Christmas Storage Solution + Giveaway

posted by Andrea | 12/28/2010

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. A winner has been chosen and notified.

Christmas Day has come and gone; and if you’re like me, you’ll be taking down your Christmas tree and packing up all your fun holiday ornaments with in the next week or so. It’s a sad day…but it has to be done.

For me, this day involves putting my ornaments in a big cardboard box and hoping they don’t break as I try to shove them all in! However this year, I have a brand new, super organized way to store all my Christmas ornaments — want to know what it is?

Well, have you heard of Ultimate Christmas Storage?

It’s a company that specializes in high-quality storage boxes like these gorgeous red boxes.

And these super cute blue polka-dot storage boxes!

And, as their name suggests, they have tons of great “Christmas Storage” products for ornaments and other small items that can easily be lost or broken.

All of their products are extremely high quality, durable, and SO much prettier then my cardboard boxes — so I’m using these boxes for my ornaments this year!

The Ultimate Christmas Storage products feature:

  • Acid Free heavy-duty chipboard throughout.
  • Tarnish inhibitor added to help reduce the atmospheric effect on silvered and metal ornaments.
  • Ornament boxes and Ornament chests provide removable trays from 3 to 5 inches deep.
  • Trays have fully adjustable dividers to accommodate a variety of collectibles.
  • Beautiful fabric covering adds years of durability to acid free ornament boxes.
  • Decorative fabrics allow ornament boxes to be used as a decorative accessory.
  • Our fabric variety allows for easy segregation and identification of your collectibles.
  • Clear heavy-duty vinyl zippered bag protects the archival ornament boxes while stored.

OK, so these sound really fancy, and they technically are…

BUT they are also practical, stackable, transportable, storable, movable, and really pretty. Plus, if you’re planning to move, these boxes are very convenient {yes, I speak from experience!}

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am to replace my cardboard boxes with these pretty boxes that provide tons of storage for small, delicate items and assure that everything stays neat, organized, and unharmed.

Well, I’m also excited that Ultimate Christmas Storage is giving away a beautiful green ornament storage box to one lucky Simple Organized Living reader!! {see below for details}

More about this storage box:

  • Size: 22 x 16 x 7 1/2″ high
  • One 3″ deep tray with 28 adjustable compartments
  • 4″ deep bottom compartment for oversized items with16 adjustable compartments
  • Enclosed in a vinyl zipper bag for storage

Ultimate Christmas Storage is also including a large bag of shredded packing material to assure none of your ornaments break. How nice of them!

This is a $75.00 prize package!

Want to Win?

There are THREE ways to win…

  1. Leave a comment below with your current method of ornament storage. {Mandatory}
  2. “Like” Ultimate Christmas on Facebook — and leave a comment letting me know.
  3. Sign up for the Ultimate Christmas newsletter — and leave a comment letting me know.

This contest is open until Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at 11:59pm EST. ONE winners will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, January 5. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received a free ornament storage box for review, however all opinions are my own!


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  1. jennibell


    I signed up for the newsletter too!

  2. jennibell


    My current method. . .for those that still have boxes, I put those back in them. After that, I wrap them in tissue or put them in plastic ziplock baggies and put them in a cardboard box or shopping bag. I just told my husband last night that if we ever had water damage in the garage I would lose everything 🙁

  3. Kristen Montgomery


    I currently throw everything in plastic rubbermaid bins…and occasionally a cardboard box!

  4. Beverly Huntington


    I use Ultimate Christmas Storage boxes currently but need more, just not in my budget! I purchased my first one in the holiday fabric from Neiman Marcus close to 20 years ago and purchased more over the years. I also have several of the small 6″ cube boxes in the same fabric and a smaller box perfect for stockings, wrapped in your acid-free paper, of course. Although I use the plastic vinyl covers, they all could pass as new! I’ll post a picture on your facebook page which I have “liked”. Signed up for email newsletter also.

  5. Beth


    Most of the things are just put in Rubbermaid totes.

