What Type of Cookware Do You Use

posted by Andrea | 04/11/2012

My sister is getting married this summer and a couple months ago, I went with her to register for gifts. It had been a while since I did much shopping for home items and I was simply amazed by how many different types of cookware were available in the stores!

And of course, they all claim to be the best value, the easiest to clean, the safest, etc. etc. It’s hard to know what type of cookware is right for you.

We questioned some of the sales associates and I also did a little online research to figure the different pros and cons for each type of cookware — here’s what I came up with:


PRO = Inexpensive

CON = Can react to acidic foods like tomatoes and cause leaching

Cast Iron

PRO = Durable and easy to use once it is seasoned

CON = Very heavy


PRO = It looks great and conducts heat very well

CON = Expensive and hard to care for


PRO = Best for baking and oven cooking

CON = Very breakable and doesn’t conduct heat well

Stainless Steel

PRO = It’s safe and it looks fabulous

CON = NOT non-stick and can be hard to clean


PRO = Non-stick and very easy to clean

CON = Has a tendency to scratch and chip easily


I’m certainly not an expert but this is what I use:

  • I have a full set of Analon Stainless Steel cookware that I use every day
  • I have 3 different Analon Teflon frying pans that I use for anything “sticky” {like eggs}
  • I have 1 cast iron skillet, however I rarely use it… I just like the looks :)
  • I have several glass baking dishes for brownies, cake, casseroles, etc.

This combination of cookware works well for me, but I’d love to know…

What type of cookware do you use?

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  1. Thrifty Military Mommy


    I have stainless steal I use every day, but I LOVE my cast iron skillets! If I could afford it I’d have ONLY cast iron. If you oil them liberally and never ever ever use soap on them they are actually quite easy to clean. I’ve noticed that things don’t stick as bad if I use coconut oil rather than olive oil or butter.


  2. Rashmi


    I use Stainless steel for most cooking. I have one round non-stick pan for making pan cakes with less oil. One cast iron pan and another aluminum flat pan for rotis. Glassware for baking. I find stainless steel easy to maintain.


  3. Neoflam Cookware


    I always used Neoflam cookware in my kitchen for safe use.it is the best cookware with cast aluminum cookware featuring Ecolon™ non-stick coating.


  4. Truffles Magazine



    Congratulations to your sister on her wedding this summer!

    I am not sure what her first priority is for cookware (healthy, inexpensive, long lasting, availability at her registry store so I am going to tackle this as best as possible. You didn’t mention where she registered which would have helped because some brands are identical and sold at different stores for different $. Your pros/cons are pretty good, will she be registering for a complete set or the individual pieces?

    Consumer Reports had listed (01/12 issue) EarthPan with Sand Flow Cookware (I personally haven’t tried these)

    Most professional chefs prefer All Clad to be honest (available at Williams Sonoma & Sur La Table) Le Creuset is another favorite.

    http://www.pans.com/ – check out this link they have tons of sales always and it may help her decide what to choose for her registry

    If she’s concerned about the pans/pot safety like leeching Mercola is very reputable

    Hope this helps,


  5. Julie


    I love using my pampered chef stone ware for baking. It cleans up so easy. To me its like using cast iron. And I love cast iron. I have a 12 inch round cast iron pan that I love, love, love!! I use it to make my husands, pizza. I also use it to make banana bread and a host of other baked goods including cinnamon rolls. Most people don’t think to use it for baking, but we do…along with many other non-dessert type dishes. It also works better for me to make breakfast sausages in than, the non stick. But it must be properly seasoned and maintained. After that, its breeze to clean and is my go to pan for burgers if we don’t grill!!!


  6. Maggie


    I use stainless steel and find it easy enough to clean. I avoid non-stick cookware because I don’t trust that particles aren’t leaching into our food, and I find it is never really non-stick and actually harder to clean because you can’t use a scourer. My mum taught me to get my fry pan good and hot before adding my eggs and this makes them so much easier to clean for some reason.


  7. Christi


    I started using Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware a few years ago, and now it is all I use.


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