Favorite IKEA Products

posted by Andrea | 09/6/2010

One of my most Frequently Asked Questions is, “What are your favorite organizing products and tools?”

I’m not sure I have a single all-time favorite product {although I do love baskets} but this past weekend, Dave and I went to IKEA for the day. Now I remember why I LOVE that store — they have so many great storage solutions!

I wanted to buy everything in the store, but I have pretty good self control {and a really small car} so I didn’t! But I did see a TON of great storage pieces for extremely reasonable prices and I’ve put together a list of my top-10 favorites.

1. Magazine File — $1.99 for 5: I love these, not only because they are so ridiculously cheap, but also because they are an excellent way to conceal paper clutter. And even if you don’t have one piece of paper clutter in your home {right}, you can still use these to hold phone books, directories, school notebooks, small photo albums, etc, etc. Do I need to keep going? These are great!

2. Plastic Bags — $2.99 for 50: OK, so these are a tad more expensive than the plain zip-top bags you find at the grocery store, but aren’t they adorable! I love using these for craft projects or for giving food gifts. They are also great for special school lunches or as goodie bags for a birthday party. The possibilities are endless.

3. Storage Tins with Lid — $3.99 for 3: I love how versatile these storage tins are. They are pretty enough to sit out but small enough that I can hide them anywhere. I like using them as creative gift wrap {who wouldn’t love to receive a gift in one of these tins?} And they are cheaper than buying wrapping paper or expensive gift bags.

4. Fabric Storage Boxes — $9.99 for 6: These boxes solve a number of storage problems from the junk drawer to the bedroom closet. Personally, I like arranging them in my closet or my dresser drawers to store socks, undies, tank tops,etc. I would love to use them in my kitchen but our drawers aren’t deep enough.

5. IKEA PS Locker/Cabinet — $99: LOVE this! I am completely obsessed with the juicy red color of this cabinet. But even if you don’t like red {it comes in white too}, you can still visualize how cool this would look in a garage, in a child’s bedroom, playroom, or even just with a huge TV on top, right? And there is a TON of useful storage inside.

6. Ektorp Bromma Footstool — $149: If you are like me, you probably think that $149 is a little expensive for a footstool. However, this is MUCH more than just a foot stool; it’s an ottoman, a coffee table, AND a storage chest all in one. It also has a removable slipcover {multiple colors available} so you don’t have to worry about spills. And if you are patient enough, you might just find one like ours on Craigslist for a fraction of the price! LOVE it!

7. Cable Organizer — $10: How many cables and cords do you have cluttering up your counters right now? A bunch right? I hate the look of ratty cords hanging around, and this $10 cable organizer eliminates most, if not ALL our cords. The reason I like this organizer more than others is because is has a removable “lid” so you can easily access all your cords but still keep them hidden.

8. Metal Bin with Lid — $14.99: These 4-gallon metal bins are SO adorable. I love the colors! They are great for a child’s room, or any other project that needs a bit of color! I also love the lids. I see a lot of metal bins in stores, but they rarely come with lids…and I don’t like to see the clutter inside.

9. Dog Tail Hooks — $1.99: I love all types of hooks because they are a great space-save…but these hooks are just too cute! They are also made of rubber so there are no sharp edges and the colors are great.

10. 365+ Storage Containers — $1.99 – $4.99: OK, confession time; I have these storage containers ALL over our house! They are just so handy. I use them for chocolate chips, M&M’s, coconut, brown sugar, and other baking needs in my pantry. I use them to store sewing and craft supplies in our office. And I think I even have a few out in our shed!

What are your favorite IKEA products?


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  1. Karen


    I would use them in my pantry or maybe for some of my craft supplies. I am a subscriber also. Thanks!

  2. Staci Brown


    I like your idea of putting M&M’s in it! Sounds like a plan to me 🙂

  3. Allison


    Nice giveaway! You need to link it on Giveaway Friday at Atticmag so others will find out about it.

    Followed your link here from Fab Friday.


  4. Michelle


    I would most definitely use these fantastic storage containers in my pantry. I hate the clutter that boxes of snacks, etc. take up (such as granola bars), so I would use these to store the snacks and other such items in instead, thus reducing clutter, saving space, and allowing me to see what’s inside all in on! Recycle the large boxes and use the containers…sounds great to me! 🙂

  5. ashley


    I would use them to reorganize my room. My papers, folders, books and everything else could finallly have a place.

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  6. josieke van der ploeg


    I would use them to orginise my sons (3 year old) room

  7. Heather


    I would use the magazine files to organize my beloved “Family Fun” and “O” magazines plus a few different recipe collections (i.e. once-a-month-cooking printouts on 8-1/2×11 paper); fabric storage boxes would be a dream for sorting the odds and ends in my linen closet and the two kids’ closets; cable organizers would be handy all over my house (and might obviate the need for baby gates to keep my little guy from grabbing at the tangly mess!). I could go on and on. 🙂

  8. Sesha


    I already use the storage containers for my pantry and magazine holders for my kids school books. I need more containers for pantry though. I just love IKEA products and their prices

  9. Tami


    I would love to have these handy containers to organize some of our smaller counter clutter, my daughters play jewelry, snacks in the pantry, cut up veggies, my kids “treasures,” and craft supplies. I really need to get my house in order especially since we are expecting our fourth, out growing our house and not able to move anytime soon. Thanks for all your great ideas!!!

