What’s ON Your Fridge?

posted by Andrea | 09/3/2012

Today’s post is just something I was thinking about over the weekend…

I was thinking about our new appliances and how our fridge is going to have a “built-in look” which means we won’t be able to put magnets on it. Normally, that wouldn’t even phase me because I’ve always been the type of person who likes a perfectly clear fridge — no pictures, no recipes, no cards, not even any magnets.

I suppose it’s because of my love for clutter-free… or maybe it’s because my mom’s fridge is literally covered with pictures and cards from top to bottom :)

However, the past couple of months — basically since Nora has been crawling, we’ve noticed that she has a crazy infatuation with our refrigerator (seriously, she’s obsessed with it!)

So we put a bunch of magnets at the bottom of our fridge — ones that were big enough so she couldn’t choke on them but small enough that she could grab them with one hand. Now, we can pretty much let her sit by our fridge (which is right next to my desk in the office) and play with these magnets for quite a long time!

And after I got some of the magnets out, I noticed that I had a few pictures lying around… so I decided to display those on the top of the fridge.

Then, I posted my to-do list on the fridge, along with an extra pad of paper. Then I added a couple sticky notes, a coupon, a card… and before I knew it, the front of my fridge was covered!

It’s still pretty organized — just more cluttered than I’d normally let it be. And oddly enough, I’m OK with that. I like looking at the pictures and the cards. I like having a convenient place for my to-do list and a running list of groceries I need to buy… and I LOVE having a place where Nora will sit and occupy herself for more than 4 minutes!

So we’ll enjoy our “decorated” fridge for the next few weeks until our kitchen is finished and our new fridge arrives. Then we’ll go back to clean and clutter-free!

However, I might have to put a magnetic board somewhere in my office to occupy Nora again :)

So what’s ON your fridge?

Is is totally clear, just a few photos, or completely covered?

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  1. Ashli


    Like you, I have a mom with a covered fridge so I like the clutter free look! I keep one snapshot on our fridge and only one, held up with one magnet. I also keep the kids’ school lunch menu on the side but that may move in the near future! :)

    At our old house the door leading to the garage was right off the kitchen, and we used to keep all the magnets on there since those are typically magnetic. It was a great way to keep some extra stuff on display without cluttering up the fridge, plus the kids playing on the fridge usually meant that they were a bit in the way when I was cooking. That way they could play without me having to move them to get in the fridge every two minutes!


  2. Rocio @ Floraesthetics


    I have pictures, a couple bills that are coming up, but my favorite is my dry-erase board. I write ideas, dinner recipes, shopping lists and anything else that inspires me. It’s made me more creative, productive and ORGANIZED!


  3. C Munson


    Ours is totally clear because it is stainless and non-magnetic.


  4. Kristin


    Our’s is way too cluttered, the top and the front. And no matter what I do, it keeps getting cluttered. Maybe I’ll fix that this evening. But a cheap and easy fun “craft” you can do is to cover a cheap cookie sheet with fabric and she can stick magnets to that!


  5. lei


    Our refrig is now filled with a menu planning calendar, chore list, invitations and drawings from my children. I have been trying to organize myself as well as my family! I just recently started blogging my journey through it all. I hope that you will have a chance to stop on by once I get more posts up.

    Thanks for sharing



  6. Christina


    I had a refrigerator that was covered for years — latest artwork, photos, important what not’s and magnets, including alphabet letters to chew on. I have four girls 21 -10. When our fridge went out 8 years ago we went went stainless and I didn’t miss all that clutter one bit! (They wanted a place to hang the latest artwork still.) I think that’s when my OCD started realizing that some things can compromise and some need to be a certain way for me. Now it only has fingerprints continually. LOL


  7. Erica


    Found this thorugh the Modern Alternative Mama blog site. Something simple to create so Nora can still play with her magnets. Fabric covered magnetic board: http://creativechristianmama.com/fun-things-friday-fabric-covered-magnetic-board/


  8. Diana


    My fridge used to be covered top to bottom with pictures of missionaries that we know from all over the world. I even put a picture of it on facebook last year and all those missionaries posted where their picture was located! I went through a minimalist faze a few months ago and cleared everybody off. Not a week later we had guests and the first thing they did was come into the kitchen to see the “famous” fridge, only to find it empty. After a few months of emptiness, and not having a picture to go with the comments to the kids about who we talked about at church, I’ve started adding the pictures back. As usual they are taped (magnets got messy) in perfect order along with my “if you need it, you’d better write it down or it’s not going to be purchased from the store” list. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s nice to see all those smiling faces when I reach for my convenient groceries and I say a prayer for those less fortunate and those willing to go to help. Good luck with finding your special place to organize and remember!


  9. Kimberly


    I can’t stand a cluttered frig…..it makes me CrAzY!!! So I was really glad when our stainless steal frig won’t allow magnets. But on the side I can put a few special things…..its a perfect space between the top of the counter top and the top of the frig.


  10. Lis


    I can’t stand a cluttered fridge so I have nothing on mine. The rest of the house is another story. I also don’t like my kids underfoot while I am cooking in my small kitchen. So I put up a white board from Costco in their playroom. It is also magnetic. They can draw, or use magnets. They also have Frgits they use to create their own marble runs.


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