Favorite Photo Memories of 2011

posted by Andrea | 12/30/2011

I think I’ve mentioned this before… but for the first 4 years of our marriage, Dave and I probably have less than 100 pictures total! Neither one of us really loves taking pictures OR being in pictures, and I often forgot my camera or simply didn’t feel like hauling it out to take a few quick pictures.

So, last year, I made a goal to start taking more photos — and I’m happy to say I followed through with that goal. Here are just a few of my most favorite photo memories from 2011…

Moving Day — seriously, we have SO much stuff!

The first winter in our “new” farmhouse.

Dave just had way too much fun on our tractor last winter!

The crazy wall behind our refrigerator! Yes, it still looks like that, but you can’t see it unless you pull the fridge out — it’s a look back on our home’s history!

Our very first picture of Nora — right around 18 weeks!

We didn’t do any yard work this year, but definitely reaped the benefits of the beautiful hydrangeas all along the North side of our farmhouse!

Totally in my element — computer, cell phone, water bottle, to-do list… sitting at my farm-style table!

Gotta love these baby boots! 

Happy FIVE year anniversary!

Our reclaimed barnwood floors were definitely a labor of love…

…but SO worth it in the end! 

This is one of my favorite maternity photos — I looked good, I felt great, and I wasn’t overly huge yet!

I had so much fun using my Grandma’s old sewing treasures to make fun projects around our house

Oh how I love Fall — and decorating our house for the season!

Our bathroom renovation was quite the project — but we are so happy with the results!

Our International Students — Nancy and Sarah

So many fun baby showers!! 

Maternity photo-shoot

Our first family photo

My sister {a labor and delivery nurse} giving Nora her first bath.

Nora’s first “smiles”

I LOVE this picture SOOOO much!!! 

My sweet, sweet baby. How can you not love those cheeks! 

Our new family of three.

One month old — and full of personality! 

Daddy and daughter on Christmas morning.

Our first FOUR Generation picture!


So many memories — all captured on film! 

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with how many pictures I took this year {and the fact that I kept them all organized too!}

I hope you also had many great memories in 2011… I know I’m looking forward to many more in 2012!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Julie@gosimplysavvy


    Lovely pictures! Aren’t you glad you picked up your camera. My challenge is editting all of the lovely digital photos and not keeping every single one of them! Have a wonderful, successful new year! Looking forward to sharing our passions for getting organized.


  2. Tiffany


    You had a busy 2011 – here’s to a quieter 2012 for you! Loved all the pictures from your review. Happy New Year!


  3. KimH


    Beautiful photos and Im so happy that you’ve dusted your camera off. You have a beautiful family. Wishing you an even more blessed 2012!


  4. emily


    I was just saying to my husband I need to take more pictures, especially more pictures with my camera and not my phone! Beautiful pictures Andrea!! So many wonderful events your family celebrated this year!


  5. Jen R


    Beautiful memories captured!


  6. DawnW


    Keep the baby pics coming! She’s precious!


  7. Katie


    great pictures and I love your blog! I’m hosting my first ever {2011 Year-in-Review} link party, feel free to link up here: http://theterpblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/2011-looking-back.html