Get Control of Your Email Clutter

posted by Andrea | 10/27/2011


Do you have email clutter?

Even though your email clutter will never visibly clutter up your work-space, I can guarantee it will clutter your mind and severely decrease your productivity, time management, and ability to find what email you need when you need it.

In today’s media-centric society, it’s not uncommon to get 50-100 emails (or more) in a single day. All those emails coming in can be a bit overwhelming; and if you don’t have a great system to manage them, your Inbox can quickly spiral out of control and soon you’ll be scrolling through 1,800+ emails to find the ONE email you actually need.

I used to feel overwhelmed with my email until I starting implementing a few very simple principles that have drastically reduced the amount of email clutter I have in my Inbox — and the amount of time I spend dealing with email.

No matter what email platform you use or how many different email accounts you have, these simple tips should also help you to reduce the amount of email clutter you have and in turn, increase your productivity.

Head on over to the Turnstone Blog to read my simple, yet effective tips to get control of your email clutter. 

Believe it or not, at the end of each day, my Inbox almost always has less than 5 emails — and on good days, I’ll totally clear it out. That’s a great way to start the next day!

How many emails are in your Inbox right now?!?!


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  1. Kristen


    Great tips! For the last year, I’ve worked really hard at always keeping my inbox to one page or less. I’m a bit behind and have 46 messages to deal with. I’ve read them…but need to file them and organize. An empty inbox every morning? I’m impressed, Andrea!


  2. Verity


    I found it! 🙂 Here is the link. As usual – a great article Andrea!