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posted by Andrea | 08/27/2010

Photo Credit: More Style Than Cash

I started packing my own lunches back in 5th grade. My mom would have done it for me, but I was too stubborn, head-strong, and organized to let her.

Fifteen years later, I’m still packing lunches — and I’m still stubborn, head-strong, and organized!

Lunch packing definitely is not one of my all-time favorite activities; it can be more work than going out to eat or buying school lunches. However, after realizing how much money I can save and reading that school lunches are linked to obesity, I figured it was probably worth the time I spend packing lunches every day.

And since it’s THAT time of year, I figured it would be fun to share some lunch-packing tips, tools, and inspiration from other like-minded, frugal bloggers.

Lunchbox Ideas and Inspiration — Life as Mom + 38 link-ups

Simple School Lunches — Simple Organized Living

Packing Lunches for 6 Kids — The Morris Tribe (yup, she’s organized!)

Thrifty School Lunches — The Coupon Challenge

Dishing Up Healthier Lunches — Going Green Mama

Cheap, Easy, and Healthy School Lunches — More Style Than Cash

Creative Lunchbox Ideas — Mom’s Toolbox

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!

What are your best school lunch ideas, tips, tools, and resources?


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  1. Karen


    Thank you for your blog, love it.


  2. Eos Mom


    Thank you, I need all these ideas! When I became a mom, I thought, I’ll just send my kid through the lunch line, none of the bagged lunch hassle–then I have a kid with tons of allergies and food issues. I not only send a lunch, but his daily snack as well. So thanks for all the links! 🙂


  3. mandi@itscome2this


    This is great Andrea!! I’m going to stumble your compilation!!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Mandi 🙂