Meal Planning

Weekend Giveaway: Cheap Appétit Cookbook

posted by Andrea | 06/29/2012 | 216 comments

If you’ve ever wished you can spend less on groceries bu still feed your family healthy, nutrutious meals, then today’s giveaway might be JUST what you’re looking for!

Cheap Appétit: The Complete Guide to Feeding Your Family for Less Than $400 a Month includes over 125 kid-tested recipes using basic, inexpensive ingredients. The strategies inside this book should help most families to decrease their grocery budget by 40-60% *without* using coupons!!

Three Kid-Friendly Foods… for Adults!

posted by Andrea | 05/24/2012 | 12 comments

The other day, I was talking with some of my friends who have really picky eaters. Because of this, they choose to make multiple meals in order to please everyone.

So since I like to keep things simple (and I definitely don’t want to cook 2 meals if I don’t have to) here are three super popular kids meals that should also please the adults in your home!

ONE Ham – SEVEN Meals

posted by Andrea | 01/30/2012 | 12 comments

Since meat is one of the most expensive things on our grocery list each week, I’m always looking for ways to stretch good cuts of meat in our weekly meal plans. So when I found a great deal on ham during the Christmas season, I bought a couple and used up the first one last week.

I created a meal plan that used ham every single night… and no one even noticed! Come see how I fed 4 people for an entire with with one $4.00 ham!

Slow Cooker Western Egg Casserole

posted by Andrea | 01/25/2012 | 19 comments

Thanks to my new meal planning method, we have breakfast for dinner once each week. We do this partially because we really like breakfast foods, but also because breakfast foods are great way to get lots of protein without spending money on expensive cuts of meat.

However, the one thing I don’t always like about breakfast foods is the inability to prepare them ahead of time — so I’m really excited to share this delicious slow cooker breakfast recipe with you today!

Slow Cooker Recipes I Want to Try in 2012

posted by Andrea | 01/10/2012 | 17 comments

I got a new slow cooker for Christmas and have already used it a couple of times. I actually have 3 different slow cookers — all different sizes — but to be honest, I haven’t used them as much as I should.
So this year, my goal is to use a slow cooker once a week — or at least a few times each month.

I’ve already made a few really delicious meals {recipes coming soon}… but here are a few more I definitely want to try this coming year.

Simple, Delicious Crock Pot Recipes

posted by Andrea | 12/14/2011 | 15 comments

One of the reasons I love using my crock pot is because I can just dump all the ingredients in, turn it on, and walk away. I don’t need to stir a boiling pot and I don’t need to pull something out of the oven on time… I can simply go about my day and come back in several hours to a hot meal and a delicious smelling kitchen!

Today I’m sharing 2 really simple crock pot recipes from a loyal reader… they’re so delicious!

Meal Planning with Less Meat

posted by Andrea | 11/26/2011 | 3 comments

If any of you celebrated Thanksgiving like we did, you’re probably still completely stuffed from all the turkey you consumed these past few days!

And while I love a great cut of meat as much as the next person, I also realize that using less meat is one of the simplest ways to stretch a small grocery budget. So if you’re looking for another way to reduce your monthly expenses, try switching up your weekly meal plans to include a variety of these low-meat meals.

Menu Plan Monday {11/07/2011}

posted by Andrea | 11/7/2011 | 2 comments

Obviously, I can’t be sure… but I’m really, REALLY thinking {and hoping} that my baby is coming this week! So I have another relatively simple weekly menu planned… with lots of quick meals that could be shoved in the freezer if necessary! However, since I have everything planned, that will be a good reason for the baby NOT to come… right??

If you don’t currently have a method for meal planning, feel free to follow our weekly menu, and make sure to check out some of my free meal planning resources at the bottom of this post!

