Our Christmas Decor – 2017

posted by Andrea | 12/12/2017 | 14 comments

For the past several years, I’ve displayed fewer and fewer Christmas decorations — partially because our home is naturally “festive” with all the red and white I decorate with year-round, but also because it’s a big pain with little kids!

However, a few weeks ago, I let the kids decorate the tree all on their own (it was crazy) while I put a few more festive decorations up. It’s not magazine worthy, but it’s good enough for us this year!

A New Nursery for Our New Little Miss

posted by Andrea | 10/5/2017 | 47 comments

I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) to share Clara’s mini nursery makeover on the blog… and today’s the day!

I’m thrilled with how this room turned out — especially since I only had to buy 2 things to pull it off! Everything else was reused or repurposed from somewhere else in our house!

A Tour of Nora’s New Bedroom

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2017 | 26 comments

Yay — I’m so excited to finally share the full tour of Nora’s brand new bedroom!!

This room was a labor of love. It was such a huge project that started with a complete gut job — new electrical, new insulation, new drywall, new doors and windows, new… EVERYTHING!

My Favorite Ways to Display Photos

posted by Andrea | 10/28/2016 | 5 comments

Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite ways to display everyday photos and snapshots throughout our home.

They are all very simple, very frugal, and require only a teeny, tiny bit of craftiness — so yes, you can pull them off!

A Master Bedroom “Makeover” (for FREE!)

posted by Andrea | 08/5/2016 | 34 comments

Dave recently helped me move almost ALL the bedroom furniture in our entire house… which means all 4 bedrooms got a mini makeover without spending a dime!

Today, I’m so excited to share our (completely free) Master Bedroom Mini Makeover!

Chicken Wire and Chippy Paint

posted by Andrea | 06/21/2016 | 19 comments

I’m often asked about my “decorating style”… and the truth is, I’m not exactly sure what my style really is — or even if I have an actual “style”. I just know what I like when I see it.

That said, today, I’m sharing 2 of MY favorite ways to add a little farmhouse feel to my home… chicken wire and chippy paint!

A Tour of Our Farmhouse Bedroom

posted by Andrea | 12/17/2015 | 30 comments

In the 5+ years I’ve been blogging, and the almost 5 years we’ve been steadily renovating our home (and sharing our progress on the blog) I’ve never gotten around to giving you a tour of our bedroom.

Well that changes today!! Come see the full tour 🙂

9 Reasons I Don’t Read Magazines Anymore

posted by Andrea | 12/19/2014 | 89 comments

Many of you might be surprised to know that over the last year, I have canceled every single one of my magazine subscriptions (even the free ones) and I don’t plan to subscribe to anything else in the near future.

I’m sharing 9 reasons why in today’s post!

Baby Week Giveaway #11: $100 Pop & Lolli Shop Credit

posted by Andrea | 02/12/2014 | 1 comment

Looking for a REALLY quick and simple way to completely transform a blank wall in your home?

Pop & Lolli is an amazing company that creates HUGE fabric wall decals — specifically for kids — and best of all, the decals are all 100% removable, reusable, and “restickable”!

Let’s Talk Slipcovers

posted by Andrea | 10/30/2013 | 36 comments

Would you believe that EVERY couch, sofa, love seat and (almost every) chair we’ve ever owned since being married has been slip covered? I LOVE slipcovers!

And based on the number of questions I get on a weekly basis about our couch, our chairs, what type of slipcovers we would recommend, etc… I figured it might be time for an in-depth slipcover chat!

Why I’m Scaling Back on Holiday Decorating This Year

posted by Andrea | 10/16/2013 | 34 comments

As a little girl, I frequently dreamt about the day I would have my very own home to decorate. And when Dave and I got married, I blissfully decorated our home for Christmas every year… I loved the whole process!

This year, however, I’m planning to keep things a little more simplified and am scaling back on our holiday decorations in lieu of other projects and leisure activities.

EXPIRED Birthday Giveaway: Go-Organize $100 Gift Certificate

posted by Andrea | 06/14/2013 | 791 comments

Since Sunday is a joint celebration of my birthday and Father’s Day, I figured a giveaway was in order 🙂

And since summer is such a great time to work on a few quick organizing projects around the house, I thought a $100 gift certificate from would be the perfect birthday giveaway!!

Our Favorite Farmhouse Paint Colors

posted by Andrea | 05/16/2013 | 30 comments

Dave and I closed on our first house 7 years ago this month — and we’ve been painting like crazy ever since.

Painting isn’t necessarily my most favorite activity, but I do enjoy it for the most part — and that’s good because we’ve gone through over 40 GALLONS of paint since we’ve moved into our farmhouse! Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite colors!

New Life to Old Frames – My $4 Makeover

posted by Andrea | 04/29/2013 | 38 comments

I’m over-the-moon-excited to share today’s post with you — not necessarily because it’s such an amazing project or earth-shattering before and after pictures. No, I’m excited to share this with you because it’s a project I’ve wanted to cross off my list since early November!

Hooray for one more thing FINALLY crossed off my to-do list!

Carter’s at Home $50 Giftcard Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 03/14/2013 | 489 comments

I’m excited to share with you the fabulous line of baby, toddler, and children’s bedding that is part of the new Carter’s at Home Collection — andeven more excited to give away a $50 Carter’s giftcard!!

Come drool over the cute bedding collections… and enter to win!

Our Child-Friendly Christmas Decor

posted by Andrea | 12/17/2012 | 13 comments

Since I didn’t do much decorating for Fall or Thanksgiving, I was itching to get out my Christmas decorations. I scaled back quite a bit because I knew Nora would get into EVERYTHING… however, our house still feels really festive!

Come on inside and take a look!

What I Decided for the Wall Above Our Couch

posted by Andrea | 12/5/2012 | 34 comments

A few weeks ago, I posed the question, “How should I decorate my living room wall?”

I was super excited and inspired by all the feedback I received — and after a couple weeks of thinking, I came up with an idea that looks fabulous. Come take a look and let me know what you think!

Help! How Should I Decorate My Living Room Wall?

posted by Andrea | 10/27/2012 | 98 comments

Now that our kitchen / dining room is practically finished, I’ve decided to FINALLY finish our living room… since we’ve been living here for almost 2 years now. And by “finish”, I really just need to figure out what to do on the wall above our couch.

I’m looking for creative suggestions and frugal decorating ideas… who wants to help?