Birthday Giveaway #12: NeatReceipt Digital Scanner

posted by Andrea | 06/15/2011

Welcome to my Huge Birthday Giveaway Celebration!!

Instead of receiving gifts this year, I’ve decided to give YOU an opportunity to win a bunch of awesome products I currently use and love.  I’ve partnered with 26 amazing companies to offer 26 different giveaways for my 26th birthday. There will be multiple giveaways every day from June 13-18 — so make sure you come back!

You will be able to find all 26 Birthday Week Giveaways here — just keep scrolling down to view them all.

Giveaway #12: NeatReceipt Digital Scanner

Remember a few months back when I professed my love for the NeatReceipt Digital Scanner?? Well, as someone who absolutely despises paper clutter, I’m still in love with it! My goal for 2012 is to be nearly paperless and I’m well on my way!

Some people might think I’m a bit nuts for loving such a small, simple product so much; but the Neat Company didn’t think so… They recently asked me to be an elite members of their “Neat Fleet” — a group of organizers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals that provide advice and expertise. So maybe I’ll get to help them design their next product — maybe!

Either way, I’m super excited that the Neat Company is willing to give another NeatReceipt Digital Scanner away to one lucky reader!!!

If you’ve been struggling to organize your paper clutter, I am confident the NeatReceipt will be able to help you… and even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you’ll still be able to use it. Watch this video to see just how simple it is to use.

If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you may have to click here to view it.
And if you still can’t see the video, click here to watch it on the NeatCo website.

Enter to Win!

Simply answer the question below by leaving a comment on this post. You can even gain bonus entries for doing each additional item listed below (just make sure that you leave a comment for each one).


  • Leave a comment — How would a NeatReceipt help you?


  • Subscribe to Simple Organized Living via email or RSS
  • Follow the Neat Company on Facebook or Twitter

Just a reminder that any comments left on Facebook or Twitter will not count for my birthday giveaways, and you must provide a valid email address to be considered.

All giveaways during my birthday giveaway week will close on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 10:00 EST. The winners will be selected at random and announced via a full blog post on Tuesday, June 21. I will also notify all winners via email.

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  1. Tiffany


    I like The Neat Company on Facebook and follow on Twitter @RlSmplSvngMthds.

  2. Ginny


    A NeatReceipt would help me go paperless, which I desperately need because I hang onto so many receipts and other papers!

  3. Ginny


    I subscribe to Simple Organized Living via RSS

  4. Ginny


    I follow Simple Organized Living on Twitter (allamericanprep)

  5. Lisa McLaurin (@wordsRimportant)


    Oh! I’ve wanted one of these forever!! This way I don’t have to be sneaky and tear recipes out of waiting room magazines. ;-)
    I follow FB, twitter and your feed. THANKS!!!

  6. Ginny


    I follow the Neat Company on Twitter (allamericanprep)

  7. Emily Kay


    Getting rid of all my receipts would be great!

  8. Laurie


    This fab product would help me track my spending and improve my frugality! TU for the opp to win! And HB2U!

  9. Carol


    My husband and I run a design business and are always dealing with a mountain of receipts and business cards. Having the Neat Receipts would make end of the month paperwork so much easier to handle.

  10. Stephanie Pearson


    oh my gosh…let me count the ways!! first with my work [graphic designer] – my scanner has been down for 3 years, and so i send everything with my husband to work to scan for me. sad but true :/ second, with my work, lol! my husband and i are both self-employed…to go paperless would be amazing! and 3rd, with my kids art – they go crazy, but i’m running out of room!! how cool would it be to scan in and dispense a few of the hundredsof papers that pass through our house weekly! :) thanks for this opportunity!

  11. Michelle C.


    This is awesome. I’d love to get rid of paper clutter throughout my house!

  12. Michelle C.


    I follow you on Facebook.

  13. Michelle C.


    I subscribe via email.

  14. Jennifer V.


    My husband is self employed and this would greatly reduct paper clutter in our office and help us stay organized.

  15. Michelle Aitken


    Oh boy – how wouldn’t it?! Most of all it be helpful to keep all of our spending organized AND get RID OF THE PAPER!

  16. Suzanne


    A neat receipt would be a huge help. Our filing cabinet is upstairs in our guest room which means that I don’t get there as often as I should to file. I could keep Neat Receipt on the counter, scan things immediately and shred. That would be awesome!

  17. Suzanne


    Facebook and Twitter follower here!

  18. Stephanie Pearson


    I’m following Simple Organized Living on Facebook :)

  19. Marci


    This would get rid of the pile of receipts constantly on my desk waiting to be entered.

  20. Marci


    I’m a subscriber.

  21. Janet Marriage


    I follow you on Facebook!!!! :)

  22. Nelly


    NeatReceipt would be a big help in controlling the paper clutter around here and make things that I need, easier to find.

  23. Muriel


    This would help us keep track of receipts for taxes.

  24. Teri


    I’m looking at a pile of receipts and would love to use that right now!

  25. Teri


    I subscribe via reader