10 Ways You Know Your Baby Bump is Growing

posted by Andrea | 06/6/2011
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I’m just over 19 weeks now, and even though I felt like I was really “pushing it out” in my 19 week picture, I now see that there really isn’t a big difference from 17 weeks. Oh well.

However, this past weekend, I realized that my bump must be growing. Maybe some of you can relate…

1. People touch your stomach:

Yes, random people that I don’t even know have started to touch my stomach — is that weird? I know I have space issues and really don’t like anyone touching me, but seriously!

2. Sleeping on your stomach is no longer comfortable:

I’ve always liked sleeping on my stomach and even though I’ve tried not to do it much for the past 8 years {I have back problems} there are nights when I just know I’ll sleep better on my stomach. However lately, it’s really not that comfortable any more.

3. You wear Bella Bands… a lot:

I’m SO thankful that my cousin gave me two of her Bella Bands. They make it really easy {any much more comfortable} to wear my normal pants.

4. Your waitress says, “I guess you won’t be drinking tonight”:

First of all, we are WAY too cheap to ever order alcohol from a restaurant. And secondly, Dave and I both thought it was pretty presumptuous for her to assume I was pregnant when I was sitting down, with a napkin on my lap, and not really showing THAT much.

5. Your shorts don’t fit:

I’ve been wearing the same 2 pairs of shorts for years… I love them! But yesterday, when I went to put them on, there was really no chance that I could wear them, even with a Bella Band. It was a sad day!

6. The ladies at a church all say how “cute” your bump is getting:

Yes, we have lots of ladies at our church who might even be more excited about our baby than we are, and every Sunday they all have to evaluate the size of my baby bump.

7. The clerk at Rite Aid asks you how far along you are:

Again, I was wearing a baggy T-shirt — these people have guts!

8. Empire wastes are your shirt /dress of choice:

Due to the current fashion styles, I do have a bunch of empire waste tops and dresses that I was always a bit apprehensive to wear before because I knew they would get people thinking. But now that the word is out, I’m wearing them all the time because they are more comfortable.

9. You feel like you need to go to the bathroom all the time:

I’ve been told that the bigger I get, the more often I’ll have to go to the bathroom. And speaking as someone who has always been able to “hold it”, I’m now getting up at least 1-2 times per night to pee!

10. You can’t “suck it in” anymore:

I think all women {whether we realize it or not} are guilty of trying to suck in our “guts” on a regular basis — you know it’s true! Well, when my bump started to stick out a bit, I felt like I didn’t really look pregnant… just chubby, so I sucked it in. But now, no matter how hard I try, I can’t stuck it ALL the way in 🙂

So I suppose I’ll just have to look a chubby for awhile until my bump gets big enough to actually look like a baby!

Any gender predictions yet?

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  1. Betsy (Eco-novice)


    Who knew? Congratulations! New home, new baby. I can’t believe anyone ever asks ANY WOMAN if she is pregnant. Dave Barry says you should not ask a woman if she is pregnant unless you see a baby coming out of her, and I have to say I pretty much agree. If I’m wondering if someone I know is pregnant, I ask someone else, not the woman, for heaven’s sake.

    I was once asked (at about 15 weeks) by a random mover if I was pregnant. That’s how I knew I was really showing. But still! I wasn’t showing THAT much.

    You need to learn to put your hands out or shift away when people try to touch your stomach. I NEVER put up with that. It’s not your baby, friends.


  2. Lindy


    Your baby bump is so cute!

    Many years ago I worked at a jewelry store and asked a lady when her baby was due. She wasn’t pregnant. I was so embarrassed (as I’m sure the lady was too). Ever since then I never, ever ask someone when their due, unless they comment that they are pregnant. Never. ha.


  3. Mara @ Super Savings


    Those comments the waitress and cashier made are un.be.lievable!!! You do have a really cute baby bump going on, but it’s no where near big enough to be assuming! I had a friend who would tell people like that “No, I’m not pregnant”, and let them feel embarrassed about it for a minute.

    That same friend would do like Amanda said and touch people back when they touched her belly – loved that! I always wanted to try it, but I don’t remember any strangers touching after she gave me the idea. I would l.o.v.e. to see their faces though when you fondle their rolls of flubber, lol!

