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posted by Andrea | 06/22/2012

Update: this giveaway is now closed.

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After FIVE years of running my own business, I’ve come to realize that I need to be able to work anywhere — not just at home in my office.

There are times when I work from a client’s home, from a coffee shop or other restaurant, in the car, outside on a blanket with Nora, and various other places around town.

Sometimes it can be stressful or seem a bit disorganized because I’m not always working from one place, but usually the pros outweigh the cons… so I try not to complain! However, because I often work from various locations, I try to keep a “mobile office bag” filled with my on-the-go essentials so I can quickly get out the door without worrying about leaving something behind.

Some of the items that stay in my “mobile office bag” are business cards, file folders, headphones, paper, pens, water bottle, batteries, and various chargers.  Then when I’m packing up to go somewhere, I add in my phone, computer, and a few snacks. It seems to work well for me to store everything together and have it ready and waiting when it’s time for me to head to a client’s home, to a speaking engagement, or to a blogger’s meet-up.

And since I know many of you also work from various remote locations, I’m super excited to parter with Turnstone to offer a fun Mobile Office Prize Pack for today’s weekend giveaway!

Oh, and even if you don’t necessarily work outside the home, I’m pretty sure you’ll still have a use for every item in this prize pack :)

The first item in the prize pack is probably my favorite because I take food with me everywhere I go — partially because I’m too cheap to spend money on fast food or eating out, and partially because I have a super high metabolism and am always hungry. I keep snacks in my car, in my purse, in the diaper bag, and in my mobile office bag. I never, ever go anywhere without food {just ask Dave if you don’t believe me.}

This BUILT Gourmet Lunch Tote is the perfect size for one or two people to pack a lunch or several snacks. It folds down when not in use, and the flexible material allows for odd-shaped containers. It keeps my food cold for several house and zips shut so I don’t have to worry about spills.

These Panasonic Headphones are perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to music… but especially if your working in a public place and want to be considerate of others around you who might have different taste in music.

I’ve used these headphones for listening to music while I work, and also to block out noise from others around me… yes, silence is a luxury for me these days!

The third item in my mobile office prize pack is a set of 3 Griffin MiniUSB Cables that will charge an iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android, camera, MP3 player, GPS, and more. Plus, these 4″ cables eliminate any possibility of tangled cords!

As I mentioned before, all three of these items would be super useful and practical for almost anyone… but if you’re constantly on-the-go or frequently work from remote locations, these items will definitely help to simplify and organize your mobile office space!

The Giveaway:

Today, one lucky reader will win a Mobile Office Prize Pack that includes:

How to Enter:

1. {required} Leave a comment on this postWhere is your favorite place to work?

2. {optional} Like Simple Organized Living and/or Turnstone on Facebook, and then leave a separate comment letting me know you did {or that you do already}.

If you are reading this in your email or feed reader, please visit the actual blog post to enter. Email entries, Facebook comments, and Twitter messages will NOT be counted.


(1) Mobile Office Prize Package as described above.

This giveaway ends at 10:00 pm on Monday, 6/25/2012 and is open to US residents, 18 years or older. I will use And the Winner Is to select the winning comments at random. Winners will be notified by email and noted at the top of this post. Winners must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize or I will choose a new winner. Please see my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you have. Good luck!

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  1. Dana


    From my home office…with the door closed so no one bothers me!

  2. Dana


    I like you on Facebook!

  3. Katie O


    At my desk at home!

  4. Katie O


    I like both pages on FB

  5. Courtney Garland


    My favorite place to work is at a local coffee shop. There is something about the atmosphere that allows me to be calm and focus. At home I feel stressed and have pressure to finish household chores so working away from the house is ideal. However, it can be noisy and I haven’t quite figured out the best set of headphones to help keep the noise at bay. This would be a perfect prize pack for sure!

    Love, love, love your site by the way and all the sweet pictures of Nora. Keep em coming!

  6. Courtney Garland


    I already like you on facebook as well.

  7. Melissa B


    Early in the morning at home

  8. Melissa B


    I already like you on facebook:)

  9. Trish


    I like you on FB

  10. Trish


    I’m a homebody and I like to work at home. But, since it’s summer and that means travel – then in th car or wherever we are staying.

  11. Rebecca


    My favorite place to work is on my deck … especially before about 9 am, every morning of the week … unless of course it is raining!

  12. Joy Ramler


    My favorite place to work is at my kitchen desk. I had always wanted one in my kitchen. Now I live at a house where there is space to do so!

  13. Joy Ramler


    I like your blog on FB!

  14. Ayisha


    My favorite place to work is in my office with the door shut. I am easily distracted! :)

  15. Kristin


    I used to love working from home, when my oldest was in daycare. My house was quiet, I could keep it clean, etc. But now that both my kids are home all day, I love going to Panera or Starbucks to get stuff done!

  16. Kristin


    I follow Simple Organized Living on Facebook!

  17. Lily


    One of my favorite places to work is at my neighborhood coffee shop.

  18. Lily


    I just “liked” you on FB.

  19. Kris


    My favorite place to work is at the house where I babysit. While the kids are napping upstairs, I can work from my laptop downstairs.

  20. Kris


    I also “like” Simple Organized Living on Facebook.

  21. Jennifer L


    My favorite place to work is my desk in the study, but I love a little “getaway” in my bedroom with the laptop. There is a comfy chair with lots of windows and sunlight.

  22. Jennifer L


    I already like you on FB.