Daylight Savings – “Add” Hours to Your Day!

posted by Andrea | 03/12/2011

If only you could add a few more hours to your day — think how much you could accomplish!

Unfortunately, many of us will actually LOSE an hour tonight, as we push our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings. And even though we can’t create more hours, there are a few things we CAN do to better utilize the hours we have.

1. Play to your strengths — If you hate cleaning but love to cook, trade services with a friend who would rather clean than cook. You are more efficient when you work at tasks you enjoy.

2. Learn to prioritize — When you know what you are not willing to spend time on; you will then have more time to accomplish the tasks that are most important for you.

3. Write it Down — Make a list of everything you have to do each day {I use this free document}. Keep your list visible to stay focused and remind yourself of tasks you might otherwise forget.

4. Learn to say no — Set boundaries and say no to anything that doesn’t align with your goals. When you stop saying yes to other people’s agendas and you’ll free up time for your own.

5. Work smarter — Run all your errands at the same time or make double batches of food and freeze the extras.

Implement one of these time-saving tips today, and when it becomes a habit, add another.

Oh, and remember to push your clocks ahead tonight!

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