How I Remember…Seasonal Home Maintenance

posted by Andrea | 06/3/2011

Have you ever wondered…

  • “When was the last time I changed my toothbrush?”
  • “How long has that food been in the freezer?”
  • “Does my car need an oil change?”
  • “Do I need to change the furnace filter?”

Me too!

After we got married and were “out on our own” there were so many little home maintenance chores that we honestly never even thought of. I think we went almost a year before realizing we should change our furnace filter {seriously!}. And I don’t think I washed any of our windows for at least 18 months!

All those little chores just seemed to fall through the cracks because they weren’t something that required weekly, or even monthly attention…so we forgot.

But then I came up with a system to remember:

Every time I pay my quarterly business taxes {one of the negative things about running your own business} I also try to accomplish a whole bunch of “seasonal home maintenance chores” that same week.

Taxes are due on March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15 — so I just mailed my second quarter payments today and have already tackled a few of the things on the list below.

For example — every quarter I try to:

  • rotate our mattresses
  • change our toothbrushes
  • open a new tube of mascara
  • wash the rugs
  • change the bag in the vacuum
  • put a new box of baking soda in the fridge
  • wash the blankets and comforters — I wash the sheets much more regularly than this 🙂
  • quickly wash the windows — I have the kind that flip in so they’re really easy to wash
  • dust the baseboards
  • dust the ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • take inventory of our freezer and make a plan to eat up some of our stock pile
  • change/clean the furnace filter
  • get the oil changed in our cars

I could go on, but I think you get the idea!

I know it’s crazy, but for some reason, paying my quarterly taxes always reminds me to do these tasks!

So, for those of you who don’t have to pay quarterly taxes, let ME be your reminder to take care of these seasonal home maintenance tasks 🙂

Another good way to remember is by following the start of each new season {March 21, June 21, Sep. 21, and Dec. 21}. Or you could write reminders on your calendar, use your kid’s birthdays, holidays, or I supposed you could just have an amazing memory and remember to do them all on your own!

What are your tricks?

How do you remember these random, but very necessary, “chores”?


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  3. Cassie


    Hey Andrea. I just thought I would let you know I posted about the calender this morning. =D let me know what ya think.

    Have a great weekend!


    Mel Reply:

    Hi Cassie- I’d love to see your calendar if it’s still available. I clicked on your link but it said that the blog is not found. Thanks for the organization inspiration!


  4. Melanie


    I’m a teacher, so my life is automatically set up in quarters (though technically there are 5 per year, if you include summer). I know that if my grades are due, I know I need to change my toothbrush, water filter, check the smoke detectors, etc. It’s worked pretty well so far!!!


  5. Kari


    Hmm…I think I’ve had the same box of baking soda in my fridge since we moved her and got it…4 years ago! Clearly, changing that NEVER crosses my mind.

    I too struggle with remembering the toothbrushes and some of the other tasks. I’m a CPA, so the quarterly deadlines are a little busy for me, but maybe right after would work great.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — well, I think you better change that box of baking soda for a fresh one {especially since you can usually get them on sale for 50 cents!}.

    It’s crazy how all these little tasks always seem to fall through the cracks, even with the best of intentions!


  6. beingjennifer


    I think I’ll do things each month and add them to my computer calendar. That way I can get a reminder at the beginning of each month for what I need to work on and I can clear them from my reminder page as I finish them. Thanks for the inspiration!


    Andrea Reply:

    ah yes, electronic calendars have those great little reminders that just keep popping up again and again until you complete the tasks at hand! sounds like a good system — and you’re welcome for the inspiration!


  7. Alana


    Great suggestion! I don’t pay quarterly business taxes but the first-day-of-a-new-season method is a great idea!


  8. Cassie


    That is a great way to remember! I created a calender for cleaning (i’ll be posting about it in the near future) and I also have my quarterly, annual, etc. list printed up. I refer to my calender every day and that lets me know if something needs to be done that is quarterly, anuualy, etc. 🙂 It’s a great system.


    Andrea Reply:

    Wow, that does sound like a great system — SO organized! I’ll be looking for that cleaning calender soon 🙂


    Cassie Reply:

    I can’t wait to post about it. I think your going to love it. 🙂