Harvest Spinach Salad with Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing

posted by Andrea | 02/25/2020 | 11 comments
harvest spinach salad

I’m a big fan of “loaded salad” with lots and lots of ingredients besides just lettuce, cheese, croutons, and a slice of cucumber… and this Harvest Spinach Salad is most definitely a LOADED SALAD!

It feels like I’m enjoying a gourmet lunch at home, especially with the addition of homemade honey mustard dressing (which takes me less than 1 minute to whip up!)

Solve Your “Stuff Problems” With a Space Budget

posted by Andrea | 02/24/2020 | 45 comments
how to set space budgets

A common misconception in the organizing world is that the solution for too much stuff is simply to buy more bins or create more storage. However, in my experience, lack of space is rarely the main issue… rather, we just have TOO MUCH STUFF!

If this situation feels a little too familiar to you, let me introduce you to the concept of SPACE BUDGETS! 

5 Tips to Purge “What if I Need It Clutter”

posted by Andrea | 02/20/2020 | 67 comments
tips to purge thumb

Do you need a few tips to declutter those items you’ve hung on to in case you need them again someday??

I call this ” What-If-I-Need-It-Clutter” and I hope today’s post will give you the motivation you need to purge it once and for all!

A Meal Planning Hack for Busy Families

posted by Andrea | 02/18/2020 | 2 comments
blue apron thumb

I’m excited to share more about our family’s 6-year experience with Blue Apron’s delicious, nutritious meal delivery service. Seriously, I can’t believe we’ve enjoyed these meals for SIX years already! 

I know so many of you already use and love the Blue Apron meals… if you haven’t yet (but want to), I have a really fantastic offer for you today! 

Our New Walk-In Shower (and why we had to rip out the previous shower)

posted by Andrea | 02/17/2020 | 23 comments

Yes, we renovated our master bathroom shower… AGAIN. Yes, this is the same shower we completely gutted and renovated back in 2011.

So why, might you ask, did we do it ALL over again just 8 years later?

It’s a long story with a very happy ending… and it’s all laid out in today’s post!

How I Drink More Water (at least 100 ounces) Every Day

posted by Andrea | 02/13/2020 | 55 comments
adult and child water bottles

If you’re looking for an extremely simple, frugal, and quick “fix” for many common ailments like dry skin, headaches, chapped lips, low energy, restless legs, etc. my suggestion is to first DRINK MORE WATER every single day! 

I’ve been amazed, time and time again, how a few extra glasses of water will completely eliminate so many of these annoying symptoms!

Easy Oven-Baked Chicken Drumsticks

posted by Andrea | 02/11/2020 | 14 comments
oven baked chicken thumb

If you’re stuck in a meal-planning rut and need an extremely simple recipe to pull you out of it, add a family pack of chicken legs to your grocery list and make a big batch of these Easy Oven-Baked Chicken Drumsticks ASAP! 

With just 5 minutes of prep-work and only 4 simple ingredients, you really can’t go wrong with this recipe!

Don’t Let Guilt Stifle Your “No”

posted by Andrea | 02/10/2020 | 16 comments
flowers in a field

Have you ever wondered how to say “no” without feeling guilty or like you’re letting others down?

I’m sharing a little secret with you today — one that will hopefully empower you to advocate for yourself, learn how to say “no”, and stop letting guilt rule your decisions.

Breakfast Burritos – An Easy Freezer-Friendly Meal

posted by Andrea | 02/6/2020 | 31 comments
breakfast burritos thumb

Breakfast burritos are a family favorite — both for breakfast AND for dinner! They are so quick and easy to make, they work any time of year, and they are freezer-friendly!

Mix it up with YOUR favorite ingredients (or whatever you have in the fridge) and create a simple, delicious, hearty meal your whole family will devour!

How to Spend Less and Save More (a look at our spending over the last 14 years)

posted by Andrea | 02/4/2020 | 31 comments
origami dollar bill

I recently went through ALL our spending from the last 14 years and was shocked to realize how little we spend on so many different expenses!

Today I’m sharing a look at our spending over the past 14 years… as well as 10 tips to spend less (and save more!)

A Few of My Favorite Things {February 2020}

posted by Andrea | 02/3/2020 | 44 comments
favorite things thumb

In many ways, this past month seemed to drag on forever (it feels like I shared my massive list of 20 favorite things 4 months ago instead of 4 weeks ago). In other ways, it went by in a flash… Who can relate?

I’m back with a few more favorites today… including one of Dave’s favorites!

How To Purge 100 Things From Your Home Today!

posted by Andrea | 01/30/2020 | 20 comments
how to purge 100 things thumb

When it comes to purging, the hardest part is often JUST GETTING STARTED!

If you’d like to get a little more organized, clear some of your clutter, and whip your home into shape (but you just don’t know where to start) let me show you how to purge 100 items from your home… today!

Our Homemade Healthy On-The-Go Lunches

posted by Andrea | 01/28/2020 | 12 comments
lunch containers

On days when we’re away from home, running errands, and doing all sorts of fun stuff, I pack healthy on-the-go lunches to save time, money, and calories. We can easily eat these lunches in the car or wherever we are when we’re hungry and want to eat.

These lunches have been a total game-changer for our family now that we are officially out of the napping stage and it’s easier to get out and about during the day.

Emails Versus Blog Posts (Your Questions Answered)

posted by Andrea | 01/27/2020 | 48 comments

Last week, I shared the BIG BLOG NEWS that I plan to reduce my blogging frequency and will instead send email content directly to subscribers.

The response was quite positive. However, there were a host of additional questions I didn’t anticipate. I’m answering all of those in today’s post!

7 Tips to Stop Germs From Spreading and Shorten The Duration of Coughs and Colds

posted by Andrea | 01/24/2020 | 39 comments
how to shorten a cold

Although we are generally quite healthy around our house, the kids have had enough colds and coughs over the past few years to allow me to develop a little routine of sorts for “what to do when the kids get a cold”.

Today I’m sharing 7 tips to stop germs from spreading and shorten the duration of coughs and colds… they work for us, I hope they work for you too!

Has Aldi Raised Their Prices… or is it just me?

posted by Andrea | 01/22/2020 | 101 comments
aldi stores

For the last 2 years, I’ve done the vast majority of my grocery shopping at Aldi; purchasing only a few “extras” at Meijer and Costco each month. Honestly, I’m a HUGE Aldi fan! 

However, I’ve noticed their prices starting to creep up lately — even higher than other stores in our area — and I wonder if you have noticed this too?

Delicious Baked Sandwiches

posted by Andrea | 01/21/2020 | 78 comments
baked sandwiches thumb

What do you get when you mix delicious deli meats, gooey cheese, fresh rolls, and a healthy amount of butter?
The most delicious baked sandwiches ever!

And just wait until I show you how easy these are to make… perfect for a quick weeknight meal and delicious school lunches the next day.

Exciting News From The Blog!

posted by Andrea | 01/20/2020 | 129 comments
blog news thumb

A lot has changed in my life over the past 10 years… but one thing that has remained the same is my commitment to simplify every aspect of life … for my own family, AND for yours. 

As I look ahead to a new decade, I’m excited to share even more simple-living tips and inspiration with you. BUT… I plan to share this information in a slightly different way. Keep reading for some exciting news!