Weekend Giveaway: Energizer Rechargeable Gift Basket

posted by Andrea | 08/26/2011

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congrats to Tabby: tabbyrb3@… I will email you today to get your shipping information!

I am so excited about this weeks “Weekend Giveaway” because it has helped me clear the clutter from one area I have often struggled to keep organized…

Our batteries!

I know that might sound crazy, but for some reason, I never settled on a great system for storing or organizing all the different types of batteries we have — and then keeping the rechargeable ones charged, the non-rechargeable ones easily accessible, etc. etc. Some were in the kitchen, some in the basement, some in the office… and then we could never find the charger when we needed it!

However, I was recently given an opportunity to write an article for Energizer — and along with that, I was able to test out a bunch of great Energizer products, including their new Universal Charging Station and a bunch of Energizer Rechargeable batteries.

Why I love Energizer’s System:

The Energizer Universal Charger is so compact and portable — yet it’s still able to charge up to 8 batteries at a time, AND it charges AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V batteries so you don’t need a separate charger for each type!

And even though everything I’ve mentioned so far is wonderful — my FAVORITE features of the Energizer Universal Charger is the easy-to-read LED charge status indicator {located on the top cover} that quickly shows you which batteries are fully charged and how much longer the other batteries have until they are charged. This means I don’t have to try to remember how long the batteries have been charging or guess if they are fully charged or not!

Thanks to the Energizer Universal Charger, we have switched all our batteries over to Energizer Rechargeable Batteries and I keep them in a clear plastic bin in our office with the Universal Charger on top of that box. Our batteries are neat, organized, all in one place, and I never have to look for the “right charger”!

The Giveaway:

Energizer has a lovely “gift basket” for one lucky Simple Organized Living reader.

The gift basket includes:

  • One Universal Charger
  • One 4-pack of AAA rechargeable batteries
  • One 4-pack of AA rechargeable batteries
  • One 2-pack of C rechargeable batteries
  • One 2-pack of D rechargeable batteries
  • One 9V rechargeable battery

Enter to Win:

All you have to do is leave a comment telling how you would benefit from the Energizer Universal Charger and batteries.

You can also get ONE extra entry by posting the following message on YOUR Facebook wall: {and let me know that you did}

Enter to win an Energizer Universal Charger gift basket over at Simple Organized Living: http://ht.ly/6dA6v

This contest is open until Tuesday, August 30, 2011, at 10:00 pm EST. ONE winner will be selected at random and announced later that week. Please read my full disclosure policy and contact me with any questions you might have. I received a complimentary charging station and batteries for review, however all opinions are my own!


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  1. Paula G


    With six children they would be wonderful to save on the batteries. Wii batteries especially!

  2. Elizabeth c


    We go through so many batteries withhold all the toys, cameras and other devices … We also would use rechargeable for our smoke detectors

  3. Teresa Lu


    I would definitely use them in my classroom on different things like the cassette recorder and the class camera to promote our save the earth theme this year!

  4. Carrie


    I would love some energizer batteries and a universal charger because my son leaves for College soon and I want to send some batteries with him for his Wii and other electronics. We use these rechargeable batteries all the time (in my iMac keyboard and mouse that I am using right now), they are awesome!!

    I passed the link along on my Facebook, not only for the extra chance to win, but because your blog rocks!!!!

  5. Cherie


    I hate the idea of throwing away batteries and we go through so many with kid toys, remotes, solar lights in the yard, etc. This would be awesome!

  6. Donna Counts


    I’ve been buying these rechargeable batteries as I can and they are awesome. I would so love this giveaway since my AA charger is tiny. I just stumbled your blog and went and made a batch of Granola Bars for the kids for breakfast! Your Bookmarked and Subscribed, thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Meghan


    I love finding ways to make my home more green so I can teach my children early how important it is.

  8. Jessica


    With all the electronics and toys in the house, this would be great to have!

  9. Stephanie


    I have rechargeable mixed with ‘regular’ batteries and this would be a great way to keep them seperated as well as charged, etc.!

  10. shar


    with all our electronics and toys this would be oh so helpful

  11. Julie S


    I have posted the requested comment to my facebook page 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Julie S


    I , like you, do not have a good way to store batteries! From kitchen to bathroom, our rechargeable batteries are needed all over the house…so they often get left all over the house 🙁 This would be the answer (or at least a great start) to our problem of finding, charging, and keeping the batteries and devices that need them in order!! Thanks!!

  13. Lash


    With a baby on the way there will be lots of toys, swings, etc. to keep the little guy or gal occupied. I was already considering the rechargable option & am glad to see this good review.

  14. Christina Z


    I would be able to clean out that junk drawer and get rid of all the batteries that probably dont work and would save me money being able to recharge and use over and over. Kids have so many gadgets remotes etc. Thank you for great giveaway

  15. Kerrie


    My battery recycling bag is embarrassingly large. I’d love to switch to rechargeable!

  16. katie


    I have a messy drawer of batteries…this would free up this drawer of clutter!!!

  17. Diane L.


    I take a LOT of pictures for my blog which I started to keep in touch with my out of town college daughter. It seems I am throwing out AA batteries every week. I keep telling myself I really need to help the environment with rechargeable batteries.

  18. Jenny


    We are due in 7 weeks with baby number 5 and will need batteries for all the little baby items! This will come in handy so much!