Menu Plan Monday {10/31/11}

posted by Andrea | 10/31/2011 | 6 comments

We have a jam-packed schedule this week and our quick, simple dinner menu definitely reflects that… but I figure I’m allowed an easy week since I am 8 1/2 months pregnant 🙂

If you don’t currently have a method for meal planning, feel free to follow our weekly menu {below}, and make sure to check out some of my free meal planning resources at the bottom of this post!

Menu Plan Monday {10/17/2011}

posted by Andrea | 10/17/2011 | 1 comment

Now that the weather here in West Michigan is finally starting to feel like Fall, I am much more willing to spend time in the kitchen… and I have a bunch of delicious meals and snacks planned for this week.

If you don’t currently have a method for meal planning, feel free to follow our weekly menu, and make sure to check out some of my free meal planning resources at the bottom of this post!

Menu Plan Monday {10/10/11}

posted by Andrea | 10/10/2011 | 6 comments

I talk a lot about meal planning here at Simple Organized Living, mainly because I know first-hand how much it helps ME to simplify and organize our weekly dinner time routine and plan my weekly shopping trips.

If you don’t currently have a method for meal planning, feel free to follow our weekly menu, and make sure to check out some of my FREE meal planning resources at the bottom of this post!

Menu Plan Monday {10/3/11}

posted by Andrea | 10/3/2011 | 3 comments

Ever since I shared our new method of meal planning, I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if I would share our actual meal plan for the week with links to any recipes I have here on my site.

So while I can’t guarantee I’ll post our menus every single week, here is what we’re eating this week.

Simplify Your Meal Planning Routine

posted by Andrea | 09/25/2011 | comment

The fall months are some of the busiest months for our family — and I suspect for many other families as well. With the start-up of another school year, more evening commitments, shorter days, and the upcoming holiday season; it’s easy to put meal planning on the back burner {pun intended!}

Weekend Giveaway: Oh!Dinner Meal Planning Membership

posted by Andrea | 09/17/2011 | 75 comments

I’ve been talking about meal planning a lot lately — and for good reason. The back-to-school and fall months are some of the busiest months in our house. Plus, with my crazy schedule, the addition of two new international students and a baby on the way, it is absolutely essential that I have our meals planned out ahead of time to resist impulse fast food and frozen pizza meals every night of the week!

Our new meal planning method is working wonderfully and if you’re looking for a great way to plan your weekly meals, check out this weekend’s giveaway!

How Do YOU Serve Dinner?

posted by Andrea | 09/13/2011 | 14 comments

Ever since we started eating dinner together with our two International students, I’ve been much more aware, not only about WHAT I serve for dinner, but also HOW I serve dinner.

I’ve been using a great meal planning method for the last several weeks, but I was still going back and forth about the best way to serve the meals. Now that we have more mouths to feed, I’ve been trying out a few different options to see which method works the best.

My NEW Meal Planning Method

posted by Andrea | 09/6/2011 | 14 comments

Today is the first day of school for Dave and for our two international students! Seriously, where did the summer go??? They all left the house at 6:50am this morning so Dave could make sure the girls knew exactly where their classes were, find their lockers, and so he could finish up a few last minute things in his classroom. The house is silent for the first time in over a week… I’m definitely NOT complaining! And with the start of […]

How I Organize My Recipes

posted by Andrea | 08/19/2011 | 26 comments

Lately, I’ve gotten several requests to show how I organize my recipes. And I think it’s probably the perfect time of year to talk about organizing recipes since the busy back-to-school season is almost here… and then before you know it, you’ll be cooking and baking for the holidays! In my opinion, it’s really important to have some sort of method to organize your recipes as it makes meal planning just that much easier. And I stress the “some sort […]

Making the Most of Your Freezer

posted by Andrea | 07/23/2011 | 1 comment

source: When it comes to meal planning, I consider my freezer to be almost as valuable as my oven! At least one of our weekly meals comes straight from the freezer, and many of our breads, cookies, bars, and other baked goods are simply pulled from the freezer on an “as-needed” basis. So whether you have a large extra freezer, or just the small freezer attached to your refrigerator, here are a few ways you can make the most of that […]