  to help you keep all that important information organized and easily accessible.

The Time Keeper has monthly at-a-glance calendars for you “big-picture” people…

…and daily sections for those of us who are a little more detail oriented – ahem!

OK, now comes the fun part!

Starla went above and beyond any other planner I’ve seen to include a daily menu-planning section AND a weekly to-do list; both of which are conveniently located on the page opposite your weekly schedule. How cleaver!!

The Time Keeper also includes several blank “Notes” pages in the back…

…and handy “Gift Ideas” pages to make your birthday and holiday shopping just a little easier…

…AND 56 perforated “Grocery Lists” that you can tear off to make your shopping list each week!!!!

Honestly, I think Starla thought of everything when creating The Time Keeper; which is why I am SO excited to give this amazing planner away to one lucky Simple Organized Living reader!!!

Want to Win?

Leave a comment below with your current method of “daily planning” {be honest…even if you don’t have one!} Some examples might be, to-do lists, PDA, planner, sticky notes, Outlook, etc. I want to know what ya’ll are using!

This contest is open until Tuesday, November 16, 2010, at 11:59pm EST.

ONE winners will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, November 17. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received a free copy of The Time Keeper for review, however all opinions are my own!

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  1. Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun


    Wow, just what I should switch to… Thanks for the giveaway! I run a working horse farm, have a self employed hubby I help, 2 small kids and I teach lessons… I’m always fighting forgetting. I use a monthly calendar and sticky notes. My newest best plan is to add small notes to the coffee maker so I remember oddball commitments. Don’t laugh, I drink a lot of coffee (1/2 caff) and this works! ;-)
    Good luck with your packing and Congrats on your farmhouse!!!

  2. Vicki


    It’s lovely. I will need a tutorial if I win. But I will feed you a lucious dessert and coffee if you come over and “TIP” me to the max with this item.

  3. Lisa


    I have a little planner, but I Love the fact that this one has tear off grocery’s list, I use a spiral notebook to do my list right now.. Also the fact that this has a place for gifts.. I have to dig through my purse and notebooks around xmas time and can never find the list that everyone gives me..

  4. Karen


    I have a variety of planning methods – none of which works really well. We keep a dry-erase monthly calendar on the fridge for family events, but my personal to-do’s take the form of computerized lists, post-its, and even (sadly) the backs of used envelopes.
    I’m not a high-tech PDA/phone person, so no iPhone or anything like that for me.

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to more farmhouse stories!

  5. jade


    I plan mostly in my head, but I do use my Iphone notes section to quickly jot down a grocery list here or a reminder there. It doesn’t work that well since I don’t always remember to check back for what it was supposed to tell me! i also have a daily planner, but since it is simply a weekly calendar it doesn’t help as much with all of the many tasks I need to take care of – and personally, my task list is much bigger than my schedule list! :)

  6. Carmella Dennin


    My current method includes daily to – do lists that I feel constantly guilty about – I think they are too long!

  7. Lyn


    I make to-do lists and use a monthly calendar. Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. Jessica


    I go to my parents house to print off a monthly calendar and try and write everything on it… Also, attempt at doing daily to do lists not always successful. Need to find a catch all place where everything goes into one place so I don’t forget events and other stuff! Thanks Andrea for the giveaway :)

  9. Lisa @ Simplified Saving


    I have a family calendar at home, a blog calendar that I jot deals in and deal post ideas, and I now have an ipad and iphone which I use to schedule stuff… Unfortunately, none of them quite do the trick. I am desperate for a calendar that can do it all! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  10. Tammy aka @SkipsMKGirl


    I am working with a spiral calendar right now that is a 90 day notebook. It has space for my goals, personal and business task list in the front and larger month and year calendar pages in the back. It does not have a running shopping/to do list section so I have a grocery list sheet on the fridge and a family calendar there too (theoretically so the whole family can know what is going on, but I rarely update that calendar since it’s so big). I think this planner brings a lot of the here-and-there areas into one book which would be the perfect ‘family calendar.”