5 Little Things to Organize a Tiny Workspace

posted by Andrea | 03/6/2012

The following is a guest post from Prerna of The Mom Writes.

As a busy work-at-home mom who’s constantly juggling deadlines, errands, play dates and menu plans, I need my workspace to be as organized as possible. Especially since my workspace is also our dining room. And no, it does not have a door!

Here are 5 of my favorite things that keep my workspace organized and my sanity intact:

1. A Basket to Hold Knick-Knacks

First of all, I can’t live without my li’l basket that holds my must-have-at-hand supplies – pens, glue, stapler, cell phone charger and my cell phone itself. It sits neatly on my desk, takes up hardly any space and any clutter is contained neatly.

You can do the same with any spare basket-like container. How about the spare bowl from the kitchen?  Or even that gift box that you got chocolates in this Valentine’s.

2. A Drawer Organizer

Next up is a drawer organizer that I fashioned out of an old tea-tray and an ice-cube tray. Yes, I know. I’m cheap. **laughing**

However, both trays fit neatly into the single drawer that we have in our desk. The tea tray holds larger items such as my notebook and a spare spectacle case filled with extra pens.

The ice cube tray is awesome. It holds paper clips, pins and other fasteners, along with a bunch of elastic bands.

3. A Dry-Erase Board and Cork Board

I use the area above my desk for a pin board and dry erase board to jot down to-dos and pin bills and other papers that need immediate attention.  The small size of the boards keeps me from holding on to too much paper, while giving me the space to tack on a happy photo or an inspiring quote as well.

4. Shelving on the Walls

A tiny workspace that does double duty as a dining room means that we use the walls to store anything that is essential but can’t be placed on the desk. Shelving is great for stashing items that are needed but not on an everyday basis.

Again, I use baskets and boxes to store things, along with some photos and curios to add a dash of prettiness and break up the monotony.

5. One File for Paperwork

Finally, using a single file for office-related paperwork means that we don’t hold on to unnecessary paper and we have all the papers we need in one file.

Using electronic versions of bills, forms, and correspondence has really helped us cut down on paper clutter and keep our tiny workspace reasonably organized.  I’m also a BIG fan of scanning documents and then recycling or trashing the paper versions to reduce paper clutter.

Do you have a tiny office? How do you keep it organized?

Lover of small spaces, Prerna Malik writes about being a work-at-home mom at The Mom Writes and helps small businesses and mom entrepreneurs rock their social media presence with Social Media Direct.

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