{Vlog} How We Fold Our T-Shirts and a T-shirt Quilt Project!

posted by Andrea | 03/14/2012

Dave and I have a lot of t-shirts, but we wear them all the time… so I can justify it!

We also keep them fairly organized by folding them in “quarters” and then stacking them like vertical files {see pictures below}.

By folding our t-shirts this way, we are able to easily see them all at the same time, and then quickly grab the one we want to wear without having to dig to the bottom of a pile {this is especially helpful if you have several shirts of the same color!}

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always folded and stored my t-shirts this way — I thought it was “the way” to do it. However, when I blogged about how I organize our master closet and all our other accessories, I started getting lots of comments and emails asking me to explain and/or demonstrate exactly how I fold our t-shirts.

So I figured I should venture out and do my very first vlog!

The quality isn’t that great because Dave’s thumb was covering the microphone the entire time… but I think you get the idea :)

If you can’t see the video, please click through to the full post.

That’s it… so simple.

Well, as I was going through my t-shirts for this post, I decided I had too many. I’ve been thinking of making a t-shirt quilt for a while now, but I’ve just never made the time… until now.

Ok, so I’m not actually going to make the quilt :)  Jane from Maiden Jane is a pro at these quilts; and even though she’s super busy, she willingly agreed to make me a quilt!

I picked out a bunch of my most memorable t-shirts and shipped them off yesterday!

I’m so happy with my less-full drawer of t-shirts and I can’t wait to show you the finished quilt — what a fun way to create something useful and memorable AND clear a bunch of clutter in the process.

If you are interested in making a t-shirt quilt, you’ll definitely want to visit Jane’s website because she has a t-shirt quilt template that you could use to make your own quilt… or of course, you could just have Jane make the quilt for you!

Have you done anything creative with your t-shirts?

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  1. Lrussell


    My son had a couple favorite tees that he had outgrown, but would NOT let me get rid of them. He typically didn’t hold on to things, so I knew these meant a lot to him. So, I turned them into pillows. I just turned the tee inside out, stitched closed the neck, the sleeves, and most of the bottom. Turn it right side out, stuff with fill, and then I stitched closed the bottom by using a top stitch on my machine.

    He used those pillows until there were holes in them and the stuffing was falling out! With being used tees, they were extremely soft and I could wash them in the washer when they got dirty!


  2. Lou


    Love this!! I’m a fan of rolling my tees, after folding in thirds, but I think I will give this a try.
    I see you have Wagner tees, are you a Wagner alum?
    I enjoy your site very much and have implemented many of your ideas. Keep up the good work!


    Andrea Reply:

    haha, thanks Lou… my maiden name was Wagner :)


  3. Ashley


    Do your t-shirts ever get creases down the middle, or do you wear them so often that they don’t have time to crease? My mother used to fold my shirts in half, but I couldn’t stand the creases!
    I would love to be able to use this method, b/c it’s great to be able to see everything!


    Andrea Reply:

    Hmmm… is it bad if I said “I honestly don’t know!” haha
    I wear my t-shirts all the time (like every day) so they are regularly washed, dried, folded, worn, etc. I also usually wear something over the t-shirt so that might cover some of the creases. And don’t forget that I often sit at home most of the day and Nora is not one to care about my wrinkly clothing :)

    That said, I’m sure my t-shirts do get a bit of a crease down the middle, but it goes away when I put the shirt on (or I don’t care enough!)


  4. Rachael


    Thanks so much for sharing this, I just cleaned out my husbands tee shirt drawer and now I can actually close it no problem!!


  5. Lorrie


    This is exactly how I fold my t-shirts also. Glad to see I’m not the only person who doesn’t fold in thirds, which stresses me out trying to get each third “exact.” Halves is much easier on my nerves! lol


  6. Dawn


    Do you use the clear organizers like you do for the baby site? If so what size? LOVE your tips!!! :)


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