5 Simple Spring Decorating Ideas

posted by Andrea | 05/20/2011

Spring is here! Well, it’s actually been here for several weeks, but here in Michigan, it’s finally starting to FEEL like spring and I’m ready for that change!

Everything is so fresh and new during spring months — and I want my house to feel the same way. However, I’m NOT willing to spend a bunch of time or money, so I’m always looking for quick, simple ways to achieve a new look on little to no budget 🙂

Here are a few simple ways I “decorate” for spring.

1. Bring fresh flowers inside.

I’ve been doing this every week for the past several weeks. We have so many blooming flowers in our yard — and it’s a completely free way to make our home look, feel, and smell like spring!

2. Open the windows.

Fresh Spring air makes me happy, so even on cooler days, I’ll often open the windows just for a few minutes.

3. Change out your accessories.

Even though our house is currently under massive demolition, I already have a very neutral color scheme planned for pretty much every room in the house. I know some people might think neutral is boring, but honestly, I LOVE neutrals because they work for every season of the year and all I have to do is change out a few inexpensive accessories to create an entirely different look.

I love this post from Life… Your Way about decorating with white — nothing boring about that!

4. Add light.

Remove heavy curtains and blinds from your windows and let the light shine in. If you don’t have lots of natural light, consider painting the room a lighter color, bringing in extra floor lamps and large mirrors to reflect that light — or you could just knock out a wall like we did 🙂

5. Remove clutter!!

Clearing the clutter is probably the MOST important thing you can do to create a fresh, light, and new spring decor. Clutter looks heavy and dark…which is the opposite of Spring.

Start by decluttering the areas you spend the most time in {kitchen, living room} and then slowly branch out to other areas of your house. If you need help getting started, here are 22 things YOU can do right now to get more organized!


So even if you’re not a talented designer, and even if you don’t have a bunch of fancy decorating items, you can still do almost everything on this list. And after one afternoon, you can enjoy your new, light, fresh, spring decor!

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Spring?

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  1. Julie


    I love bringing in fresh flowers from the yard. My daughters wanted to go and pick lilacs last night and bring some in. And we did just that. However, we cut enough for 2 large vases and a one small one for the girls room. My husband wasn’t too happy about that. He thinks they need to stay on the bushes. You couldn’t even tell that we cut some. We have three huge bushes that should have been trimmed last year. I love the smell, color and it most definitely does make it feel like spring. I bring in flowers all summer long too,