  6. amy


    we have lots of ornaments that go back a generation or two, and i usually wrap them in tissue, place them in smaller boxes and put several boxes in a large plastic bins that i can stack in storage. This past Christmas I went through each ornament to discard the broken or donate what we never use and it really helped in seeing what I have so when I am able to purchase better storage I know exactly what we need!

  7. Diane Campagna


    My current method is a combination of things. I store some of my ornaments in the original boxes, but they start to disintegrate after a while. Others get wrapped and put in sturdier cardboard boxes, and the rest get thrown together into one large box. It’s mess really. This looks like a wonderful solution.

  8. sharon


    sub. to newsletter too

  9. sharon


    liked this site on fb

  10. sharon


    hi current method is a rubbermaid bin and smaller boxes…could use this

  11. Denise


    Signed up for newsletter

  12. Jacqueline Presley


    Current method of ornament storage:
    Rubbermaid bins, ornaments wrapped in paper towels.

  13. Denise


    Liked ultimate christmas on facebook

  14. Denise


    My current method of storing xmas decorations is in plastic totes and putting them in the garage.

  15. Andrea Watts


    I signed up for the newsletter.

  16. Andrea Watts


    We just throw random ornaments in tubs and put on our outside building

  17. Marilyn


    Please enter me in this amazing Christmas Storage contest. My closets are crammed packed with Christmas.

    Thank you


  18. Alison


    Now that my kids are getting older I want to pack up their own Christmas oranments and keepsakes so when they have their own homes I can give them their decorations to go!
    This set looks so perfect ot pack everyting safely and neatly away.

  19. DB


    I signed up for the newsletter

  20. DB


    I like Ultimate Christmas on facebook

  21. DB


    Currently I put my Christmas ornaments in layers in a big box with old newspaper pages in between of the layers.

  22. Emily


    My current method is to wrap ornaments in paper towels and store in a large tote. These boxes would be such a huge improvement!

  23. Allison


    My current method is using the original box the ornament came in, if I have it, and if not I use plastic zip-top bags to keep like ornaments together or wrap more fragile ornaments in newspaper. Then they all go in a plastic storage bin. Unfortunately I have so many plastic storage bins that I can’t keep track of what is in what bin. These boxes look like a great solution to my problem so that I can keep all of my Christmas stuff together and separate from my other holiday decorations.

  24. Holly F.


    I also “like” them on facebook.

  25. Holly F.


    My current method is to store all the ornaments in the old round metal containers that popcorn used to come in for gifts at Christmas time (with 3 different flavors of popcorn in it). As we got more ornaments we bought (or received from friends) more popcorn. I haven’t seen anything like it in years, so now we also use a couple of big random shoe boxes for the overflow (we have a 9′ tree). I’d LOVE to try something new.

  26. Kathy @ House of Hills


    My current method is a soft sided “box” that I got years ago. I would love some better storage.

  27. Jana


    Right now, what few ornaments I have are just stuffed in boxes, not very organized at all!

  28. Lauren S.


    My current storage solution includes newspaper and plastic bins as well. I’m getting married in 2011 so I bought my first Christmas ornaments on sale this past week. They’re still in their packaging, but we’d benefit greatly in the future from the storage you’re giving away.

  29. Suzanne


    I use ornament storage boxes. Love them!

  30. Amy


    I use a green and red rubber bin, but I wrap the good ornaments in toilet paper and put in a Lego box inside the green bin. It’s not great, but these storage boxes are!

  31. Monique


    We just use the red/green storage tubs with everything jumbled in them…this would make things a lot easier when it comes time to take the Christmas decor out again!

  32. Leone


    I signed up for the Ultimate Christmas newsletter.

  33. Leone


    For years I’ve been wrapping everything up in paper towels and then storing in Rubbermaid containers.
    Awesome giveaway!

  34. Traci


    We use rubbermaid bins

  35. Jen


    Signed up for the e-news letter