Food Storage Containers + Giveaway!

posted by Andrea | 10/11/2010

If you are like most people {including myself} you probably have some pretty grungy looking food storage containers hanging out in one or more of your kitchen cabinets. You might even have some stashed away in your basement or garage — just in case!

Am I right??

Well, this weekend, I was in the mood to purge — so decided it was time to purge some of my food storage containers.

I’ve seen worse, but for me, this was out of control and WAY too cluttered with items we don’t need or use.

Thankfully, I was recently contacted by Karen Norris — the inventor of Stack Mates — who sent me a full set of Stack Mates to try out in my own kitchen. Woo-hoo!

If you’ve never heard of Stack Mates {a.k.a. the most ingenuous and amazing food storage products ever!} it’s probably because they are a very new invention and are only advertised and promoted via TV infomercials.

But thanks to Karen’s generosity…you can enter to win a brand new, squeeky clean, 10-piece set of Stack Mates right here! {Keep reading for details}

And just in case FREE products aren’t enough motivation, here are 10 reasons why you could use a set of Stack Mates.
1. Your containers don’t have matching lids.

Stack Mates have interlocking lids that attach to the bottom…which means you’ll never lose a lid again.

2. Your containers are forever “pink” because of the pasta sauce and chili you stored in them.

Stack Mates don’t stain — even after several “tests” in the microwave and freezer.

3. Your containers are actually reused yogurt, cottage cheese, or sour cream containers.

Stack Mates will look so much prettier in your fridge…and you’ll actually be able to see what’s inside.

4. Your containers no longer have a tight seal.Stack Mates have a super tight seal. I even tried shaking them with chicken broth inside!

5. Your containers are coated with a white film from washing them a few too many times in the dishwasher.Stack Mates are dishwasher safe {top rack} and won’t discolor or get that nasty white film.

6. Your containers are warped and don’t hold their shape anymore.

Stack Mates are made out of a heavy-duty plastic that won’t warp or lose it’s shape.

7. Your containers are more than 10 years old {I would say 5 years…but I don’t want to ruffle too many feathers!}Stack Mates = brand new!

8. Your containers were supposed to be “disposable” containers when you purchased them 3 years ago.

Stack Mates = brand new!

9. Your containers don’t stack or nest nicely inside of each other.

Stack Mates nest perfectly inside each other. A 10 piece set stands only 3″ tall.

10. Your containers have somehow migrated to the home of your college kids, friends, neighbors, or co-workers and you’re not sure when {if ever} they will come home. Stack Mates are only for you…no sharing!


So, who would like a FREE 10-piece set of Stack Mates?

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me how Stack Mates would help you to simplify and organize your life.

This contest is open until Saturday, October 16, 2010, at 11:59pm EST.

ONE winner will be selected at random and announced on Monday, October 18, 2010. Please read my full disclosure policy or contact me with any questions you might have. I received a free set of Stack Mates to review; however all opinions are my own!


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  1. Lara


    I NEED to get rid of all my old cottage cheese or yogurt containers! Having a nice matching set would be great!

  2. Jana


    I love making big meals and then having leftovers for a couple days. It can be tricky sometimes to find enough containers of the correct sizes. Some new Stack Mates would surely help with this!

  3. Juliana Tappen


    Your cabinets look neat compared to mine–I’ve resorted to just tossing in the lids and stacking the bowls. Looking for a lid has become a new challenge!

  4. VIcki VS


    My tupperware is in horrible condition and I would love to have only one shelf in the cupboard filled with containers.

  5. Linda


    wow, all those “before” style pictures are what my containers look like. I need some new ones and now!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Jen


    These would be really helpful. My problem is my containers are so mis-matched they don’t all fit in the cabinet good. Some tupperware, some rubbermaid, some chinese food place containers (maybe I could throw those ones out if i win).

  7. vickie


    Stack Mates would be useful to help me declutter the limited space in the kitchen cabinets. Perhaps I could convince my spouse to stop buying those disposable containers .Thanks

  8. Kendra


    Seriously?!? All 10 of those reasons apply to my life! I have just recently started cooking and am in desperate need of storage containers! I would still keep some of the old ones because my 17 month old LOVES to play with them, but these would be for FOOD!

  9. Sally


    Would love to have these! My husband accuses me of being ‘the child’ when i ‘play’ in my tupperware cabinet. Totally agree about the unmatching lids….but can’t throw them away because I might find the matching container!

