How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

posted by Andrea | 08/2/2010
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Whenever I wash my sheets or organize my linen closet, I remember the time I watched Martha Stewart demonstrate how to fold fitted sheets on live TV. I thought it was silly at the time, but I soon realized fitted sheets were problematic for many people, including many of my clients.

The whole process is very simple, but I figured it would be more fun to watch a few video demonstrations!

Here are the 3 most-viewed U-tube clips for your educational enjoyment.

This is the way I fold my sheets — he must really knows his stuff!

This one seems a bit more complicated; but it still works.

And this one clearly demonstrates the space-saving aspect of a properly folded fitted sheet!

See, it’s not so difficult..and now you’ve probably got a few laughs in for the day !

How do you fold your fitted sheets? Do you do actually fold them or just shove them in your closet?

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  1. Jenny Brown


    When you have folded your sheets, place them inside the corresponding pillow case along with the other case which belongs to the set. Stores easily and neatly in your linen cupboard.


  2. L.


    I worked in a commercial laundry. We fold them exactly as the woman in the second video. Kuddos for posting!


  3. Janelle


    I fold them the way the guy showed…but I learned a few new techniques that I did not have “down” yet – the squaring it off at the end – I kind of made it up, but his looks a little better than mine! Thanks!


  4. amy


    Love it, Terrific work!