  10. Betsy (Eco-novice)


    I would use them for crafty/sewing projects and/or stuff in the kids’ room. I am a big IKEA fan and still some of your list is new (and wonderful!) to me. Can’t wait to go to IKEA again. I’ll have to check this list again before I make a list and go.

  11. Becky


    Maybe I misunderstood earlier and you wanted to know how I would use 10 of the Storage Containers:
    1. Embroidery thread.
    2. Sewing needles and spools of thread (I don’t have many).
    3. On top of my microwave to throw in those salt and pepper things you get with takeout food.
    4. Opened cheese in the fridge.
    5. Opened cheese in the fridge (I usually have two or more packages open at the same time.)
    6. Embossing powder for cardmaking (most people use ziplock bags or ziplock containers.)
    7 Embossing powder (There are about 3 colors that I access regularly, each needing its own container.
    8. Yet more embossing powder.
    9. Those pesky receipts on my counter space. Those “pour” lids would be perfect access.
    10. More receipts. One for the receipts I need to put away and 1 for the receipts I need to save for 30 days before I can shred and throw away.
    Thank you!

  12. Amanda G


    There are so any ways I could use these…


    It would be great for the dry storage in my pantry!

  13. Diane L


    My daughter is back home after living at college last year, and between her stuff and mine, we have quite a bit of clutter. I could really use these containers to help organize our home!

  14. Francis


    My pantry could really use some organization and this would be great.

  15. joslyn


    i would use the footstool with storage! my living room desperately needs a place to put all my magazines, mail, etc and not on the coffee table -this would be perfect

  16. Jay


    I would use the file pack to put our coupon inserts in!

  17. Anne


    It’s a toss-up between my pantry and my growing collection of craft/sewing supplies!

  18. Jos


    OH! I do the preschool crafts for our VBS. I would use these to order all the teeny bits and bobs that we keep on hand throughout the year for next year’s crafts.

  19. Stephanie


    I would use these containers to organize my son’s copious arts and crafts supplies.

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  20. Joanna


    I would use these to organize my scrapbook stash. All those little pieces tend to get away from me. LOL

    I also liked you on Facebook and I reposted the info on the giveaway on my Facebook page.

  21. catherine


    These would be great for school supplies and in my pantry…I need organization help all over the house!

  22. Leone


    oops! following and retweeted this on Twitter….user name TieTye64

  23. Leone


    Holy moly could I use these! I’ve recently started sewing and I’m FREAKING out because I don’t have a lot of storage for all my supplies. These would be AWESOME for supplies, fabric, separating projects, etc. Hopefully I’d have a few to use in the pantry too!
    Following you on Twitter AND reTweeted!

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  25. Abby


    Liked you on Facebook!

  26. Terry


    I would use them for storing small homeschooling supplies (like math manipulatives) and office supplies (paper clips, brad fasteners, etc.)


  27. Pat


    I could really use that storage footstool. It would be great to keep clutter from the floor, as well as you could use it to sit on. The locker cabinet would be great in my kid’s room to keep clutter at bay. I could use the rest for organization. What great items!

  28. Monette


    I have three sons and one daughter to constantly clean up after their messes so those lovely containers will definitely put to good use! I love the metal bin ones to put their own toys.

  29. Katy C


    I LOVE Ikea storage solutions. I would probably use most of these items in the nursery. I’m working on getting it organized, and several of these solutions would be magnificent! Like the storage ottoman it looks so comfy and yet would provide storage options. Or the metal bins, they would be adorable in a boys room and could hold toys, or be a “wet pail” for cloth diapers. And the locker cabinet, oh my word, would be an adorable bookshelf/window seat that my little boy to be could grow with as he got older. Love their stuff!

    I also subscribe via email.

  30. Michelle


    I am an unorganized person. I need them for organizing toys, clutter, my crafts cabinet and everything else in my house.

    After I got married I told my mom I was struggling with organization and de-cluttering. She THEN tells me this has been a life long struggle of mine and that I was always the most unorganized, thanks mom! I’ve realized that tools like these are the only things that can keep our house neat. I need all of them for everything.

    I liked you on Facebook and am now a e-mail subscriber.

    I love IKEA it’s saved our home from mess.

  31. Tsoniki Crazy Bull


    It would definitely be a toss up between the pantry and the craft room. The pantry looks pretty good right now, I’m using other storage bins to separate the kids snacks and lunch items, but it can always look better. I’ve lived here for just over three months and I’ve reorganized it twice!

    The craft room – I’m almost done organized it. I just recovered my ironing board and am working on making curtains for a shelving unit I have. I use storage container on top of container! These would be great for thread, kid craft items, small pieces of fabric, yarn, I’m sure the possibilities are endless!

    Followed you on twitter! I’m @tsoniki – and I tweeted. 🙂

  32. Lisa


    I would love to organize my linen closet and bathroom supplies!