An Organized Entryway

posted by Andrea | 10/6/2010

Do you have an entryway that looks something like this?

Is it a little crowded? Does it have 3 {or more} doors that all open into each other? Do you have limited storage space?

Yup, I feel your pain!

This is our back entry from our garage — the one we use oh, about 467 times each day!

It’s a small area with 3 doors (garage on the left, closet in the middle, and laundry room on the right). I had the challenge of not only making this tiny space functional for our storage needs, but also attractive since it opens into the family room and kitchen.

With just a few simple additions I created a functional entry way that stores all our coats, hats, boots, shoes, keys, etc. etc. but still manages to look nice in the corner of the family room.

I found this wrought-iron key hook at a yard sale and decided it was perfect for our back entry. Plus, since we always hang our keys up immediately after walking in the door {ok almost always} we rarely ever misplace them.

What’s a functional entryway without hooks??

I was crafty enough to come up with this idea and actually made this coat hook from antique hooks, antique door knobs and a pine board from Home Depot. I painted it, roughed it up a bit and {after 3 stripped screws) mounted it on the wall.

And since we can see it from the family room, it’s usually a pretty good conversation piece!

Shoes, shoes…so many shoes! Please tell me someone can relate to our over abundance of shoes??

I found this practical shoe storage unit at IKEA and it works wonderfully for our needs. It also serves as a bench — which we use for putting our shoes on or for extra seating in the family room.

I’ve professed my love for over-the-door-shoe-organizers enough that you know I’m obsessed with them! I can’t help it…there are just SO many different uses for them.

We use one on the back of our closet door for all our hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, ski goggles, and other winter gear. I also put another shoe shelf and a boot tray at the bottom of this closet … because we just have THAT many shoes!

With the winter months right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make your entryway a little more functional.

After all, there’s nothing worse than walking into a messy, unorganized entryway 467 times a day!


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  1. Rhonda


    Thanks once again! I’ve been struggling with winter mitten, etc. organization this year…over the door shoe organizer – brilliant!


  2. Angela DiGiovanni | life * photos * art


    Love your key and hook racks! Adorable. <3


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Angela…I made the coat hooks!


    Angela DiGiovanni | life * photos * art Reply:

    ooh, what is this commenting platform you are using? I love how you can reply to my comment and it sends me an email… that’s great. Will you share? 😉


    Andrea Reply:

    Angela, I use WordPress for my blog — and in WordPress, you can download the plugin “Comment Reply Notification”. There are a bunch of different settings to play around with, and I have it set so whenever I reply to a comment, that person will get my reply via email. It’s pretty slick and saves me a bunch of time!


    Angela DiGiovanni | life * photos * art Reply:

    Thank you, thank you! I also use WordPress and am going to install that plugin. I definitely can see how this is a huge time-saver, and also garners more of a conversation versus merely comments.