Nora’s “Big Girl” Room Makeover

posted by Andrea | 12/12/2012

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly — Nora is now fully transitioned into her “big girl” bed in her “big girl” room.

It’s actually the exact same room she’s always been in, we just moved the crib out, brought a twin mattress in, and rearranged the furniture a bit.

To clarify, Nora sleeps in a twin bed because SHE wants to, not because we wanted her out of the crib. After many, many nights of screaming until she threw up, we simply gave in and got rid of the crib.

She actually slept in her car-seat for several months (from about 7-10 months) and then we could tell she was just getting too big so we brought in a twin bed to see what she would do.

Surprisingly, she climbed right up (the mattress is on the floor) and snuggled into the pillows.


She still only takes one 15-20 minute nap each day (if I’m lucky), but she’s sleeping better at night and actually going to bed at a reasonable time without screaming for hours.

Thank you Lord!

Here are a few more pictures of her new room. (You can see how the old nursery was set up here)

The other day, I blogged about this simple photo collage.

At the time, her bed was under the photos, but when we moved furniture around, I thought it might be nice for her changing table to be close to the pictures so she has something to look at when I change her diaper.

So far, she’s being pretty good about not grabbing the pictures, but we might have to move the collage higher if she starts pulling the pictures off!

Here’s her bed area again — and yes, I do make her bed (it’s a crazy obsession of mine!)

I’m planning to make a few throw pillows out of coordinating fabric, and I got the sheets and blanket to match a quilt that Dave’s mom made Nora for her birthday.

I also used the photo bunting left over from Nora’s birthday party to “decorate” above her bed.

It’s high enough that she can’t reach it, but she sure loves looking at all the bright colors and pictures.

We also brought in a cute little corner cabinet from one of our upstairs bedrooms. The cabinet door on the bottom is childproof :) and the shelves are too high for her to reach (for now!)

Oh, and just because I know I’ll get loads of emails about this if I don’t explain — the small black thing is a heater, but it doesn’t get hot… so it’s perfectly fine to have in her room. We turn our heat down really low at night so we keep the heater on a low setting all night long so her room doesn’t get too cold.

More pictures on the blue cabinet shelves :)

And this is what her closet area looks like now…

Normally the laundry basket goes in the bottom — but I had a “helper” while I was taking these pictures!

As you can see, there are no toys or books of any kind in her room — because otherwise she would get up in the middle of the night and play instead of sleep. We keep ALL the toys in the living room for now.

So that’s her new “big girl” room. Crazy to think that she was already out of her crib at 7 months old, and then in a twin bed at 10 months… but I guess it’s not the end of the world (even though I spent all that time making her crib bedding… sniff, sniff).

I suppose now we don’t need to worry about making the transition later!

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  1. Lys


    Yay! Another Mommy who decided to not listen to everyone’s “suggestions” and help her little one sleep the way they want to! Thank SO much for posting this. My daughter is 15 months and has co-slept until about 4 months ago. Out of nowhere, this week she is hating her crib and will cry just like Nora did. I felt silly thinking we could put a twin mattress on the floor and she would be much happier – but you’ve just made me realize my instincts are right! Thanks again!


  2. sarah


    Oh My Days! ROTFL Your little darling sounds fun :) Good for you guys for going with your gut. Everyone needs a good peaceful night sleep sounds like you guys are getting closer to a full night too if they haven’t already started.


  3. Laura G


    What a lovely room! My son also sleeps on a floor bed and we too having nighttime temperature worries so I was so pleased to see your baseboard heater recommendation. I googled and some models seems to have been recalled in march of this year due to over heating- I just wanted to let you know in case it was the model you have and you had not heard.


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