Where Do You Keep Your Small Appliances?

posted by Andrea | 04/25/2012

Dave and I have always kept our small kitchen appliances hidden — even the ones we use regularly.

We’ve never had a kitchen with lots of counter space, I really like the look of a clutter-free kitchen, and our cabinets definitely were not overly full; so we just decided to keep our small appliances concealed behind closed doors.

We honestly don’t have one small appliance sitting out — unless we’re in the middle of using it — and I really like it that way. Not only does this make our kitchen look less cluttered, it also makes it much easier to clean the kitchen counters – and our small appliances actually stay cleaner too because they don’t get dusty or splattered on!

It only takes us 5 seconds to pull the appliance out of the cabinet and onto the counter, and another 5 seconds to put it away when we’re finished — and we enjoy clutter-free counters for the rest of the day.

Since we’re planning a kitchen renovation this summer, I’m already thinking of ways to incorporate an “appliance garage” into our plans — we’ll see what I come up with.

I know there have to be lots of different thoughts and opinions on this, so I’d love to know…

Where do you keep your small appliances?

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  1. calliopeGreece


    I keep the small appliances in a counter garage, indeed. It’s a roll top with lots of shallow shelving and power outlets inside. Since a serious purging last year I kept ONLY the ones i actually use (water heater, toaster, coffee grinder, handmixer, multi mulinnette, juicer, grill) and they occupy only 2 shelves. so I also made a coffee station in another shelf and the last 2 shelves hold extra cups and seasonal things like christmas vases, glass etc
    This garage maybe the most everyday used in the kitchen and I.LOVE.IT since empty counters are my kind of thing, too.


  2. 4 slice toasters


    An “appliance garage” sounds interesting. We usually use the appliance, then put it on a shelf in the cupboard. Of course, if I wanted to incorporate an appliance garage, I’d have to remodel my entire kitchen and give it more space (somehow!). Thank you for sharing, and for the nice pictures!


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