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posted by Andrea | 11/24/2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day! {and happy birthday to my sister!}

Thanksgiving is FOR SURE my favorite holiday of the year. I simply LOVE the Fall, fall decorations, the anticipation of Christmas festivities, the huge Thanksgiving meal {and all the leftovers}, the long weekend off from school, spending time with family, putting up our Christmas decorations, and even the crazy Black Friday shopping — although I won’t be participating in that this year!

And as we load up the car to bring our baby girl home from the hospital, I have yet another reason to love the Thanksgiving holiday and a HUGE reason to be thankful this year.

So as we enjoy a day off from our regular routine, good food, and great company; I want to leave you with a post I wrote last year… just because I think it is SO fitting for this time of year.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and I assume we’ve all been quietly reminiscing on all the blessings in our lives, right?

Not you?

Oh, you’ve been too busy thinking about the HUGE list of things you have to do… don’t worry, I’m guilty too!

However, I’d like to challenge us all to GIVE THANKS today, tomorrow, and always. Not only for the good things in our lives, but for everything.

Give Thanks…

…for dirty dishes. They’re proof of a home-cooked meal.

…for dirty piles laundry. They’re proof of a family you love and care for.

…for dirty diapers. They’re proof a precious little baby 🙂

Give Thanks…

…for the clutter in your home. It means your home is lived-in, used, loved, and comfortable.

…for sticky fingerprints on your windows and doors. It means you have children playing {or a messy husband!}

…for dust, dirt, and grime. It probably means you’ve been enjoying your life instead of cleaning, right?!

Give Thanks…

…for utility bills and mortgage payments. At least you’ll have a warm, cozy home all year long.

…for the mountain of gifts you have to buy. At least you have loved-ones to buy for.

…for any debt you have. At the very least, you’ll learn from your choices, and hopefully grow in the process.

Give Thanks…

…for the long lines at the store. They signify great deals!

…for blustery winter days. They signify Spring is coming.

…for the busyness of this holiday season. It signifies family, friends, food, faith, fellowship, and more!

In all life there is evidence of living.

Sometimes that evidence looks like clutter {OK, a lot of times}, but sometimes it looks like a reason to be thankful for the abundance in our lives. So before you start attacking every mess, grouching at your kids or spouse, and forgetting the reason behind the holiday season, look around and consider…

Is all that surrounds you clutter—or abundance?


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  1. Meghan


    We brought our first baby girl home from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day five years ago! It’s amazing how time flies! Enjoy that precious girl 🙂


  2. Suzanne


    Beautiful photos!
    When I look around and see all the toy mayhem in our house and spend time putting extra toys in totes to store so it is not sprawled out for company, I do feel a sense of abundance in all the great family and friends who have gifted my son with these great play items. His imagination grows!


  3. Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life


    Congratulations on your new addition to your family.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  4. Thrifty Mom in Boise


    Congratulations Andrea! So happy for you. She is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.