Make Your Own T-shirt Bag!

posted by Andrea | 03/29/2011

I’m always looking for ways to reuse old T-shirts — because we have SOOOOO many of them!

I swear, we get a new T-shirt every other week, but they’re all free from sports camps, church groups, random organizations, school, etc. And I hate to just throw a perfectly good T-shirt away!

So, I started making lots of multi-colored rags. But honestly, how many rags do I need?

Then, I set some T-shirts aside for a T-shirt quilt {that I still haven’t made}.

And now, I’m making reusable bags from our extra T-shirts!

Each bag takes about 15 minutes, they are nearly impossible to mess up, and they only require one straight seam {that you can do by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine}!

You can definitely do this!


1. an old T-shirt

2. sharp scissors

3. a needle and thread {or a sewing machine}



1 . Cut off the sleeves and neckline of the T-shirt

I ended up cutting the neckline a little lower than this picture.

2. Sew along the bottom hem of the shirt

I sewed two seams to make it extra thick — and it obviously doesn’t need to be straight 🙂

Also, my T-shirt had a logo on the front that I didn’t want to show. So I sewed the bottom while the logo was facing out, and then turned it in-side-out so the logo was not visible.

3. Cut 1″ slits in rows up the front and back of the T-shirt

The slits will give it a more “decorative” look and help the bag to stretch when you put heavy objects inside.

That’s it — in a bout 15 minutes, you can make your own T-shirt bag!

Please know that the bag looks much better “in real life”! It was a dark day and I had horrible lighting 🙂

It’s the perfect bag for a day at the beach, going to the farmer’s market, or an extra bag for vacation!

You know you can do this… and I guarantee you have an extra T-shirt or 12 sitting around your house!

What do you do with all your extra T-shirts?


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  2. Lindsay


    That looks super awesome!! I am definitely going to try it! Thanks for sharing!


    Andrea Reply:

    Thanks Lindsay. These bags are SO easy…I literally finished in about 15 minutes. Maybe it can be a weekend project!


  3. Judy


    I started cutting up t-shirts in high school for a quilt and got so sick of the pile sitting around that I threw them away 🙁 I regret it now that I’m finding awesome projects like this to recycle t-shirts with!


  4. Monette


    This is perfect for groceries and then throw it in the wash when it gets dirty!


    Kari Reply:

    I was just thinking the washable aspect would be great!


    Andrea Reply:

    Yes, these bags are much more washable then some of the other reusable bags!