What Saves My Sanity as an Introverted Stay-At-Home Mom

posted by Andrea | 04/27/2017 | 49 comments

As someone with strong introvert tendencies, the decision to stay at home with my children was very difficult for my own personal needs.

However, after almost 6 years of staying at home with small people who constantly touch me, talk to me, question me, and make SO MUCH noise, I feel like I’ve finally found some balance! Today I’m sharing a few things that help me!

Self-Imposed Deadlines: My Time Managers and Life Simplifiers

posted by Andrea | 04/14/2017 | 22 comments

For as long as I can remember, I’ve set self-imposed deadlines for myself and my life — everything from school work and piano lessons as a child to blog work and home maintenance as an adult.

I do realize that self-imposed deadlines might not work perfectly for every personality type… but they sure do have a HUGELY positive impact on my own life… and today, I’m sharing a few reasons why.