July, 2012

I’m Closing Down My Blog… for 2 Weeks!

posted by Andrea | 07/17/2012 | 79 comments

Since summer is already half over, and since Dave will be going back to school before we know it, I’ve decided to take 2 full weeks off from blogging.

My hope is to get some much needed rest, cross a few things off my list, have a little fun, and come back with new energy and lots of new ideas to share here on Simple Organized Living!

5 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Local Produce Without a Garden

posted by Andrea | 07/16/2012 | 8 comments

Over the past 2 summers, Dave and I have spent SO much time renovating the inside of our farmhouse that we haven’t had a chance to put in our vegetable garden yet. We’ve decided that next spring/summer, we will focus on a garden. Yeah, I’m just a little excited!

If you share my enthusiasm for fresh-from-the-garden produce but don’t have the time, space, or ability to grow your own… then keep reading.

Kitchen Progress – LOTS More Changes

posted by Andrea | 07/14/2012 | 22 comments

I’m happy to share that after a two-week lull {and tons of debating back and forth} we had our “Ah-Ha Moment” for the kitchen the other day… at about 11:30pm. Believe it or not, Dave actually played a pretty big part in our new game-plan.

So without further adue, here is our {almost} finalized kitchen design.

Weekend Giveaway: Aladdin Food Storage Containers

posted by Andrea | 07/13/2012 | 481 comments

It’s the perfect time of year for a picnic in the park… especially if you have super cute containers to pack your picnic lunch in. Right?

If you could use a few new food storage containers, or if you just need an excuse to pack a cute picnic lunch — take a minute to enter today’s giveaway!

Saving and Spending in Different Seasons of Life

posted by Andrea | 07/12/2012 | 7 comments

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about saving and spending. My point was that we all have different priorities and, therefore, we all save and spend our money in different ways.

Today, I’m sharing a few more thoughts based on several emails I received after that post went live… and I’d love to hear what you think about saving and spending throughout different seasons of life.

Slow Cooker Pizza Pasta

posted by Andrea | 07/11/2012 | 35 comments

The other day, Dave and I were both in the mood for pasta. However, while our kitchen is under renovation, I have no oven and no stove top.

After searching around the internet, I came up with a delicious slow cooker recipe that doesn’t even require boiled noodles. It’s a delicious “remake” of our favorite pizza pasta dish!

A Closer Look at Our Minimalist Wardrobe

posted by Andrea | 07/10/2012 | 32 comments

Every piece of clothing Dave and I own is in our closet or in our dresser drawers and we intend to keep it that way, partially because we live in an old farmhouse where extra closet space is slim to none, but also because we don’t want more clothing than we have space for.

Come take a closer look at our closet… and our minimalist wardrobe.

Our First Experience Traveling with a Baby

posted by Andrea | 07/9/2012 | 17 comments

It’s already been a full week since we arrived home from our crazy 5-day wedding road trip with Nora. And since I asked for your tips for traveling with tots before I left, I figured that I should also share what I “learned” on our first road trip with a baby.

Here are a few things we did that really helped the trip to go smoothly.

Is Your Baking Soda and Powder Still Fresh

posted by Andrea | 07/7/2012 | 8 comments

I learned the hard way {after a pancake failure} that it really IS important to only use fresh baking soda / powder.

If you’re wondering how to know if your baking soda and baking powder are still fresh, here is a really simple test you can do… right now.

Weekend Giveaway: Wireless Exterior Deck Lighting

posted by Andrea | 07/6/2012 | 243 comments

If you love outdoor entertaining as much as we do, you’ll definitely want to enter today’s giveaway for wireless deck lighting from Jenesis — a local Michigan-based company.

Not only do these lights turn on automatically at dusk, they are motion sensored, last for up to a year without new batteries, and they can be installed in 10 minutes or less!

Why I Use Deadlines

posted by Andrea | 07/5/2012 | 5 comments

Even though I don’t tend to procrastinate, deadlines still give me that extra incentive to “do it now” instead of waiting until later.

If you’re feeling weighed down with everything you have to do, deadlines might just help you cross a few more items off your to-do lists.

Happy Fourth!

posted by Andrea | 07/4/2012 | 3 comments

How that we have a child, holidays are just THAT much more fun. It’s fun to experience each “first” new holiday with Nora — and take a bunch of pictures too… so that’s what we’re doing today.

It should be a fun day — and maybe we’ll even tire Nora out enough so she sleeps well tonight… maybe.

My “Free” Homemade TV Dinners

posted by Andrea | 07/3/2012 | 18 comments

Dave and I LOVE leftovers. However, since a massive amount of leftovers can be a bit boring (think lasagna every night for a week!) I’ve started to create “homemade TV dinners” from our leftover meals.

It’s a delicious (and frugal) way to use up those leftovers… and it’s so nice to have a few microwavable meal in the freezer when I don’t feel like cooking.

Guest Posts Worth Reading

posted by Andrea | 07/3/2012 | 1 comment

Every month I write several guest posts for other blogs. This month, some of my favorite guest posts were about “Embracing Summer as a Small Business Owner”, “Boosting Productivity with Flexible Schedules”, “Creating Mid-Year Goals”, and more.

Click through to read what I have to say!

Do You Clean Before You Travel?

posted by Andrea | 07/2/2012 | 52 comments

We’re back from our crazy road trip! And as much as I really do like preparing and packing for a vacation, I like unpacking even more. I love coming home, restocking our fridge with groceries, putting everything away, and plowing through laundry.

However, one thing I DON’T like to do when I come home is clean the house — so I always try to get the house really clean before we leave for vacation!