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posted by Andrea | 11/10/2011

Yesterday, I talked about our lack of a mudroom — which was one thing we had to comprimise on when we purchased our farmhouse last winter. We would have loved a big mudroom… but it just wasn’t going to happen in this house.

However, there were several other things we were not willing to compromise on… one of which was a main-floor home office. 

Since I work from home almost all the time, and Dave spends many evening hours grading papers and planning lessons for the week, we BOTH really wanted a place to store and organize all of my business things, his school things, and everything else we use to run our home.

So a home office we very high on our “what we want in our next house” list.

Our OLD “Home Office”:

We never had a real home office in our first house… but I made due with a small desk in our den/dinning room area and Dave did much of his work at the kitchen table or on the couch. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked!


Our NEW Home Office:

I can vividly remember the first time we walked through our farmhouse and I saw the main floor home office. It was so ugly… but had SO much potential.

I knew this room would become one of my most favorite rooms — and I was right!

I absolutely LOVE every minute spent in our home office — and now that we knocked out one of the walls, the office is totally open to the living room and kitchen area {which is exactly what I wanted}.

You can see the entire transformation here.


And even though I’m extremely happy with our new home office, I just can’t stop myself from searching the internet for other drool-worthy home offices.

Here are a few of my favorite home offices from around the web:

Martha Stewart’s Home Office: This one is so completely over-the-top that I just HAD to show you!

I love how this home office makes great use of such a long, skinny space.

Who would have though you could transform a tiny space under the staircase into a fabulous home office!

I always thought it would be so fun to have a “closet home office” but I’ve never had the right closet.

I love all the white and soft colors in this home office — what a lovely place to spend the day!

And even though I do love white, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by this totally rustic home office. What a fun place for a bunch of kids to sit and do their homework!

Ok, one more… just because I love all home offices with dual-seating {like our office!}

If you still need MORE home office inspiration, you can see a whole bunch of other REALLY inspiring home offices on my Pinterest board {get ready to drool!}

What would your DREAM home office look like?

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  1. Mae @ WoFin Blog


    I like the use of the small skinny office space, its a great use, especially for those who are in major metros and have smaller homes or condos. Most people never really maximize their space floor to ceiling wise and this photo demonstrates it well.


    I just posted an article on my blog the other day talking about getting your $ worth out of a home office.