    ~ Mara


  4. Joelle


    Ah yes! #4. I once had a waiter remove the wine glass as I was sitting down and said “you won’t be needing this”… !!! Whatever. Being pregnant tought me not to comment, being a parent tought me no to judge. #1 inevitable. Enjoy your baby bump 🙂
    Joelle – Mom3Boys


    Andrea Reply:

    haha…I love that Joelle! Yes, I’m not really offended at all, it just caught me off guard a bit I guess!


  5. oh amanda


    Seriously, I can’t believe how many people were willing to assum you were preggo. Of course, you are nice and thin, but still!!

    {and btw, did I know you were preggo? I feel bad…but YAY and CONGRATS!}



  6. Jeni


    Just wait until that bump gets big enough that you inadvertently bump into a total stranger with it! I had that experience with both of my pregnancies, when I thought I could squeeze through a gap in a crowd, not realizing how much that belly stuck out.


  7. Dawn


    If total strangers are (rudely) commenting on your pregnancy,then maybe the bump does look like a baby.(Although it doesn’t look that obvious in the pic.) Imagine if that waitress and drugstore clerk said that to someone who wasn’t pregnant! Geez!


    Andrea Reply:

    I know, that’s what I thought! I obviously was not offended, but if I was not pregnant… I probably would be!


  8. Cassie


    Your baby bump is so cute, even if there is not much of a difference from week 17 to week 19. I hated when random people would come up and rub my belly, okay I know there is a baby in there and you can be baby crazy all you want, but if you don’t know me, don’t touch me. Lol. I can’t believe that waitress said that! She may have just assumed because the rest of you is skinny and then you just have this little bump sticking out, but still for all she knew you could have just putting on weight.

    When your close stop fitting that is a very sad day. 🙁 It makes you realize your no longer the size you were! Middle of the night pee’s are no fun!


  9. Stacey


    you know, no one that i didnt know has ever touched my pregnant belly. I hear it happens all the time but it never has to me. I guess im not very approachable, lol.

    For my second pregnancy i slept on my stomach all. the. time. With my first i was def not comfortable but i always ended up on my belly with my second. I guess i didnt squish her too much cuz she turned out alright:)

    I love empire waist clothes, i might always look pregnant but id rather people think im pregnant than just fat, lol.


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, empire waists and long tops have become my go-to clothing of choice! Thank goodness for the clothing styles now days 🙂

    Oh, and I suppose I would rather look pregnant than fat too!


  10. Amanda


    The stranger belly-touching is creepy. It creeped me out so much, that I now have a policy even with folks I personally know well, to ALWAYS ask permission before I touch the bump. You are totally NOT having space issues. Especially since, as the previous poster mentioned, you aren’t hugely pregnant.

    Touch ’em right back. Just reach out and rub THEIR bellies. If it’s uncool to touch a non-pregnant stranger’s belly, its uncool to touch the pregnant lady’s belly too. Most folks will get the message right away.

    You’ll also learn to protect the bump in places like WalMart or the mall, where folks sneak up on you. Or train your husband and best companions to run interferance for you – you said your husband coaches basketball, right? He should be familiar with a zone defense…


    Andrea Reply:

    Oh this made me laugh out loud Amanda! And yes, Dave is a basketball coach so he should be able to set a “screen” for me 🙂


  11. Kari


    I can’t believe other people are alreading commenting about you being pregnant! You are no where near big enough for me to be that bold! I just looked at my pictures from 16 and 18 weeks and I think we have a similar build. Although, you look a little taller so it blends a little better. I remember wanting to look more pregnant at that stage…not just pudgy!

    Regarding the empire waists: I thought they were great when pregnant. Like you, I had some already, since they are popular now. I liked that they made me show more in the beginning. By the end, I sure didn’t need any help! However, now they are not my friend. I put one on this past weekend, but it didn’t end up leaving the closet. My little one is 10 months old, and I’m not pregnant, but it sure gave the impression that I might be. She’s getting to the age that people are starting to ask when the next one is coming…I sure don’t want them guessing that when it isn’t on the way!