Reader’s Tip: Clearing Bathroom Clutter

posted by Andrea | 09/20/2010

Some of the best things about running this website are the emails and comments I get from all of YOU — and my heart felt happy when I got this email from Becky:

“I did it!!!!! I organized my linen closet and made room for so much more stuff.

I like to shop sales and I found this $7 silverware organizer to store all my extra toiletries. Now they stay lined up and I can see them right when I open the door.

I tend to buy and use hair products sporadically, and I discovered that it got expensive to throw out what I wasn’t using, only to want the same product a year later.  Now I have a place to store them and I can hang onto the extras. I even discovered 2 bottles of conditioner as well as 2 bottles of dog shampoo I didn’t realize I had!

Thanks for your inspiration Andrea — organizing CAN save you money!”

OK, so don’t you just LOVE this idea??

Thanks so much for your email Becky; it made my day! And thanks for including the picture of your creative {and inexpensive} organizing tool — you must be a woman after my own frugal heart!

What about you?

Do you have any simple organizing ideas, or before/after pictures to share? Please send them my way — or just leave a comment! I love see what others are doing to get a little more organized!


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  1. outdovab


    ” Now I have a place to store them and I can hang onto the extras.”
    Where else can I read about it?