22 Ways to Get More Organized in 10 Minutes or Less

posted by Andrea | 08/25/2011

source: alexkerhead

I hate wasting time!

So I’m always on the lookout for quick organizing projects to tackle when I have a few extra minutes here and there. I’ve even started timing some of my daily tasks, and found that I could accomplish many of them in 10 minutes or less!

After thinking about these 10-minute tasks, I realized that by completing one every day for a year, I would tally up over 60 hours of organizing — pretty impressive!

So what can YOU accomplish in just 10 minutes a day?

Lots of stuff!

Head on over to the AboutOne Blog to read 22 simple ways you can get more organized in 10 minutes or less!

And I know you have at least 10 minutes!


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  1. Maria


    My box of Tupperware freezer boxes and lids had been overflowing and bugging me for months. The other night, when I was roaming the house because I couldn’t sleep anyway, I took about five minutes to stack them tidily, put all the lids in a small box, and put it all back. Now I can find what I need and that corner of the cupboard is PEACEFUL.

    Why did I put off such a simple job for so long?!