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posted by Andrea | 01/18/2012

I get a lot of questions about the different beauty products I use… which is kind of hilariousness because I’m definitely not that into cosmetics. I often just use whatever I can find for free after rebate and coupons!

However, I’ve received enough emails that I thought I should write a post with a few of my favorite beauty product… you know, the ones I’d buy even if I didn’t have a coupon {and that means I really like them!}

Also, please note: I was not paid by any of these companies… these are really the products I use every day! 


My skin is very dry… especially in the winter, so I’m always trying out new lotions and creams on my face and body. I like some better than others, but over the past few years, I’ve decided on a few of my favorites.

3 Citrus Face and Eye Cream from Prairieland Herbs:

I was first introduced to Prairieland Herbs by a friend of mine… and have been hooked ever since! I’ve done two different giveaways with them because I just LOVE all their products.

Their face and eye cream is absolutely to die for. It’s so concentrated that it takes me a full 6 months to go through a tiny 1/2 oz. container. If I could only take one product with me… this would be it!

MadeOn Hard Lotion bars:

I had never heard of a “hard lotion bar” until I did a giveaway with the MadeOn company — but I can tell you that they are absolutely fantastic! These bars are excellent for traveling because they aren’t messy and they can’t spill all over your luggage like bottled lotions. Plus they are hand-made from all natural ingredients.

During my pregnancy, I had really bad restless legs… and I’m not sure if it was just my imagination or not, but I used these lotion bars every night because they seemed to help with the restlessness!

Cheeky Baby Butter from the BabyBearShop:

I origionally got this for Nora, but it’s so soft and silky that I use it too. I massage some of this baby butter on Nora’s legs and feet every morning and night — she absolutely loves it!

I soon realized that my hands felt so great after massaging her legs, so now I use the baby butter as a hand cream for my dry winter skin.


When all else fails, I always have at least one huge tub of Vaseline available for REALLY dry, chapped skin and lips!


I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a day-to-day basis, but I do have a few products that I won’t go without!

As I mentioned above, my skin is pretty dry so traditional facial cleansers from the store would always dry out my skin even more. Thankfully, I found this recipe for homemade face wash using oil…  I’ve been using it once a day for over a year now and my skin has NEVER looked better. My face is so soft and I hardly ever have dry flaky skin like I used to.

Morning Routine:

  • Use a little of the 3 Citrus Face & Eye Cream {see skin section above}
  • Apply mascara {whatever brand I can get for free or almost free}
  • Use a little concealer and/or bronzing powder

Evening Routine:

  • Cleanse my face using the oil wash mentioned above {this also removes makeup}
  • Dab a little more of the Face & Eye Cream on any dry areas

I might use a little eye liner or lip gloss if I’m going out at night, but other than that, I really don’t wear much makeup.


I have at least one tube of Chapstick with me at all times… however when my lips get really dry, I have two products I rely on.

Rose Salve from Bath and Body Works:

I’ve been using this since high school and always keep a good supply in our medicine cabinet so I never have to worry about running out. And I can usually get this for free whenever Bath and Body Works offers their “free lip product” coupon!!

Vaseline — told you I’m obsessed 🙂

I have several containers of each product so I never run out! Plus, both are really inexpensive and last for a very long time.


I’ve already spent some time talking about the different products I use on my hair. Since I have short hair, I usually only wash it every other day with my homemade “shampoo” and hair rinse. Then I use a few simple styling products to quickly make myself look presentable each day!

You can read about the rest of my hair routine over here.


Unfortunately, I really don’t pay much attention to my nails, and I always keep them cut pretty short. Sometimes I wear OPI clear nail polish to give them a glossy look… but that’s about it.

Believe it or not, I’ve never gotten a real manicure or pedicure before… and I don’t even paint my toenails unless it’s a special occasion!

 So that’s it — those are my favorite beauty products… the ones I use every single day.

Do you have any favorite go-to products I should try?


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  1. Lori


    Do you still use the 3 citrus cream?


    Andrea Reply:

    yes! Every single night after I get out of the shower — I love it!
    it’s been almost 8 years now and I doubt I’ll use anything else (unless I can’t get that cream anymore!)


  2. Sophia


    Wow, the babybear Cheeky Baby Butter sure is expensive! Do they have a smaller version which might be cheaper to try it out? Not sure if I want to shell out $34 to try it.


  3. geri


    Best products for nails are dazzle dry. Products don’t turn your nails yellow and do not contain the harmful chemicals of all other nail products. Go to


  4. L.


    lot’s of the cosmetics and beauty products in the US have toxin’s in them. lipstick has lead, nail polish has a poison in it and most shampoo’s have coal tar. no, i am not trying to scare u;) i just learned this myself and it will deff help me re-think which products I buy. There is a book u might like- “Not Just a Pretty Face”. i think i will try your recipe for shampoo and face wash. will the face wash help if u already have really oily skin?


