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posted by Andrea | 02/23/2012


Each month, I write a few posts for other blogs… and for the month of February, my guest posts were all about productivity {one of my favorite subjects!}

I talk a lot about productivity, time management, schedules, to-do lists, etc. etc. but there is ALWAYS so much more to say! So if you’re looking for a few more tips and ideas to help increase your productivity at home and at work, the links below are filled with helpful tips and suggestions!

1. Working With A Block Schedule

I’ve talked about how I’m using a block schedule to help me be more productive and get more done with a newborn at home. However, the concept of a block schedule can easily apply to anyone who struggles to get things done on time.

In my opinion, block schedules increase productivity because you have a specific time deadline. And that sense of urgency is a great source of motivation!! 

If you’ve never tried a block schedule, you might just want to read more about it!

2. Dealing with a Lack of Productivity and Burnout

The winter months can often cause a lack of productivity due to burnout. The days are shorter, the weather is nastier {at least here in West Michigan}, the holidays are over, and spring is still too far away. Add in the day-to-day stress of your job, family, and other commitments… and burnout is the result.

If you feel like you are struggling with the lack of productivity do to burnout, here are a few ways you might be able to regroup.

3. Five Simple Ways to be MORE Productive

Productivity is a pretty hot topic in today’s busy world… everyone {including myself} wants to do more in less time and be MORE productive. This can seem like an overwhelming and somewhat impossible task, especially if your schedule is already filled to the max.

However, here are a few simple ways you can you can be MORE productive… starting today!

Productivity is one of those topics I could go on and on about; especially now, since I’m desperately trying to figure out my “new routine” with a baby at home.

And since I don’t always have to be the one giving advice, I’d love to know…

What are your best productivity tips?


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  1. gma


    Sounds like Nora wants to be more productive herself; scheduling an “exercise block” in the evening, after dinner. Maybe this will tire her out.: Work her large muscle groups by using her natural instinct to resist/pull; bring her hands together to clap, with each hand touch her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, chin, toes, and belly. Teach and guider her how to roll from side to side; pedal her legs for a short while. Then take her for a evening stroll. Stimulate all the sences; having her bed space with a pleasant arouma will help her relax. Music, lullybyes or your choice. Lights that are low and easy for her eyes to adjust.


  2. ShannonP


    I run a transcription company from my home and I also am raising three children (5, 3, and 13 months). I am pretty much a single mom four days a week because of my husband’s work schedule. So, I am pulled in a lot of different directions. I have found over the years that I am very deadline oriented. If something doesn’t have to be done immediately, it takes forever to get it done. I have found that getting up at 6:00 or even 5:00 to work is much more efficient for me than staying up late after the kids to bed. If I stay up at night to get something in that is due “sometime tonight,” I find myself constantly on FB or dorking around. But, if I only have a few hours until a transcript is due, I am extremely productive and can even get MORE done. I am NOT a morning person. If I could, I would sleep in until 9:00 or 10:00 and stay up until 2:00 AM or so. Naturally, that doesn’t work with three kids. LOL I have learned to embrace my deadline-orentation-ness and make it work for me rather than trying to fight against my nature.

    One other thing that I have found helps is when I find myself clicking over to FB too often, I lot myself out. Just the simple extra step of having to log back in jogs my brain enough that I realize I am on autopilot and wasting time, so I close my internet browser instead of logging in. Those are two things that work for me.


  3. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead


    My husband and I recently started reading Getting Things Done plus the Evernote GTD solution that puts the pieces of GTD together in the digital age. SO awesome. You use Evernote as your To Do list along with Google Calendar (two tools I already loved) and it’s been working great for us, especially my husband who was really starting to struggle with keeping all his tasks going.

    Also, for those that work a lot on their computers, there is a cool Promodoro extension for Chrome (probably for other browsers too) that works on the 25 min working / 5 min break principle. It will lock you out of FB, Twitter and any other sites you select when you’ve got the work timer running, and only let you access them once a break period starts. I use it a lot lately and it’s really effective. Plus it’s incredible how much you can get done in such a short period of time.