November, 2011

Home Office Inspiration

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2011 | 1 comment

Since I work from home almost all the time, and Dave spends many evening hours grading papers and planning lessons for the week, we BOTH really wanted a place to store and organize all of my business things, his school things, and everything else we use to run our home. So a home office we very high on our “what we want in our next house” list.

And even though I love our home office, I just can’t stop drooling over all the amazing home offices around the web. Here are a few of my favorites!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

posted by Andrea | 11/10/2011 | 21 comments

I love hot chocolate and can be “forced” to drink it in almost any climate — even if I’m not cold! However, I don’t love paying top dollar for it at fancy coffee places and restaurants. I also don’t really like the “cheaper tasting” watered down hot chocolate packets from the store.

So thankfully, my mom always made her own homemade hot chocolate mix… and shared her really easy recipe with me {it only has 4 ingredients}!

Organizing Winter Gear – Without a Mudroom

posted by Andrea | 11/9/2011 | 9 comments

Even though our farmhouse has SO many features we absolutely wanted and needed in a house; the one thing it doesn’t have is a mudroom… or any type of front closet or back closet.

And although I would absolutely LOVE a nice big area to dump all our winter gear, I’ve had to get creative and come up with alternate solutions… especially now that winter is right around the corner.
See how I transformed a $20 armoire into our new “mudroom”!

Having A Baby for Less Than $300!

posted by Andrea | 11/8/2011 | 39 comments

Several months ago, when I first broke the news that we were pregnant, I talked about Having a Baby on a Budget.

Since then, I have stayed true to my frugal nature and with the help of Craigslist, my mom’s garage-sale addiction, lots of borrowing, and generous gifts from family and friends — I’m super excited that we’ve spent LESS than $300 on our baby so far!

Want to see how I did it?

Communicating With Your Spouse Each Day

posted by Andrea | 11/7/2011 | 9 comments

Dave is a high school teacher…which means he can’t just pick up his cell phone to answer my call or send me a text message at a moment’s notice {especially since students aren’t allowed to used cell phones in class!}

Because of our crazy schedules, we’ve had to come up with alternate methods to communicate with each other throughout the day… mostly so I don’t go insane keeping everything inside 🙂

Menu Plan Monday {11/07/2011}

posted by Andrea | 11/7/2011 | 2 comments

Obviously, I can’t be sure… but I’m really, REALLY thinking {and hoping} that my baby is coming this week! So I have another relatively simple weekly menu planned… with lots of quick meals that could be shoved in the freezer if necessary! However, since I have everything planned, that will be a good reason for the baby NOT to come… right??

If you don’t currently have a method for meal planning, feel free to follow our weekly menu, and make sure to check out some of my free meal planning resources at the bottom of this post!

Our Farmhouse Nursery – The Full Tour!

posted by Andrea | 11/5/2011 | 21 comments

This post has been a long time coming — and even though I’m still waiting on ONE more piece of furniture, I’m so excited to take you on a tour of our “brand new” Farmhouse Nursery!

We basically gutted the entire room and completely started over from scratch {you’ll understand why once you see the before pictures!} I’m simply ecstatic with the end results — practical, functional, and pretty darn cute — and I’m positive our baby girl will LOVE her new room… whenever she decides to make her big debut!

Weekend Giveaway: Microplane Kitchen Tools

posted by Andrea | 11/4/2011 | 165 comments

I’ve been using Microplane tools for several years already and simply love how useful they are around my kitchen. My all-time favorite use is zesting lemons with their Ultimate Citrus Tool, but there are just so many other uses for these amazing products as well.

Because I love their tools so much, I’m super excited to offer one lucky reader a chance to win a Microplane gift pack. Keep reading for your chance to win!

Clearing Your Clutter BEFORE The Holidays

posted by Andrea | 11/3/2011 | 9 comments

Christmas is just over 7 weeks away — are you getting excited yet?

As I set out to prepare for the upcoming festivities, one thing I almost always do is declutter my home to make room for all the extra “stuff” that seems to accompany this time of year!
No matter how ruthless you are about bringing things into your home, I can almost guarantee you’ll end up with more stuff and less space after the festivities are over… see what I’m doing to plan ahead and declutter this year!

What I’ve Learned After 3 Baby Showers!

posted by Andrea | 11/2/2011 | 9 comments

I was lucky enough to have 3 different baby showers to help welcome our first little bundle of joy into this world — and ALL 3 of them where squeezed into 4 days! Whew!

Now that we officially have everything we could possibly need, a whole bunch of things we probably don’t need, and so many other adorably cute handmade items — I think we are FINALLY ready for our baby to arrive.

My Favorite Clutter-Free Food Gifts

posted by Andrea | 11/2/2011 | 7 comments

The holiday season is here!! And for those of you haven’t even started thinking about holiday gifts, I’ve come to your rescue with my all-time favorite clutter-free food gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest person on your list.

I challenge you to skip the busy stores, skip the clutter, skip the over-prices gadgets, and make {or buy} food gifts for everyone on your list this year!!

Do You Have A Bucket List?

posted by Andrea | 11/1/2011 | 9 comments

I really like the idea of a Bucket List — or a list of things, events, activities, experiences, goals, etc. that you would like to accomplish by a certain point in your life.

Dave and I have a few different Bucket Lists; but even before we got married, we had the “how many kids do you want” conversation as well as the “when do you want kids” conversation — and we made a Before Baby Bucket List.
And with only a few days left before our baby arrives, we’ve crossed nearly everything off our list!