A Nursery Closet Design

posted by Andrea | 07/1/2011
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Well, I’m back at it again with the design plans for our nursery closet — which is by far, the smallest closet in our entire house… so it WILL be a challenge!

Our Nursery Closet:

This is the current state of our nursery closet — with new doors, new trim, and a fresh coat of Bright White paint.

It’s not finished yet, but we certainly have come a long way from when we moved in — YIKES!!!

And one more…just for fun!


As you can see, we eliminated the closet on the right to accommodate a walk-in shower in the master bath that is just on the other side of the wall. We also put wood paneling over the FOUR layers of wallpaper, and we replaced the hideous mirrored doors with gorgeous, solid-wood French Doors to give the nursery an extra “farmhouse” feel and to match our master bedroom closet.


So while the outside of our closet is ready for our beautiful new nursery {and soon-to-be beautiful new baby}… now I get to plan, organize, and design the inside — which is always the most fun 🙂

Nursery Closet Design Ideas:

I used the elfa closet design program at The Container Store website to design what I want our nursery closet to look like. I couldn’t get it exactly the way I wanted… so I “fudged” a little with Picnik!

Here is the general idea…

I don’t have everything I need for the closet makeover yet, but I did order a few sets of these adorable Kid’s Huggable Hangers {we use the adult version in our closet} from The Container Store’s Happy Organized Home sale!

Progress is moving right along and I’m so excited to show you the finished results — right back here in about two weeks!

But before we finalize our design plans — do you have any suggestions or must-have ideas for a nursery closet?? I’d love a few tips from anyone who actually has a baby/nursery/etc.!!

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  1. Brenda DeVries


    Andrea, where did you find the closet doors for the nursery? Can you send me the measurements of those doors? Doors similar to those would be a good solution for a closet in a house that we are currently restoring but I’m having trouble locating doors like the ones you used. I’d appreciate any information that you can share. Thanks!


    Andrea Reply:

    Hi Brenda,
    We actually found the doors at a salvage yard — sorry!

    However, just measure your opening and go to any custom trim place and they should be able to order them for you. We LOVE them!


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  3. Suzanne


    Your design looks great! One thing I found myself needing was a place to store extra crib mattress pads, sheets and blankets (you go through those pretty quickly when they have accidents), and even still I keep extras at age 3, swapping out every week. I also use my son’s closet for some toy storage and to hang bags I use to cart around his things: backpack, baby bag, etc. Even as they grow older, you need to carry toys, extra clothes, etc.


    Andrea Reply:

    Good ideas — thanks Suzanne!


  4. Robin H


    Are you SURE you did the right thing getting rid of the mirrored doors, super sweet wallpaper and shagadelic carpet? 🙂 Love the trim and doors y’all are using throughout the house… nothing like pulling open a solid wood door. I think you are on the right track with the shelves. I personally hang very few baby or toddler clothes – I like bins and drawers too. Not sure how high your ceilings are, but have you considered having a half-depth shelf above your “top” shelf in the closet? Our nursery closet has one, and I originally thought it would be too difficult to reach things up there (I am not a tall person!), but it’s the perfect place for lining up those boxes and bags of diapers I stock up on when there is a good deal…. just need to be able to snag a corner to drag ’em down. Enjoy!!!


  5. Leigh


    Add a bin to toss cloths in as they become too small. You want them out of rotation so they are not taking up space, or you forget and try to use them. But you want it right there so you use it. Get them into storage when it fills up.


    Kari Reply:

    I definitely second having a place to put clothes as the baby grows out of them. They don’t grow out of all of them of a certain size since every brand fits different, so it is nice to have a place to stash them one at a time until you have enough in there to take the time to put them up for the next baby to come along.


  6. Mike Wolf


    Hey Andrea –

    We have a 8 week old son and i recently did a baby closet makeover. Here are the before and afters with some tips. Good luck!


    PS – the master closet from ORG West Michigan looks great!