I Can’t Believe It’s Been Five Years!

posted by Andrea | 06/30/2011 | 16 comments

Today is Dave and my FIVE year anniversary!! And even though our marriage is definitely not perfect {I assume none are} we truly are each other’s perfect match! For example: I really like to cook and bake. Dave really likes to eat, and he almost always does the dishes before I even ask. I hate to iron. Dave is a master “ironer” and does all our ironing. I don’t like driving. Dave loves to drive. I really enjoy painting {which has come […]

Why I Married a Math Teacher

posted by Andrea | 09/13/2010 | 14 comments

The start of the school year always gets me thinking about teachers…probably because I’m married to one and I see all the work he puts into lesson plans, tests, and grading every day. Dave is a high school math teacher and absolutely loves his job — which I’m thankful for. And while he loves math, he really isn’t a total “math nerd” — which I’m also thankful for! Now that I think about it, there are some serious advantages to having a […]