Birthday Giveaway #21: MadeOn Skin Care $50 Credit

posted by Andrea | 06/17/2011
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Welcome to my Huge Birthday Giveaway Celebration!!

Instead of receiving gifts this year, I’ve decided to give YOU an opportunity to win a bunch of awesome products I currently use and love.  I’ve partnered with 26 amazing companies to offer 26 different giveaways for my 26th birthday. There will be multiple giveaways every day from June 13-18 — so make sure you come back!

You will be able to find all 26 Birthday Week Giveaways here — just keep scrolling down to view them all.

Giveaway #21: MadeOn Skin Care $50 Credit

Dave and I both have really dry skin — especially in the winter months. We’ve tried all different brands of lotion and I’ve even tried straight petroleum jelly {which is pretty messy!} However nothing really seems to work for an extended period of time… until now!

We’ve been using MadeOn’s Hard Lotion Bars for a little while now and I honestly noticed a huge difference very early on.

What’s so cool about hard lotion bars?

A hard lotion bar looks just like a bar of soap  but it has only three simple ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. That’s it!

Shea butter and coconut oil are known as edible emollients.  They soften and soothe dry skin and are gentle enough to rub over skin cuts and cracks. The beeswax emulsifies the other two ingredients to create a beautiful combination to smooth your skin.  You’ll be surprised to learn that this is all you need to get your hands back to work.

As an added bonus, these hard lotion bars are great for traveling because you don’t have to worry about them spilling and they are not considered a liquid!

MadeOn offers all sorts of natural, organic products like rash cream, goat milk soap, insect repellent, hair butter, etc. And Renee {the owner} even offers a bunch of great D.I.Y. tips if you want to make your own natural products!

And guess what… MadeOn Skin Care is offering a $50 shop credit so you can pick out a bunch of products you want to try!!

Enter to Win!

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