  10. Amber


    These would be SO AWESOME to have, because I pack my hubby’s lunch in tupperware containers every day, and our system is not working!

  11. Amanda W


    This would help me by avoiding an avalanche every time i open my pantry. 🙂

  12. Monica


    Love those! So many good reasons for them, but especially love how streamlined the system is. My paraphenalia is constantly sliding off the lazy Susan I store them on!

  13. Margaret


    I am in desperate need of new food storage containers. I love the way the lid attaches to the container and all fit together. Such a system is essential for my small kitchen!

  14. Betsy (Eco-novice)


    I love #8. Isn’t that everyone?

  15. Patricia C


    Just sent out a tweet

  16. Patricia C


    Stack Mates would simplify my life by saving space in my cupboard and making it so easy when packing leftovers into the fridge. I love that the Stack Mates covers are color coodinated and attach to the bottom of the container.

  17. Kim


    They look awesome! I could relate to many of the “old” plasticware descriptions. It might be time to replace the old!

  18. Rachelle


    How wonderful that they stack! What a space saver in the few cupboards that I have!

  19. Lori E.


    When were you in my house taking pics of my containers??? I could SO use those containers! 🙂

  20. Becky


    I facebooked it!

  21. Becky


    I need these so my DH can stop nagging me to clean out the container cabinet.

  22. Kristen


    I was just thinking the other day that I needed to purge and sort my storage containers. I, too, reuse cottage containers and my “disposable” Ziploc containers. It would be nice to get some new storage containers that fit nicely together.

  23. Jolon


    As I child I was so obsessed with storage containers and my mom said they would entertain me for hours! (NERD here.) As an adult I’m STILL obsessed with storage containers and would love some for FREE. That’s right up my alley. 😉

  24. Suesan


    Since I’m down to about 5 storage containers, I could definitely use a new set. I’d love to win! I have a very small kitchen and have to store my containers in the laundry room. Having a set of Stake Mates would let me store my containers where I use them.

  25. Meave


    I have been thinking of getting some new storage containers, and these look great! I could get rid of the ones that my kids play with all the time and drop on the floor almost daily!

  26. Amber Friedli


    OMgoodness I have longed for these….my cabinets are a mess.

  27. Becky


    They had me at “dishwasher safe”. I think I’m in love with these containers. I would happily donate my older, but usable, Tupperware in exchange for these. I could take the brain cells I am currently devoting to trying to find a solution to lid and container organization and set them to work on something else. Like more cupboard organization.

  28. Stephanie


    Can I say that I said “YES” to every one of the items on the list?!!! I have containers w/ no lids, I have stains, ones that are warpped, ‘disposables’, etc.

  29. Karen


    Let’s just say that the cabinet that stores my containers – looks nothing like yours at the moment. I need to a serious purge and these new storage containers would really help. I also love that they are BPA free. Thank you!

  30. Brenda


    I love to organize too, but tupperware (by that I mean mostly cottage cheese containers) doesn’t organize well and takes up lots of space. I like the BPA free quality of these seal proof, storage wizzards! I’d love to win!

  31. Amanda Jayne


    I love this! I think it’s amazing that the lid snaps to the bottom and then still fits into the larger one…I have a huge jumble of containers and I can never find the right size. Having them stack together with the lid would be awesome!

  32. ElaineDavis


    Since we’ve been married for 16 wonderful years : ) guess how old most of my storage containers are?! (That’s not counting the cool whip, cottage cheese, and yogurt containers, of course!!)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Michelle Geissler


    Oooh! These look fun & handy. I am so sick of my pile of Tupperware. It’s always impossible to find a cover that works. 🙂

  34. Aimee


    I would be able to reclaim nearly 2 whole cupboards if I consolidated and only used Stack Mates! I’d love to win…

  35. Trisha


    Did you take all those photos from MY cupboards? Stack mates would help for all the same reasons you listed! And the fact that the lids go on the bottom?!?! Lifesaver!

  36. Tami


    Wow, I think I could reclaim an entire cupboard if I had a set of these to save space. And they would probably be in use most of the time which would give me even more space!!

  37. Laura


    I can never keep the containers in my pantry organized… it’s a never-ending battle. It looks like Stack Mates would solve that problem!!

  38. Monette


    I would love to replace my old ones bec. I met the criteria of the above ten reasons why I should!!

  39. michelle


    OMG….my cupboards are so small. It’s hard to even get the kids to put dishes away, because they don’t know how to stack everything up. I would love to win the stack mates!