November, 2011

Dealing With The Baby Blues

posted by Andrea | 11/30/2011 | 1 comment

Due to the recent birth of our baby girl, I recruited a handful of amazing moms to share their motherly advice with all of us!

Today, Kim from Art of Domestic Living — and mother to 2 — is sharing her story about battling post partum depression and the “baby blues”. This is a REAL issue for many women, and Kim’s story is very encouraging for anyone who has dealt with this or might currently be dealing with this.

The 3 Most Important Things I Learned About Being A Mom

posted by Andrea | 11/29/2011 | 8 comments

Due to the recent birth of our baby girl, I recruited a handful of amazing moms to share their motherly advice with all of us!

Today, Sarah from Clover Lane — and mother of 5 — is talking about the three most important concepts she has learned in her 17 years of being a mother. She has tons of wisdom to share… so read up!

Daddy: A Daughter’s First Love

posted by Andrea | 11/28/2011 | 2 comments

Due to the recent birth of our baby girl, I recruited a handful of amazing moms to share their motherly advice with all of us!

Today, Brenda from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles — and mother of 2 — is sharing her heart-warming story of the relationship between her husband and her 2 adorable daughters.
I personally grew up in a family of ALL girls and I know my dad loved every minute of it. And now Dave will experience a daddy-daughter journey of his own!

Meal Planning with Less Meat

posted by Andrea | 11/26/2011 | 3 comments

If any of you celebrated Thanksgiving like we did, you’re probably still completely stuffed from all the turkey you consumed these past few days!

And while I love a great cut of meat as much as the next person, I also realize that using less meat is one of the simplest ways to stretch a small grocery budget. So if you’re looking for another way to reduce your monthly expenses, try switching up your weekly meal plans to include a variety of these low-meat meals.

Weekend Giveaway: 2012 Planner {10 winners!}

posted by Andrea | 11/25/2011 | 224 comments

Since the New Year is just FIVE weeks away {yes 5}, you probably should be thinking about purchasing a new planner, or a refill for the planner you already have — you DO have a planner, right?

However, since I know many of you are way too busy doing your holiday shopping and recovering from a huge Thanksgiving meal; I thought I would make it really easy on you and give you an opportunity to win one of the best planners I’ve ever used!!

Give Thanks

posted by Andrea | 11/24/2011 | 4 comments

Happy Thanksgiving!

As many of us enjoy a day off from our regular routine, good food, and great company; and as Dave and I bring Nora home from the hospital, I want to leave you with a post I wrote last year at this time… just because I think it is SO fitting for today. I hope you find at least one opportunity to give thanks this week.

Welcome to the World, Nora Faith!

posted by Andrea | 11/23/2011 | 53 comments

With joyful hearts, Dave and I welcomed our precious baby girl, Nora Faith, into the world yesterday, 11/22/11, at 3:40pm {less than 4 hours after getting to the hospital!}
She is PERFECT — weighing in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. and measuring 21 inches.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers, emails, comments, messages, tweets, etc.
We feel so blessed and loved!

A Farmhouse Christmas

posted by Andrea | 11/23/2011 | 6 comments

I know it’s still the day before Thanksgiving — but since I’m over nine months pregnant and since I wasn’t able to put up many decorations last year — I decided to get a head start on holiday decorating this year.

And I’m SO glad I did!!

Pumpkin Pie Delight Dessert

posted by Andrea | 11/22/2011 | 14 comments

It’s Thanksgiving week — which means my mouth is already starting to water for the huge Thanksgiving dinner we’ll be having on Thursday afternoon. I’m bringing a delicious sweet potato casserole to our gathering at Dave’s parent’s house; but since I’m in love with all things “pumpkin”, I just couldn’t resist making one more pumpkin dessert!

If you’re still looking for a really simple Thanksgiving dessert idea — I might just have the one for you!

Making Your Own Christmas Wish List

posted by Andrea | 11/21/2011 | 13 comments

Christmas is just over 5 weeks away and I’m assuming most of you have already been asked “what do you want for Christmas?”

Even as adults, we occasionally get a few gifts each year, and I don’t know about you, but I always have a difficult time coming up with things to put on my OWN Christmas wish list. But now I have a really simple method of keeping track of the things I want for Christmas…

Weekend Giveaway: Fun Travel Accessories {3 winners!}

posted by Andrea | 11/18/2011 | 142 comments

Since the holiday season is RIGHT around the corner… and since I know many of you will be traveling over the next 6 weeks, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to Flight 001 and a few of their amazing travel products that will really help to simplify your holiday travels this year!

I’ve been enjoying these products for awhile now, and only thought it was fair to give 3 lucky readers a chance to win a fun Flight 001 travel prize pack that will help you organize all the many things you need to pack!

How I’m Staying Busy Until This Baby Comes

posted by Andrea | 11/17/2011 | 19 comments

Waiting is NOT my favorite activity… and patience is still a virtue I’m working on! So these last 2 weeks have not been particularly easy for me… and yes, I’m STILL waiting {not so patiently though} for this baby to arrive!

So I feel like I can justify the list of the little projects I gave myself last week… to help me stay busy until this baby comes! I’ve been having a great time “getting stuff done” while I wait… and wait… and wait!

Good Debt… Is There Such a Thing?

posted by Andrea | 11/16/2011 | 9 comments

I am NOT a financial expert — just a really cheap Dutch woman! And while I am 100% against credit card debt, I’m not 100% against any debt at all.

There is some debt that can be considered good debt… at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Come see what I have to say about good debt, and feel free to share your thoughts too!

Spicy Refried Bean Soup

posted by Andrea | 11/15/2011 | 16 comments

Dave and I {and our two international students} all love soup and we all love anything Mexican. So the other night, when I made this Spicy Refried Bean Soup — you can probably imagine it was a big hit.
Everyone had seconds and there was still plenty left over for lunches — and I even put a large container in the freezer!

Oh, and did I mention it only took about 30 minutes to make!

How Do You Do Christmas Gifts?

posted by Andrea | 11/14/2011 | 18 comments

Every year, as I’m making my Christmas list and searching for great bargins on creative Christmas gifts, I always start thinking about all the DIFFERENT ways people handle the issue of “gift giving”.

I know every family and group has different gift-giving traditions, so I thought I would first share a few of the different ways my family and extended family handles Christmas gifts… but then I’d love to know how you do it too!

Running A Business and Taking Time Off

posted by Andrea | 11/14/2011 | 4 comments

Based on my past experiences, it’s quite difficult to take any amount of time off from my business {especially since I’m a one-woman operation} but it’s also 100% worth it every time I do. Even taking a few days off seems to give me a fresh perspective and even more energy to get back to work when I return home.

So as we enter another very busy holiday season — and as I enter a period of maternity leave — here are a few of my thoughts about how I plan to continue generating a decent income, keep my business running, and prevent possible issues {all while being as “hands-off” as possible}.

Tips to QUICKLY Give Furniture a Distressed Look

posted by Andrea | 11/12/2011 | 39 comments

I know a lot of people are intimidated by painting anything… let alone furniture. But I want to assure you that you can do this!

I didn’t know the first thing about painting or distressing furniture when I got started… and now my house is filled with fantastic looking furniture at a fraction of the price!

Weekend Giveaway: Organizing Accessories {12 Winners}

posted by Andrea | 11/11/2011 | 299 comments

A few weeks ago, I talked about how I organize my purse clutter — and featured a bunch of really cool organizing tools from Invite L that I just KNEW you would love…

Well, today {as promised} I’m going to be giving away those same organizing products along with a bunch of gifts cards — just in time for the holidays!!!