Creative Ways to Give a Giftcard

posted by Andrea | 12/17/2011

There’s only 8 days until Christmas… and if you are still frantically searching for the perfect gift, it might just be time to “resort” to a gift card.

However, even though a gift card might not seem like the most personal or thoughtful gift, I can almost guarantee the recipient will love it… and with just a few minutes and a little creativity, you can package your gift cards in a thoughtful way.

Here are a few creative ways to give a gift card:

Gas Card:

I don’t know anyone who would turn down a gas money — and you can make it a little more creative by filling a 5 gallon bucket with car air fresheners, car wash coupons, car cleaning supplies, a snow scraper, and/or car mats. They can use the bucket to wash their car and all the other supplies make the gift a little more “substantial”.

Movie Rental or Movie Theater Gift Card:

Fill a cute galvanized bucket or popcorn bowl with movie theater candy, pop corn, pop, wine, beer, a Netflix membership, a favorite DVD, and/or tickets to a local movie theater.

Restaurant Gift Card:

Dave and I almost never spend money going out to eat so we LOVE getting restaurant gift cards… and we’re happy with just the gift card. However, if you want to dress it up a bit, consider adding a home-made coupon for babysitting {if they have children} or a plate of homemade goodies for “dessert” after their night out.

Craft/Hobby/ Gift Cards:

I know a ton of people who have very specific hobbies and would probably love a gift card to their favorite craft supply store, art store, camera shop, car shop, antique shop, etc. Most of these smaller shops offer gift certificates that you could then pair with a small item from the shop for an ultra-personalized gift.

Beauty Product Gift Cards:

I get at least one Bath & Body Works gift card every year — which is great because I’m not likely to spend money on those type of items unless it’s with a gift card {and coupon!}. These gift cards are really easy to get creative with — simply package it with a bottle of lotion, perfume, a candle, bath salts, or even fuzzy socks and an eye mask!

E-Gift Cards:

I’ve done more online shopping this year than ever before — and I just love how quick and simple it is to find everything I want via my computer. No waiting in lines, no driving to the store, no loading up Nora and dealing with a fussy baby.

I’ve ordered pictures, photo books, gift cards, clothes, electronics and more via the Internet this year — and I noticed that many of the places I purchased gifts from offered the option to send e-gift cards/certificates to friends.

Now, even though I can’t think of a super creative way to give e-gift cards {they usually come via email} I still think would be excellent gifts for any tech-savvy person on your list.

Visa, Master Card, or American Express Gift Card:

If you really run stuck and can’t think of any creative ways to give a gift card or can’t think of what gift card to give; my best advice is to go with a Visa, Master Card, or American Express gift card. They are basically like cash — and I don’t know anyone who would turn down cash 🙂

Dave and I are giving lots of gift cards this year — and I don’t feel bad at all. I’m happy to know that the recipients will really like their gifts and I know they won’t have to worry about standing in long lines to do a return!

What are your favorite ways to give gift cards?


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  1. William Langdon


    I found the PERFECT way to give a gift card! It’s a website called — they have really creative arrangements that make it okay to give a gift card as a present.


  2. auri gibbons


    my husbands side of the family likes to find random boxes from items purchased like a cherrios box, amazon box, fruit snacks etc fill the box with shredded paper and hide the gift card in it. then you have to search the box for your gift. its fun and it often hilarious to see someone unwrap a box of cheerios with no idea whats inside.


  3. Lorna


    This year we gave Visa gift cards to the 4 nieces and nephews- I tucked them inside a little homemade stocking since I didn’t want to add weight to the box they were going in.

    We bought a Home Depot card for our son… and will include it with the small set of sockets we purchased at the same time. He can pick out the rest of his gift and make his new tool box exactly how he wants it. He had his tools stolen a few months ago and has been relying on a few he had in the garage or borrowing.


  4. Melissa B.


    I gave gift cards this year packaged in a Real Simple business card holder (found at Target). There is room to put more gift cards and keep them all in one place with cluttering up a wallet.


  5. Thrifty Mom in Boise


    I love to get gift cards too! Bath & Body Works is also one of my favorites.

    Sometimes it is fun to just wrap up the card in a box like a reglar gift. Or if you have the time you could wrap it a couple of times – a box, inside a box, inside a box.

    Love your ideas.