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posted by Andrea | 08/17/2010

In my opinion {take it for what it’s worth} pictures are a necessary evil. They are fun to take, develop, and share but then what?

I love looking at my pictures — at first — but then they just seem to accumulate and take up tons of space in boxes, bins, bulky photo albums, or on my computer {because I’m really bad a developing my pictures too!}.

About two years ago, I realized that I wasn’t taking any pictures; mainly because I felt overwhelmed with the pictures I already had…and I didn’t want to add to my photo clutter!

Luckily, after searching around for clutter-free photo options, I found, my new favorite {and FREE} digital photo album program. And now I’m hooked!

It’s so simple to get started — just follow these three steps:

Since then, I have scanned in  ALL our pictures into our computer (yes, it took while but now it’s done). Then I used Blurb to create digital photo albums that look so professional and take up way less space than traditional photos albums or scrap books.

Now, my life is summed up into 2 photo albums and one large digital file — which is organized by year!  The best part is that these digital photo albums take up so much less space than traditional  photo albums or scrapbooks (sorry crafters).

I’ve even used Blurb to create a cookbook with some favorite recipes (great for family gifts).

I love photos and I love digital photo albums. They save time, space, and money…and they just work for me!

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  1. Karen


    I just downloaded Blurb. Awesome.. Oh my gosh I have so many years of photos and kids pictures but this will be a great start. I wish I could just have you come to my house in Iowa and get me started with organizing. I am so overwhelmed. This is my year of decluttering and organizing. It is so hard now cuz of my fibro so I have to do little chunks at a time. I just know that I would feel better if I could get everything done but I have so much to do. Anyway, your site and your posts have helped me and I really appreciate it.


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Karen,

    I hope you love Blurb as much as I do!


  2. Barb @ My Daily Round


    I love Blurb! I used it to make an alphabet book for my kids. My husband liked it so much he won’t let the kids look at it and use it!

    I’m going to use it for my second son’s First Communion book starting this year. I have a friend who did that for her two children last year. I think she used snapfish, but I’m very happy with the editing capabilities of blurb, including the fact that it runs on my computer rather than online.


    Andrea Reply:

    An alphabet book is such a great idea! I’ll have to remember that one 🙂

    And I also love that you can use Blurb offline!


  3. Mandy


    Hi! I love organization tips (and actually did an organization post today too!). And I too just started to made these photo books! I have been using Picaboo though and really like the outcome of the books. I agree completely, these coffee table looking books are so much more appealing than a box of photo’s or the old fashion photo albums. I am on my 5th book and made one for all 3 of my kids for Christmas this year. Just love them!


    Andrea Reply:

    I’m glad to hear you had success with digital photo albums too. I love showing off my books and looking at my pictures so much more now that they are organized and in one location.