How to Store Extra Linens

posted by Andrea | 01/31/2012


Since this is the time of the year to stock up on linens during all the “white sales” at local department stores, I thought it might be a good time to talk about storing and organizing extra sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc.

I already showed you how our lack of a mudroom forced me to get creative and turn a $20 armoire into a totally functional mudroom… well, I also had to get creative when it came to storage for extra linens because we don’t have any type of linen closet either {and our renovations have not created a convenient place to put one yet!}

I know many people share this same frustration when it comes to storing extra sheets, blankest, towels, etc. so here are some of my tips to hopefully simplify the process. 

1. Sheets:

We only have one set of sheets for every bed in our house… and they are on the beds! When it’s time for me to wash them, I wash/dry them and put them right back on the bed. Not only does this force me to get the laundry done on time, it also eliminates the need for extra storage.

For small children/babies who frequently get their sheets dirty in the middle of the night, I simply put 2 or 3 layers of waterproof mattress pads and sheets on their bed so I can quickly take the top layer off and put them right back to bed.

If you do want to have an extra set of sheets for each bed, consider storing them in between the mattress and box spring — you won’t be able to feel them, and you’ll save lots of storage space!

***One more tip for storing sheets — if you are storing extra sets in some type of cabinet, drawer or closet, simply fold the set together, and then put it inside one of the pillowcases. That way, you’ll keep every set together and you’ll never have to go searching for a missing bottom sheet or pillowcase ever again 🙂

2. Blankets:

We live in Michigan… it gets REALLY cold here in the winter, and we keep our house REALLY cold at night so we all have multiple blankets on our beds. However, in the summer, we don’t need all the blankets so I have to store them somewhere.

One thing I do is to put several thin blankets on our bed instead of one really thick blanket. Then, as the weather gets warmer in the spring, we take one of the thin blankets off. Then we take another one off in the summer months, etc. Plus, thin blankets are much easier to store than thick blankets.

I store our blankets in an extra dresser we have in our upstairs storage closet. It has 2 large drawers that provide more than enough space for all our extra blankets. Another idea would be to store them in an attractive armoire, an old trunk, or even hang them on rungs of a large ladder.

3. Comforters & Quilts:

We have one comforter for each bed… and they stay on the beds all year long. If it gets to hot for comforters in the summer, we just push them to the bottom of the bed when we are sleeping — mainly because they are just too big to store.

If you want to store your comforters, I would definitely suggest using Space Saver bags {these large Space Saver Cubes are my favorite for storing bulky items}. Once your items are sealed inside the Space Saver bags, you can store them in your closet, in a dresser drawer, in boxes in the basement, etc. They should stay protected from moisture, insects, dust, and anything else that could ruin them.

4. Pillows:

We have a large extra closet upstairs that I hang our extra pillows in. I simply clip them onto pants hangers, put a clean garbage bag over the top and then hang them from the bar. This method has worked well for me — but you could also use the Space Saver bags to eliminate some of the “bulkiness”.

5. Towels:

Towels are another thing that I don’t like to store because they always seem to take up SO much space. Every person in our house has 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 wash cloths — that it!

We use them for a couple of days and then put them in the wash. At the end of the week, I do a load of towels and we start over again. So we really don’t need to have tons and tons of extra towels taking up valuable storage space.

However, we do have one basket of extra “guest towels” available if we need them — and that basket fits perfectly with the decor in our bathroom… so I don’t mind storing them there at all!

6. Tablecloths and Napkins:

We don’t use tablecloths that often, but I do have a few. I store them in the bottom of a buffet table we have in our dinning room. We store our cloth napkins in a basket on top of that buffet table… and simply rotate them out as we use them.

These are just a few of my ideas for storing extra linens. Some day, I’ll build a house with a huge walk-in linen closet and store everything in one place… but for now, these creative solutions are working just fine 🙂

How do you store and organize your extra linens?


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  1. Heather


    Pillows on pant hangers! What a genius idea. We have extra pillows and nowhere to put them. I might even give the hanger idea a try for our extra blankets and towels. Thank you for such good ideas.


    Andrea Reply:

    haha — happy to help 🙂


  2. Lindsey


    Hi Andrea,

    I was wondering if you have a favorite brand of towel? Thank you!


  3. 4 tips for whipping those closets into shape | Smart Living Blog


    […] If your house doesn’t have a linen closet (like mine), Andrea Dekker has some ideas for making do. For instance, instead of bulky blankets that are tough to store, she suggests layering the bed with multiple thin blankets that can be reduced as the weather gets warmer. Quilts and comforters can stay on the bed year-round; in the warmer months they just stay folded down at the foot to provide a decorative touch. And if you don’t have drawers for storing extra pillows, try clipping them to a trouser hanger and hanging them in the closet. (Simple Organized Living) […]

  4. Maurs


    Since we’ve moved house and have no linen closet, I’ve started storing the spare bed linen and towels in the ‘bottom drawer’ in the bedroom of each ‘owner’. That gets rid of the excess and keeps things very simple.

    I don’t have heaps of ‘spares’. The guests get to use the unused linen that’s not on our bed. I’ve seen too many homes with the ‘just in case family stay’ linen… that develops into a mountain. One of my mates is an awful hoarder and seems to be preparing for a nuclear holacost!! When I helped her de-clutter her linen closet, she had over 60 towels and ended up giving away over 7 duvet/bed linen sets. She still had over 3 sets per bed left.

    She was pretty shocked herself, but you know…. the less you have, the more you can see WHAT you have and then there’s no ‘lost/ black hole’ in your home.


  5. Katherine


    Great ideas! Our house is 110 years old and there is very little closet space. I’m going to rearrange some linens tonight!! Thanks for the ideas


  6. Ann


    Since I only buy things when they are on sale, I do buy new sheets when I see a good deal. I dislike having my sheets get bally or too worn to use and not having another set ready to go. We also have lots of out of town family and guests so we have tons of extras at the ready. I also learned the hard way that if you want your sheets to match your comforter you should buy 2 sets right away (or in the case of bunk beds, 4 sets!). By the time you need another set of sheets, you will no longer be able to find that pattern/color. I have one drawer in the bathroom dedicated to sheets and have rubbermaid containers with a variety of pillows in the storage room. (It’s amazing how people have different preferences -thin, fluffy, large, small, etc). Extra blankets can be stored in your suitcases. If you need the suitcases to travel, simply put the blankets on the shelf by themselves until you return and then replace them into the suitcases!


    Andrea Reply:

    Ah yes… we have many different pillows too 🙂 Even just for our own preferences… sometimes we like thick and fluffy, other time we want small and flat!


    sheena Reply:

    love the suitcase idea really awesom!


  7. Annette {Simple Mom}


    I store tablecloths on a pants hanger.

    Since we often have family visiting overnight, we have many extra blankets and pillows…and need them.


  8. April W.


    I love these tips, especially the pillow storage tip. We also try to limit our linens, but without a dryer in the house, we have to manage with 2 sets of sheets for our bed (one of which doubles as “guest” sheets). Thanks for the inspiration!