My Clever Gift Wrap Storage

posted by Andrea | 01/3/2013

I’ve always had a fair amount of gift wrap, bags, tissue paper, ribbon, etc. because I like to be prepared in case I need to give a last-minute gift. Plus, I reuse bags, tissue paper, etc. (as long as they are still in good condition), so I usually get a lot of “new” wrapping supplies this time of year!

I was starting to get overloaded a bit so over Christmas break, so I took about 30 minutes to VERY QUICKLY go through my wrapping supplies and get organized again. I purged everything that was ripped or unusable, I donated anything I didn’t like or want, and then I reorganized the rest.



I also have a couple rolls of white paper, brown craft paper, and red/green paper that aren’t in this picture. Plus, I have a basket of ribbons, bows, etc.   I try to keep my gift wrap to a reasonable amount while still having a variety of wrapping options for different gift-giving occasions.

This year, after I organized the gift wrap, I decided to move it all to a different storage location.

We used to store it all in the back of our office closet… but it was really hard to access and I couldn’t store the wrapping paper back there because it was too tall.

So since I don’t need to access the gift wrap on a regular basis (and since we’re trying to clear out the office closet for another project), I decided to move the gift wrapping supplies to an empty computer armoire in the landing area upstairs.

We found this armoire on Craigslist for only$40.00 and have basically been using it as a “decoration” for the past 2 years.

The whole moving process only took about 15 minutes (after I had things organized) and I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

I’m storing the rolls of wrapping paper on the pull-out keyboard tray.

Then I have one bag of boxes, one bag of gift bags, and a basket of ribbons/bows/etc. on a lower pull-out shelf.

I put tissue paper and “stuffing” in 2 of the smaller side shelves.

And I even have room for some of our shipping boxes and packaging tape on the very bottom shelf.

In the top half of the cabinet, I put box with extra gifts, a basket with tape and scissors, and then a few more smaller gift boxes.


All our wrapping supplies are now in one convenient location, they are all easily accessible but out of the way, they are hidden behind closed doors, and best of all, they are completely out of Nora’s reach 🙂

I don’t foresee needing this cabinet for anything else in the near future (we don’t even use the upstairs except when guests stay with us), so I think this will be a fabulous place to keep our wrapping supplies for at least a few years!

How do you store your gift wrapping supplies?


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  2. James Russel


    Rest wrapping paper on the bottom shelf and hang scissors from a hook. Wrapping paper storage is always a huge headache, and you’ve definitely found a way to solve the problem.


  3. Michele


    I had an old dresser/desk that was in my Grandmother’s room that I painted and added cute knobs for my daughter’s room. When she couldn’t use it anymore I didn’t want to get rid of it for sentimental reasons so I put it in the garage and filled it will wrapping supplies. The top has an opening that I use for ribbon, scissors, tape and little embellishments. In the first drawer I have folded up tissue paper that is color coordinated. (I am a freak about not throwing away tissue paper from gifts.) The next two drawers are full of bags. I have a garbage can next to it that hold all of the paper. Everything is easily accessible and I love it. 🙂


  4. Amy


    Laying around in sad little crushed piles in random closets throughout the house.


  5. Amanda


    I love this idea! We actually have several smaller under the bed containers – I have one that is for tissue paper, one for gift bags, one for boxes, and one for misc – ribbon, bows, random decorations, a couple of rolls of tape and a pair of scissors – they all go under our guest bed – so they’re easily accessible, but completely out of the way.

    I keep my Christmas stuff separate and in a different place – I have a bigger under the bed container – it contains Christmas specific tissue paper, gift bags, ribbon, some Christmas cards and gift tags. It goes on a shelf in our basement w/ a large bag that has rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. I buy all of my Christmas wrapping supplies after Christmas so I get them for 70%+ off, so yes I have to store it for a year, but I get it SO much cheaper.


  6. Catrece


    When we bought our washer and dryer they came with the draws under them for free. One holds wrapping supplies the other birthday party supplies


  7. Tracy @


    OMG! I am a little spooked out right now, because my wrapping supplies are stored almost the same way! We call our storage bags, “bag of bags”. For example, if my husband asks if we have an extra gift bag, I say “Did you check the bag of bags?”


  8. Jen


    I have mine in the linen closet. Our home is very small, so we have to use every inch as well as possible. So on the floor of my linen closet I have my tall, clear wrapping paper tote with all the rolls except for one (too tall) inside. In the lid is tape, a pen, and scissors. Then behind the tote on the floor under the shelves are two large gift bags with smaller gift bags stored in them, a box full of tissue paper, and a Kroger bag with ribbons and bows and whatnot. It’s in decent shape, but it could probably use a quick purge and tidy-up, so maybe I’ll try to get to that today. Great post!


  9. Jennifer


    I keep all of my rolls of christmas paper in an inexpensive zippered dress bag. It hangs on the inside of our attic door. All of my other wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags are in a shirt box in a cupboard in our laundry room. Before putting away the christmas paper I restocked it with 5 rolls I picked up on clearance.


  10. Candis


    Neat idea 🙂