  5. Kelly


    My go to “beauty” product is the Patricia Wexler acne line from Bath and Body Works. I know you don’t suffer from acne, Andrea, but if you ever get any questions from readers that do, I highly reccomend these products. They are very salty, yes, but Bath and Body Works always has 20% coupons floating around. In the long run, I think it saves you money because it clears your acne, PLUS it has anti aging agents in the product so you’re killing two birds with one stone. I had terrible acne for years and wasted unbelievable amounts of money on dermatologists, expensive products including every brand under the sun! I had so many half tubes of products I tried and whenever I’d clean out my cabinets, it was like throwing money into the waste basket! I didn’t have a routine – I just tried whatever. Now I have a routine with my three basics (the face wash, the serum and the moisturizing) in my cabinet. Lets clutter and less money spent “trying” things out. The stuff is simple, scent free and it WORKS! I haven’t had acne for years 🙂 My husband had bad acne when I met him and he was self concious about it before the wedding and I had him start on my product and it cleared it. Now, he won’t go a day without it! We’ve done away with his products and condensed to just sharing mine. All in all, discovering Patricia Wexler has been a life saver in my bathroom!!!


  6. Frances


    I have really sensitive skin so I’ve had to avoid most beauty products but I would say my favorite tip for avoiding dry chapped skin is to drink LOTS of water and keep your salt intake balanced. Our bodies need salt and electrolytes to stay hydrated too, and even more so in the winter when the humidity takes a plunge. Dry skin is usually a symptom of dehydration but it can also be a problem with harsh soaps and detergents or washing too frequently. Certain body parts don’t produce as much protective coating or oils and don’t need to be washed as often, like shins and elbows.

    Oh..another favorite: I forgot to pack my deodorant on a trip a few months ago and in a pinch I used the baby powder I found in the medicine cabinet at my in-laws. It worked so well I use it everyday now. I have powerful armpits but it keeps me dry and smelling fresh and it’s aluminum free!


  7. jerilyn


    I just got a lotion bar for christmas! So far this winter I haven’t suffered from cracked, bleeding knuckles as usual. Hopefully it will continue that way!

    As far as the rest of my routine… I just use shampoo and conditioner, body wash, brush my hair, use deodorant, and chap stick. That’s it. My husband uses more products/time than I do 😉


  8. Karen @ Abundance on a Dime


    I made my own version of the hard lotion bars earlier this fall and have been really happy with them (even my hubby, who HATES lotion, will use these and his hands are not chapped for the first winter in forever!). I made a slightly-less-hard version of the lotion bars to use as a lip balm and really like that, too. As others have mentioned, I use coconut oil as a general purpose body moisturizer. It also works well for taming frizzy hair (I let a small amount melt in my hand, then rub it over my damp or dry hair).

    I’ve only had one manicure ever (on my wedding day!) and I didn’t care for it at all. I like to keep my nails natural and don’t polish – but I LOVE my nail buffer. It adds a great shine to my nails without the bother of clear coating them.


    Ann Reply:

    Please share how to do this! We have lots of travelers in our family and this might really make their day! My daughter made body scrubs for me for Christmas and I could ask for a hard lotion bar for my birthday if she knew how to make it!


  9. Kayla @ Your Day Simplified


    Thanks for the Vaseline tip! I have tried everything for my chapped lips here in Denver. I’ve heard good things but completely forgot about good ole Vaseline. You could be like the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding but instead of Windex, its Vaseline!


  10. No Ordinary Mess


    Thanks for sharing this! I just got my hair cut short recently for the first time since I was a kid and I am still trying to figure out which products to try. I’m going to check those out!


  11. Mae @ Truffles Magazine



    Here is one that might interest you its a clay that you can use for many purposes. I did a review after using it for an at home facial

    but it has many more uses put it on: poison ivy, eczema, zits, bruises, bug bites and it helps heal.
    It is so concentrated a jar should last a year.
    Also, I use coconut oil purely from the jar, take a teaspoon and apply to your hands, massage in right before bed. It will keep them from being dry and chapped this winter.


    Julie Reply:

    I use the cocounut oil for my hands and legs. Its great! When I don’t have coconut oil, I use olive oil with a bit of essential oil and am good to go.


  12. Erin


    I wish I could pare my routine down like this, I love your haircut too, I have kept mine short for a while but my husband keeps talking me out of going as short as yours… I just hate having to blow dry it every morning, Where do you get your made on hair products?


  13. Annette W


    I’ve never had a pedi/manicure either…and rarely paint. Clear is best for me, too…every few years.

    I like L’oreal’s face lotion.


  14. Annette W


    The simplicity doesn’t surprise me.

    I’ve never had a pedi/manicure either…and rarely paint. Clear is best for me, too…every few years.