How the iPhone Saved My Productivity

posted by Andrea | 02/16/2012

Dave and I recently renewed our 2-year cell phone contracts… and we both got iPhones!

Yes, it was totally against our ultra-frugal nature, but I have to say, the iPhone completely saved any shred of productivity I had left after Nora arrived!

Before we got our iPhones, we still had the old flip phones. We didn’t have any sort of data package, and we didn’t even have texting {told you we are frugal!}

It was actually a bit of an internal struggle for both of us, but especially for me, because we really didn’t NEED iPhones. Yes, we could afford to pay cash for the phones, yes we could get a great deal since we were going to renew our contract anyway, and yes, we could afford to pay the monthly data plans… but we still didn’t NEED them!

Another reason I was a bit unsure about getting iPhones was because I always hear how people “waste” so much time with their smart phones, iPads, Kindles, etc… and frankly, I do NOT have time to waste right now.

Well, it’s been 2 months, and I honestly think these iPhones are one of our best purchases. I can’t believe how much MORE productive I’ve been… or how we lived without them for so long!

Here are just a few ways the iPhone helps me be more productive:

1. Email:

I get loads of emails every single day and it used to be overwhelming for me… but now I have instant access to all of my emails and can quickly check, delete, file, and reply to most of my emails from my phone… even when I don’t have access to my computer — or when my other arm is tied up :)

Obviously, there are still some emails I can’t/won’t do from my phone — especially if they require attachments or lengthy responses, but I’ve saved SO much time by tackling many of my emails from my iPhone.

2. Social Media:

Since I’ve been a little short on time lately {OK, a lot short on time} I’ve basically “banned” myself from spending any time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. unless it’s on my phone.

I figure if we’re just driving, waiting, sitting around, etc. I’ll allow myself to play around on social media sites. Then when I’m sitting down to work, I keep those tabs closed, and am way more productive because of it!

3. Blog Comments:

I love reading all my blog comments, and I try really hard to respond to any questions or comments that require a response, but that had been getting more and more difficult to do… until I got the iPhone! Now I can keep tabs on my comments, stay caught up on responses, and I feel more connected to my readers.

4. Shopping:

As you know, I’m a big Craigslist shopper {and I’m semi-addicted to too!}… but I really can’t afford to “waste” my time searching for deals on the internet right now. So instead, I’ll use my phone to brows the web, inquire about sales, and even make purchases when I otherwise wouldn’t have access to my computer for one reason or another.

5. Shared Calendars:

Dave and I have a shared calendar on iCloud so we both know what the other person is doing… yes, this has been extremely helpful and I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of doing this before!

6. Productivity/Time Management Apps:

I still haven’t paid for any Apps yet, but I have found a handful of very helpful FREE productivity and time management apps that I’m having lot of fun with!

7. Photos:

I don’t naturally take many photos because I hate carrying my camera around with me all the time. But now that I have a really fantastic camera right in my iPhone, I’m taking pictures ALL the time! I can quickly edit the pictures and upload them to my blog or to any social media site with just a few taps of my finger… then I’m done.

No more lugging my camera around, plugging my camera card into the computer, waiting for it to load, then opening the photo editing program, etc. etc. I’m saving lots of time AND taking more pictures — win-win!

8. Navigation:

We don’t have any type of GPS in our cars so I’ve always just printed off Mapquest directions anytime I have to go somewhere. Seriously! Now, I can simply use a navigation app and don’t have to waste the time {or paper} printing off my Mapquest maps anymore!

Since Dave and I were still living in the ‘dark ages’ with our flip phones, we are simply amazed at how much more we can do with our iPhones — and how much time we save doing it!

I can do all these things while I’m riding in the car, waiting in line, or even when I’m feeding Nora. And obviously, I don’t spend every spare moment on my phone, but it is nice to have the option to “get stuff done” even when I’m not by my computer.

And yes, we do use our phones for playing games, listening to music, and even watching video clips every now an then :)

Do you have an iPhone — or any other type of smart phone?

If so, do find that you SAVE more time or WASTE more time on fun games, etc.? Also, what are your favorite apps?

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  1. Heidi of Operation Organization


    I absolutely ADORE having the GPS feature in order to get me to clients homes and speaking engagements! :)

    I also love the voice feature for texting & web browsing!

    Evernote has been wonderful to use to document all sorts of bright ideas for blog posts or even general to-dos .

    Pinterest is another favorite app that I can bring up while waiting around.

    Viber has been amazing to keep in contact with my best friend overseas for FREE. (it’s like skpe for smart phones)

    have fun!



  2. Janice


    I love the iphone. I do most of my blogging and facebook work from it. :)


  3. Phil


    I have loved my iPhone since the original version :)

    Question for you, how do you respond to emails from the phone? Is there a Gmail app? And if you have multiple email accounts filtered in to one Gmail account how do you reply using the return email that the message was sent to and not your Gmail address?

    I haven’t figured this out yet… The only way I can do it is setup multiple accounts in the mail app of the phone and reply from the real account and not the Gmail one…

    Love your blog, I have been thinking of doing a Daddy Blog :)


    Andrea Reply:

    yes, there is a gmail app and it make email WAY easier. Just search for it and you should find it — it’s free!


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